AUSTRALIA: Muslim customer service representative suspended for a Facebook posting on his account that said, “I will gladly cut the throats ‘halal style’ of any Aussie dogs that oppose Islam”

(From August 11, 2014) A Sydney Muslim man has been suspended from his job and is ‘scared to leave’ his house after a hate-filled rant threatening those who do not follow Islam was posted from his Facebook account. He denies posting the rant on his page.


UK Daily Mail  The 22-year-old allegedly threatened to ‘cut the throats’ of any Australian who opposes Islam, and said the nation is headed towards a third world war. He also apparently wrote that ‘aussie dogs’ should convert before its too late otherwise they will be forced to suffer the ‘wrath’ of the religion.


However the Sydney Trains employee told Nine News he did not post the comments to the anti-Islam Facebook page Australian Defence League, and he is now a target himself. ‘It’s thrown my whole world out of balance’, the alleged non-practicing Muslim told the program. ‘It’s scary, I’m scared to leave my house.’

The man, who was not identified out of fears for his safety, was suspended from his job as a customer service representative after his employer was alerted to the post, which warned all opponents of Islam ‘will perish in the fiery pits of hell’.


Upon discovering the post the young man, from Sydney’s west, said he was caught completely off guard before the fear of his account being hacked and the confusion over who wrote the comments set in.

Following the tirade the 22-year-old said he has received a torrent of hate, with people threatening to cut his throat or put a bullet in his head.


Sydney Trains have launched a full investigation into the incident and NSW Police have also been alerted.

‘Sydney Trains expects our staff to behave in a courteous, respectful and lawful manner at all times. There are serious consequences if a staff member is found to have breached the guidelines that are currently in place, aside from any action taken by the police’, a spokesperson told the program.

The president of the Australian Defence League said despite the man denying he posted the comments, he believes they definitely came from him and his page simply reposted them.