In a fit of rage, Obama snaps at U.S. military brass: “Don’t you dare try and paint all of Islam with the same brush”


Showing his Muslim stripes, Obama threw a hissy fit and stomped out of a Pentagon meeting about the bombing campaign against ISIS over remarks allegedly tying the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam.

UMB (h/t Free)  His tantrum reportedly took place in the afternoon of last week just prior to the president’s departure to Camp David. It was an informal briefing on the expanded bombing campaigns to take place in both Syria and Iraq. Halfway through the already very brief briefing, President Obama stood up clearly agitated, and walked out of the room.

The casually dressed Obama returned to the briefing moments later with a senior adviser alongside him, though his mood continued to indicate he was still very upset.


The senior adviser made a couple pointed remarks to the Pentagon representatives, reminded them the president had already had a very busy day, and then both she and the president once again left the room.

Within seconds, Barack Obama returned again to the just concluded briefing, pointing at the still seated Pentagon staff and indicating how “inappropriate” it was to “try and paint all of Islam with the same brush.” The president repeated similar remarks, his mood going from agitation to outrage. His voice carried to several other West Wing offices.

The senior adviser, who did not originally return with the president into the briefing, suddenly re-appeared alongside him,  as well as the president’s personal aide. She was smiling, and telling everyone “we’re done here” which she repeated several times and then led the president back out into the hallway.



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  1. Here is a tip. the next time someone says”don’t paint all muslins wuth the same brush” statement say “it is not the brush but the canvas than needs to be sanded down and cleaned before all else” and btw “kuffar” is derogatiry so which ppl came up with that?? One gues to all PC humanureterian boneheads??

    • You know wasn’t that in a move slang once but why was that brought up mentions are hi huh be the way anyone heard from Carly Fiorina lately not all.Muslims like Jewish did not wadge jahad or what ever on us that’s true when I was a minority I heard it and saw both ways you know its bad enough when the house can’t get along now we get a situation and who was that again lerreta leench had in her office in wee hours in morning don’t she believe on giving secratarys time off I wanted to leave a message and her and a man answered star gaters ? She was at the desk she font sleep much dies she

  2. So,the latest deterioriting clone has crashed and the handlers had to run in to salvage him and back out gracefully. And It is now being rushed off to Camp David to the underground cloning lab where it will be destroyed and a new, more rested and youthful and maybe more sane Clone will appear on stage to take Obama’s place in the continuing scam of president.

  3. People like you guys really exist? How fun is it living your entire life as a crazy person? You sincerely believe that Islam IN IT’S ENTIRETY is focused on hating white people? What a fucking weird belief to hold. I’m not Muslim and neither are any of my friends (that I can think of ), but I would never let other people’s irrational fears direct my life. Instead of blindly hating an entire group based off of the actions of a fraction, try exploring the actual religion and learning the history and beliefs. The very worst thing that can come out of it is expanding your knowledge on religion and culture, which some of you guys are in desperate need of. Btw, all you hardcore Christians, if you believe in Christianity, how can you judge an entire group of people that branch from the same Abrahamic texts? How can you hate people for having a religion that shares part of your own beliefs? Islam is to Christianity as Christianity is to Judaism. Quit being hypocritical and irrational and look for sites without obvious bias (HINT HINT THIS SITE IS TERRIBLE). Do yourself a favor by expanding your knowledge and allowing personal growth. QUIT BEING FUCKING WEIRD.

    Much Love,

    Some random guy you will all ignore and/or spew hatred towards

    • Can’t believe if this site is so terrible that you took that much time to acknowledge it…. your the weird one.
      No one is judging anyone! BNI is just telling stupid people like yourself what these people are like….. if you so choose not to pay attention to it is your business, just please don’t complain when they come kicking in your back door and rape your wife and daughters and your sons and then behead them….. while your watching. You QUIT BEING FUCKING WEIRD!!! And Much love to you and I’m not random I am who I am and I love my country, what makes me sick is that is served for 22 years to protect your fucking ass…oh stupid one…. and your off spring who will more than likely be like you….. what a waste of human flesh… you and yours are leeches and slackers feeding off of everyone around you…. you deserve nothing from no one…. your one of those “can’t fix stupid” people…..

      • you arent going to kick anyones door in and behead anyone muthr fukr,you act s if we are afraid of a tiny minority of troublemakers that we will easily pick your words carefully you condescending muslim prick.dont call us uneducated.if so your constantly being shown up by uneducated people what does that make you?i hope your muslim if not you are a traitor plain and simple.

    • What bull is that? All you need to do is look at what happens once Muslims become a certain percentage of the population. Look at France, Holland, Belgium and the UK. Try your nonsense with someone else.

    • You have obviously never read the Koran. No Torah or Bible ever demanded the slaughter of those who cannot be converted. No God would ever demand anything but love and peace, per se. I believe that when Mohammad was a young boy he was made fun of by the girls around him and that’s what started his hatred for mankind with women the focus of that hatred. The Koran even dictates what size strap, board or whip a husband should use when beating his wife. I believe Mohammad didn’t appreciate the fact that it was not proper to have sex with little girls so he wrote his own rules. Only a paranoid schizophrenic with serious delusional ideation would paint themselves out to be a prophet of God’s while puking such nonsense. No, sir, there is nothing even remotely similar to the beliefs of Judaism or Christianity in the Koran or its teachings (Hadiths).

    • Not white people non believers. And I can prove it. Ask any Muslim why they recently made it legal to kill Christians and Jews in sharia law (OIC). It’s so secret if they answer/think about it they are apostisized & killed. Go on, ask any Muslim online or real life & watch them run.
      The UN’S law on anti terrorism is subject to the convention of Islamic human rights which is itself Sharia law. So they have legitimised it. If we are wrong, why would they do this?. Do your due diligence before you reply and dismiss. There are terrible things going on in the west. In the UK IN the last 12 yrs an est 1 million Kids have been raped by Muslim gangs. We are under siege & gov are doing nothing but excepting more and more. Somethings going on wake up. Do some research.

      • The Koran has always legitimized the killing of Christians, Jews, and any other non-believers. This is not a new legalization. Pres. Obama made a big deal about the fact that Thomas Jefferson had a Koran. However, he seemed to ignore the reason why TJ had the Koran as he wanted to educate himself before taking any action.

        In March 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). When they enquired “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:
        “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once.”

        The First Barbary War (1801–1805), also known as the Tripolitan War or the Barbary Coast War, was the first of two wars fought between the United States and the Northwest African Berber Muslim states known collectively as the Barbary States. These were the Ottoman provinces of Tripoli, Algiers, and Tunis, which were enjoying a large autonomy, as well as the independent Sultanate of Morocco. The war was fought because U.S. President Thomas Jefferson refused to pay the high tributes demanded by the Barbary states and because they were seizing American merchant ships and enslaving the crews for high ransoms. It was the first military conflict authorized by Congress that the United States fought on foreign land and seas.

        It took a while, but America was finally able to build a sufficient Navy to stop the piracy. When we felt ready, in 1805 President Jefferson sent the Navy and Marines to conquer Tripoli, thus ending the dhimmitude and piracy.

        “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…” is part of the Marine Corps hymn that showcases that victory; a fight for honor.
        Since that day in 1805, Islam has been at war with America.

        • Mine is contacted by phone and mail weekly on a number of issues. Peter King, (R-NY) Is the chairman of the Republican Anti Terrorism Task Force. They have legislation in place that will be lowering the boom on these fools as soon as Obama is gone.
          This is not about a religion, Islam is a cult. It’s about brainwashed fools believing they can take over the world and subjugate our constitution to the will of Allah. That’s not going to happen.

    • To the guy who didn’t have the balls to leave his name above. Perhaps you would do well to bone up on Islam, your knowledge is woeful. Quit being fucking weird? You might try doing the same. I’m Jim

    • When you say Islam shares parts of Christianity so how can we hate? First Christianity has no part in Islam. Slam is the original IDENTITY THIEF stealing from Judaism, Christianity Zoroastroism, Nabataeneans etc to make up,Islam. learn history it’s been Islamic aggression from the time ofmmuhammad until,now against. iT was the Jews/Christians who provided Muhammad a place to reside when he was exiled. Only to go back like Syed Farook and murder the very people who threw his wife and him a baby shower. iSlam is specific kufirs (unbelievers are to be killed women can to raped and enslaved this is traditional Islam to reject it to to reject Islam (sura3:28). Gen 16:2 the ancestors of Islam it’s prophecies he will be a wild man against all side and his brother! There is NO UNITY in Christianity with Islam! .Jesus teaching are opposite of muhammad theology As for fraction in Islam some 15% of Islam is radicalized and can be higher that is millions of Muslims.

    • U know what is funny?? People bash chrustianity all the time but do u see lately christians doing mass murders?? How mind expanding is it when u cannot see that no other “religion” has a law that superceeds the laws of the labd and componets that are atkin to a political ideology such as communism and nazism.
      for all intensive purposes if a “belief” commands u to lie to non believers,that is a sign of a non trustworthy group of people. which in itself is political. i hope u understand these dangers before anything happebds in your area. perhaps only when u have been wronged by them will u understand their intentions. so enjoy your ignorant bliss for we envy your false sense of security.

    • As Christopher Hitchens once noted about Islam… “Don’t waste my time.” Mohammed was an illiterate pedophile. Learn about the religion? It doesn’t take much brain power to do that. Will I need round-the-clock security detail for insulting the ‘prophet’? Obama thinks he’s so very, very smart. Trump will show Obama the door.

  4. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam”. – Barack Hussein Obama.

    DESEASLAM at its finest is now in plain sight, and yet, leftists who still believe in a bright future and happy endings of living in peace and harmony try to stick to being politically correct.

    Political correctness is important when not having to deal with psychopathic, medieval supremacists.
    And yes, it should be set aside while the subject at hand is those who executed and celebrated openly the horiffic events of 9/11.

    Not all of them are trying to kill us one might say.
    This just might be true.
    BUT, there is one thing I say with much confidence; ALL of them who are not openly violent and oppressive will do absolutely nothing in order to prevent their muslim brothers from doing exactly that to non-muslims.

    The irony is that being a democracy is actually working in muslims’ favor.
    They will use democracy in order to gain power and control.
    They will reproduce immensley, and by doing that, be a burden on tax payers’ money (unemployment and jail – just look for facts in other countries where they have established a solid foothold).
    They will slowly force their BURQA and HALAL into society, claiming it is offenssive not to let them.
    They will wait until they gain what they seek to gain which is strengh in numbers over time.
    They will do all that and when strong enough, they will use democracy in order to ruin it from within.
    The FACTS are infront of us, you just have to ask; how many real muslim democracies are out there?

    The perfect examples of democracies self destructing are the U.K, France, Sweden and soon Australia.

    OBAMA has done NOTHING significant to aid the war against IS and yet while speaking bad of Islam he goes out guns blazing. (Well, he is a muslim after all).
    He is condemning racism while allowing racists who follow the Quran to TORTURE, BEHEAD, STONE, CRUCIFY, MUTULATE, RAPE and OPPRESS “disbelievers”.

    Double standarts anyone?

    BNI, you are doing a great job!
    Keep it up.
    I always enjoy reading your articles and comments.

  5. If we must have separation of church and state, such that, the military cannot pray in Jesus name, then Mohammed should be renounced with equal distain. If “God” can only be uttered as blasphemy and not in reverence in the public square, then similar restrictions must be imposed on all references to “Allah!” If government schools cannot teach the children of America that the God of the Bible exists, then neither should those same schools teach about Allah, the god of the Qaran.

  6. Obama’s father was a muslim communist. He loves Islam and hates white America like the rest of the left wing multi cultural crowd. Muslims immigrate for one reason-to Islamize the target country. Cultural Marxism is real people! We could not have a more dangerous regime in power.

  7. And Ayaan Hirsi Ali perhaps said it best, as a former Muslim that speaks from personal experience “Violence is inherent in Islam” She has had death threats on her life for speaking out against Islam and Sharia Law. America its time to forget about political correctness. The savage passages in the Quran is the problem, that every member of Islam must study, and even memorize when possible. They are violent passages Islam is not a religion of peace, just read the passages yourself.

  8. Just remember the Inman from Virginia. Anwar Awlaki who preached hate and violence toward America. How many more Inmans are there in the 2500 Mosques.? Just one is too many. These barbaric savages kill in the name of Islam, and Allah, and follow their Quran. They will not stop until the Caliphate has been accomplished, kill all Jews, Christians and Infidels if they will not convert to Islam. What is it about that you do not understand. Militant Islam has declared War on every Christian, Jew and non believer in the World. Where is the condemnation of the majority of Muslims, their silence speaks volumes. They convert to Islam and learn the Quran at the Mosques, then follow the passages that say to kill all Jews, Christians and infidels, it is really that simple. The Hatchet attack on police officers today is just one of hundreds of examples.

    • You are right. Also the Quran states that a follower can violate any and all rules IF it is needed to gain acceptance by the enemy in order to carry out the destruction of the infidels. Not a direct quote, but the meaning is the same.

      • It seems they can’t break one of the newest sharia laws. The abrogation of Christianity and Judaism. They aren’t allowed to discuss or consider it or they are apostisized. Death
        You can test it by asking them. It’s a serious chunk in the armour &needs to be revealed on national Tv. Considering = thinking. Lies need consideration, & lying would still be discussing the subject.
        Start finding their weaknesses and use them share your knowledge with others.

  9. America voting in a hardcore (if secular) Muslim as the first President immediately following 9/11 will not surprise any student of human nature.

    History shows again and again a nihilistic tendency of a society to embrace those who wish to destroy that society.

    cf: Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, modern England, modern France, and so on.

    • No one knew he was a muslim when they voted him in. He kept that quiet and hid his background. To all intents and purposes, he was a Christian. Now he is in power, he does not hide the fact he is a muslim.

      • Wrong. When I heard he spent his first 5 years in a madrassas in Indonesia, I knew we were in deep trouble. But the stupid lib/progs would not listen. Now at least one of them, Bill Maher, has seen the truth. Allen West for President in 2016! Write him in.

      • Anyone who researched him did. In the Audacity of Hope , his book, he wrote that when things were tough for the islamics he would stand by the Islamics. Looked into his family and political background. Most people fell under the spell of the hypnotic speechmaker who promises a beautiful future without telling us what change he would make.

  10. dont care about the military, political or religious views and histories …….. innocents are being killed , lives are being destroyed , and the land you fight on and over the people , are all being destroyed. take it to the courts…….. the temples……. the board room or conference table ………… THE KILLING OF INNOCENTS MUST STOP.

    • OK Louis we will send all the people who want to kill people to you home and you convince them not to kill anybody. And let us know how you make our IF you are still alive.

  11. I’m Zoroastrian and every day I pay that Ahura Mazda will reach into Obamas heart and make him as miserable as he made me. I wish Obama would turn into a blade of grass. I don’t like him cuz he’s in his 40s when he ran so what does he know? Nothing. He probably never even mowed his lawn once. I bet he doesn’t even have a real driver’s license. We should write him letters every day. I bet he eats with his left hand. Why does he get mad in meetings if he isn’t selling the USA to he ISIS people? Did you know he had them over for dinner? He sent AF1 to get them and snuck them in the back door. They are actually his bosses and they give his orders. I voted for myself both times but I didn’t win cuz the so called liberal progressives have a plan in place for gay aborting brown people to come in and take over white America. I caught a cold cuz the brown people on the bus want me dead so they can have my money and my house. Thank Ahura Mazda found you all! You’re like family cuz I can hear that you all are smart and mean what you say.

    • Is studied Zoroastrian in the 1980’s and I really wanted to know about that Religiion for I was a Religious Studies Major. I asked the professor on why he was a practicing Zoroastrian. His answer was I am a zoroastrian on my way to becoming a Christian.Never knew what he meant by that. Could you tell me as a Zoroastrian.Please. His answer has bugged me for years. Thank you.Your friend from Facebook.

    • Welcome. Your post is good bar the homophobic rant. Gay people are not the problem. islam is. Colds are high infectious, but not dangerous, so if someone has a cold, it can be passed, but it was not passed on to you deliberately. Most brown people are wonderful. Are you lumping in all other ‘brown’ people like Sikhs, Hindus,….. with islam? If you are, then stop.

  12. Wow, just wow … this website is so filled with propaganda and pro christianity, it almost gonna make me throw up .

    Get a hold of yourselves you cowards and war fanatics ,you are like the one ” We are going their to win and leave our troupes their” if you still have any brain cells left , you know ,who I am talking about . An idiot who is the same as you all are war fanatics . I assure you as long as your “Kind” exist we will never live in peace with anyone . Live in fear and let Fox news and other biased media fill you with their “Truth” and “Let’s protect our country” . I just want to spit in your faces you low lives , you can’t ,even trust the man you voted for to lead you . Effing nutjobs .

      • See my posts, check it out yourself and propagate Islam’s Achilles heel. The abrogation of Christianity and Judaism. Incidentally any article or websit/organisatione that talks about this in theory cannot be infiltrated

      • Islam is a satanic death cult. Beheadings are called offerings. Muhampig was a pedophile and a murderous barbaric warlord. Islam needs to be erased from the planet.

    • Jesse honey go to a site that fits your needs. Obviously your not about truth, or it’s just so hard for you to grasp. Please do us and most importantly for you go to another site. We don’t like traitors or People who just can’t stand hearing the truth. So go away please. Cause this site is about people who care about this country and God!

    • Did someone invite you? By all means, please continue living in your “bubble” and let us know how that works out for you when they come for your head….
      Your “willful blindness” is what got this country into the mess we’re in. Don’t forget it!

    • I assure you as long as “your kind” remain blinded by ignorance, you will be the next to be asking for OUR help.
      You also fail to realize, the WAR was brought to us, we didn’t ask to be attacked by islamists..
      But I must admit one thing, you are the most ignorant Lib. that I have seen on here in a long time.

    • Jesse I hear you 100%! Thse people are so in love with their fear and the rest of it have to pay. I was told recently by one “don’t worry about facts, just let me explain it to you”. The article above is a great example of how far out there they are. There isn’t one shred of truth fact iota of any concrete proof that it happened but they get all wild and crazy cuz they want so bad to think the worse. They’re addicted and they can’t get enough!!!!

      I saw Obama talking to Muslim Aliens outside the mother ship. He SHOOK THEIR HANDS while he handed them the key to the USA!!! He’s an Alien cuz he wore green so we wouldn’t notice he only has 3 long fingers. He hates the planet and conjured up global warming so we would think he loves it, but he hates it. He always plays the ET card. Impeach him

      • And you Evelyn why are you on this site…. if people like us bother you…. go to another site where you will comfortable with all the bull shit they say…. where obviously you feel more comfortable hearing lies and thief’s talk. The lies that this administration keeps on feeding people like you…is so funny anymore….they just keep on coming like the energized bunny….. his either in front of the TV lying or playing golf…. where he should be…. so Evelyn whether your an angel or not that’s debatable…. go some where else…. please….

      • I shook hands with a man just the other day that only has three long fingers and a peg leg all because he was in one of the twin towers when our country was ATTACKED! If you think there are that many people who are just blowing this all up, then please let us all contribute to a plane ticket for you to go to visit your ISIS brothers. I will also give you my best serving platter so when they behead you, they can show you off nicely……your naive.

      • Dennis Wagner If you truly wish to understand Islam you must read a book titled, Reliance of the Traveler, it is THE authoritative text on Islamic spiritual law used in Madrases world-wide. In it you will learn that those named as terrorists, Jihadists, are the ones following Islam best & most accurately, and those the world calls moderates are actually apostates to their “religion”. This is also why we see so much Muslim on Muslim violence around the world, each separate group believes they are more spiritual than the others so according to Islamic spiritual law, not only do they have a right to punish the others, but if they wish to remain true to Allah, they MUST punish the others – in effort to bring them back to the fold of course.
        It does not matter what you or I think the Quran says and it matters little more what any one Imam or Mosque teaches, what matters is that every single day more than 80% of the Imams and Mosques and virtually every Islamic university in the world teaches from the book I cited. They teach & preach strict unwavering adherence to Sharia, they teach the entire world under a reestablished Caliphate, they teach every last person on the planet forced into submission to Islam and Allah.
        Below was written by Jeff Mullen on August 7, 2014
        Things we, the infidels, don’t understand – or chose not to.
        1. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion.
        The prophet Mohamed requires the conquering of the world in the name of Allah. For the infidel (especially Jews and Christians) there are three options; Convert, Become a Slave or Die. That is the unfortunate truth according to the Holy books of Islam.
        2. The word Sharia means “law”.
        You can identify a true infidel (idiot) if they say the words Sharia Law in a sentence. In effect, in their ignorance they are saying “law law”.
        3. There is NO Islam without Sharia.
        Thus Islam (Sharia) cannot coexist with our Constitution. To be a “true follower” of Islam a Muslim must follow the Koran, thus they must exist under Sharia.
        4. “Radical Islam” and “Radical Christianity” are the same.
        Now that I have your attention please allow me to explain. The word “radical” simply means “all in”. There are marginal “Christians” who don’t know jack about the Bible and live their lives unto themselves giving God’s directives little thought as they enjoy their self-absorbed lives. Yes, they are good folks. Many are generous, friends, helpful, benevolent. They go to church occasionally and especially on Christian holidays. But you certainly wouldn’t call them “radical for Jesus”.
        There are also marginal “Muslims”. They learned their prayers as a small child in a language that is no longer used – thus very few have any idea what they are repeating, they simply learned it from their parents. They also go about their lives with family, friends, working, vacationing and celebrating the occasional Muslim holidays.
        It all sounds pretty much the same doesn’t it? Yes, it does – until the “radical” part kicks in. You see the “radical” part is when a person really reads their Holy Book, IE, Bible or Koran. When a person radicalizes to Bible and Jesus they begin living differently. They begin giving their lives away, serving, loving unconditionally, giving, sacrificing for the needs of others, helping to heal the broken all in the name of Jesus.
        When a person radicalizes to Koran and Hadith they also begin living differently. They do what Allah says to do in fear of spending eternity in hell. However to do what Allah says is to literally “kill the infidel”. Eliminate all people and cultures who go against the teachings of Allah, especially the Jews and Christians:
        5. A long term game plan
        In North America we have (in general) a very temporal view of our lives. Since our Nation is still in the 200′s we are the new kids on the block. We are a fast food, quick results, get what you can while you can kind of society.
        Islam? Not so much. They literally have all the time in the world – and they will take it. Generations will come and go, but their goal is to conquer the world in the name of Allah.

      • With a name like Evelyn she’s gotta be at least 90 years old and senile with dementia.. Ignore her, poor old biddy

      • Too bad I have to click on Evelyn’s post, because my reply is really meant for Aussie. Hey baby,who raised you? Just because a person reaches 90 does not automatically classify that person and his/her associates as senile. Remember we are the ones who helped raise you kids. Also we are the ones who or whose mates fought in WWII and the rest of the wars since then.
        Nor was I one of the utterly stupid people, who voted for Obama; because I, too, had sense enough to look into his backgraund. When people refuse to be open about their records–what are they hiding?
        However, I can’t say that some of my younger relatives had the good sense that God blessed me with, and they voted for that Muslim. Now they are bitterly regretting it.
        The thing that really bothers me is that some srewball is going to kill him and make him into another martyr for the blacks to worship, and the Republicans will be blmed for it.
        You don’t want proselitizing, but the truth of Obama winning that 2nd term lies in the fact that this nation was not ready for a “Mormon” president. The election was close, but how honest was it? I have often wondered about that. So-o-o Aussie baby, back off. You really should apologize to all the great great grandparents you have insulted.

        • Grandma it wasn’t that the country wasn’t ready for a Mormon, it was that 50 million+ Americans are entitlement/welfare whores, most blacks voted for him because he’s black, and the rest who voted for him did so out of white guilt/leftist brainwashing.

    • Jesse you are quite moronic. How can someone be a coward and a war fanatic. Islam has wanted to destroy anyone but themselves for 1400 years. Get a life and stop your continued love affair with Barrack Hussein Obama. I hope every single Muslim, that want to kill us, is destroyed!

    • Lmfao. You ALMOST started out good but ended withnthe “spit in your fave” remark. PLEASE tell me you see the problem with your ignorant comment!!! LOL!

    • “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. Jesse… I sympathize with your desires. But wishing www the reality of Islam won’t make them less militant. Islam spreads through conquest and terror. Has since it started in the seventh century. you can’t wsh away reality here. Good luck with life

    • It’s really amazing how morons like this think that WE should be apologizing! We should absolutely be honored and praised for our restraint! I have yet to see a Christian take the head off of a Muslim, even after all of this! It is Islam and the Islamic world that has allowed this atrocity to fester. I’ve gotten to the point to where I just don’t care about what is happening over there. That is the world they created. Just absolutely destroy even the slightest hint of it here!

    • Whoa, perhaps some meds are in order, Jesse. ‘Pro-Christianity” is somehow a negative? And you opinion on Islam, please? Might we assume you eqaully dismissive of a religion tht outwardly aligned with the Nazis, and still do? Cowards and war fanatics? How do you suppose WW2 was won? You would be considered the coward and fanatic, in those circumstances. How very brave of you to forget what was lost so that you would have the right to say this nonsensical, baseless tripe. Live in fear? More vapid nonsense. ‘You can’t even trust the man you voted for to lead you’. Huh? YOU voted for an utterly inexperienced, malicious, obfuscating dithering fool. If anyone should be the victim of spitting, it should be the ilk of ignorant ingrates that you represent.

    • Perhaps the authorities should be alerted. Clearly, this scumbag has severe reading comprehension issues and is almost blind because the evidence all around the world that islam is not peaceful, has gone in one ear and out the other. Brain dead if you ask me.

    • Thank you, Jessie. For not being a racist ass. We need less of those in America. They try to call anyone who reads the Qur’an evil, yet apparently Muslims are the extremists. Idiotic, racist, hypocritical American extremists need to open their eyes.

  13. He couldn’t say anything more. He is a muslims, he do all to empower the muslims around the world, his administration is financing, trainning and arming the muslims!!!

    • F U democrats and Democrats you are race card throwing trash from Hell your killing Minority Christians , NO TO OBAMA’S ISIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF DEATH

  14. This Dumb @ss everyone is calling a President is gonna drive this Country into a Civil War against our own government. He’s gotta go.

    • Hey BNI, here’s an idea for one of your T-Shirts, in response to ISIS letters, IFIF: Infidels (and) Freedom, Insha’allah Forever —–(My take on what happens IF the West wins, versus IF islam wins…..(and taking the Insha’allah (god-willing in Arabic) as an ‘in your face’ pushback to anyone (muslims) who may be “offended” by the use of their own words by an infidel))

    • Why was he reelected right after Benghazi? I blame ignorance and evil….He IS a muslim! His people are our enemies…He never took action against the savages who burned our embassy staff to death at Benghazi. They are still alive! WHY?

  15. Obama perpetuates the myth of “moderate Islam” because he knows what all astute Muslims know: Islam’s most radical agenda for world conquest and violent subjugation or eradication of all others is largely dependent, if not wholly dependent, upon its intended targets belief that Islam is harmless. Without this blindness on the part of its intended victims, who are more powerful, there is no advantage and no appeal, since naked Islam is repugnant to civilized peoples and Muslim countries lag far behind their civilized targets in terms of their development, militarily and otherwise. Thus, Islam cannot conquer anyone without their tacit invitation to do so – unwittingly, of course. Islam needs the West to commit suicide so it can crow over the corpse and proclaim victory. In order to effect this suicide it must implement a pervasive program of ignorance and blindness in the West. Westerners must be blind-folded and taken to the edge of a cliff without knowing it by so-called moderate Islam, where they can be pushed over by real Islam in a late revelation and betrayal. So-called moderate Islam is the indispensable tool of conquest for real Islam, the sine qua non of it success. Once the myth of moderate Islam evaporates all Islam’s power to conquer its superiors, in terms of force, evaporates with it. Obama knows this. He knows this is the only way. And so he works tirelessly to preserve vile Islam’s advantage, to perpetuate the myth of “moderate Islam”. Obama is the evil counselor inside the enemy’s camp – the Taqiyya President, Islam’s deceiver, like the very god of Islam, described by his deceitful “prophet” and originator as the very best of all deceivers. (Quran 3:54)

  16. is the most powerful Armed Forces in the World, and being so powerful why are you tolerating the scolding of a Muslim president. Do you fear him, do you fear pf one person. Do you not have the courage of Oswald and John Booth? You stage a Coup against him so that America will be spared from the ire of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. Act now before it’s too late. God Bless America and the Pentagon, the police of the world.

    • Thank God someone had the guts to bring Jesus into this conversation. Without Him we are nothing. He will end this battled one way or another. The Muslims hate everything about our Savior, but His children know His power and His justice. In the end, Jesus will stand tall and Mohammed will be dust!

      • Susan, we don’t allow proselytizing here for any religion. Not everyone here is Christian. There’s no point in comparing Islam to other religions because Islam isn’t a real religion.

    • unfortunately it is all too real. Although you may wish to de-legitamize it as a religion its fanatics are a real danger to freedom of speech and expression.

  17. The Obama administration and its coalition partners are fueling terrorism by arming and funding al-Qaeda affiliated militants and the practice needs to stop, Syria’s foreign minister said Monday.,..In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly…

    “This behavior creates a fertile ground for the growth of these terrorist groups that commit the most heinous crimes on the Syrian territory, which requires all of us to seriously and effectively address and eradicate terrorism, and re-establish security and stability in Syria and the region.”

  18. After all that has been said & done & not said or done if there were going to be any action taken it would have already been done. We are in the last days all that can be done at this point in time is “pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord & Savory that what has to be done be done quickly lest no man be Saved. Amen

  19. People ask what can we do. There was a principle taught to military leaders that you don’t obey an unlawful order given to you. The entire country needs to not obey orders that will destroy our country. Simple. Government officials, members of the military, civil servants: Have the balls to not do what you’re told. If you lose your job, oh well.

    • This is exactly what a group known as “Oath-keepers” is doing – living up to the oath they took, even if the “Organizer in Chief” efuses to do so.

    • It really is that simple. Problem is too many people are too wrapped up in their own affairs, too oblivious to world trends, and many are brainwashed, libtarded, ideologues who will never get it.

      Then there are the lawyers.

  20. Tell me, just what can we do. I have been doing all I know how for the last two years and signing, calling, emailing doesn’t seem to do any good. What next I want to know.

    • Patty keep doing that, your representatives need to be bombarded. Also, share stories about Islam and Muslims you find on the internet with your friends and family – especially with those who would never visit a site like this. The tide is turning, but very slowly.

        • Do you really think the first half-black, mozlem king of the United States will actually abdicate his throne simply because infidel law says he must? I think NOT.
          He won’t leave. He NEEDS to see shariah law take over and totally destroy this country, and the west, in general, for his caliph’s sake.

    • Nothing! YOU can do nothing but prepare for the inevitable and pray (if you do) for the best.

      Writing, calling, protesting, all of that will only red-flag you. Remain silent as your voice isn’t being acknowledged in the first place.

      Spread the word about islam, using THIS SITE as your vehicle, warning only close and trusted friends and family, stockpile your goods, remain silent about it and pray!

      • Yes, Pray…and God helps those who help themselves. We need to activate the power of the States, per our Constitution. Every red blooded American that wants to save our Republic should band together and storm their state capitols and demand that the governors not send one cent of our tax dollars to DC…not one penny. They cannot function without our money and we can clean the sewer. Drastic steps for drastic actions against We The People! And all states should have their militias, all states; and each county Sheriff should be handed the Constitution so they know what power they hold in their counties against the Feds. Time to take ,action and pray…With the Lord, who shall we fear?

  21. If muslims wish to live in someone else’s country, they need to learn to be tolerant of the country’s peoples, ethnicity, cultures, laws, and religious beliefs. If muslims cannot live peaceably with people of other ethnicity, cultures, and beliefs, and within the country’s laws, then they should stay in their own separate country. To the muslims; you are not the only people on the planet. Peaceful muslims should be left in peace. It is the muslims that are trying to take over, and force everyone else to convert or die that should be dealt with. The muslims that are trying to help the terrorists along should all be sent back to the countries in which they came from. Even in America people will not tolerate being told what to believe, and think. We think for ourselves, live for our happiness(according to us) and let our children think and act for themselves.( and let them be children)
    If the muslims had it so good in their country, why come here? Why bring with you the strife and lawless behaviors you were trying to get away from, by coming to America?
    If there is a petition to sign that accomplish the impeaching of the president, let me sign it. I wish to help make the changes that need to be made immediately, not just talk about it. To me, O’Bama is one of the muslims that are helping to spread the terrorists diseased thinking, he should be dealt with, and I want to help.

    • Anyone who comes to the United States needs to aclimate to the U.S. I’m sick to death of all this “political correctness” Muslims can “worship” in public, but we can’t let kids say a prayer before a football game, or baseball game, or even if a family is used to saying a prayer before dinner if you do it in public and you aren’t Muslim you get looked on like you are a freak. Well, all I have to say is, “As for me and my family we will serve the Lord.”

  22. Don’t we dare paint them all with the same brush ill do better than that I’ll spread their blood with the same blade should they get any balls and bring their bs here

    • They are already here, they have taken over much of the state of Michigan and have strong pockets of Islam in our major cities. They are Acting and looking like us and getting elected to powerful positions, just like Obama, and will destroy America from the inside out if we continue to be tolerant of their murderous ideology. Stop them now, do not let them get a hold of your community, stand up America and lead!

  23. Guess what sweets ur prez is now a warmonger too!!He says. He’s a warrior when its politicaly beneficial to him. Like right before an election cycle eh

  24. Well. A question when are all of you that sit back and talk about it going to do something about it I mean when are we going to get tired of all the crazy shit and take back what belongs to to man and woman that fought and died for just asking

    • They ain’t gonna do shit all. They want to do is talk. There all a bunch of PUSSY’S. afraid to do their jobs. Maybe they should all be. Replaced. Bunch of worthless. Assholes!!!!!!

    • Richard , how do we do that Sir? How do we do anything about it when we don’t have any help from the government on our behalf??! You nor I can just walk up to the White House and demand that he leave! What do we do, who do we get help from?! Please enlighten us all because I for one would really love to know what to do about getting him out of the White House, No getting him out of America Period!

    • Where do we start what can we do? I have said the same as you. where do we go to get help? The congress and the President ar e in charge. No one is helping us.

      • Really, that odd since Gallup poll (2012) claims that 77 percent of Americans identify as Christians and 1.8 percent of Americans practice judaism…that makes the combination of the two…78.8 percent…that sure seems like most to me.

      • Its funny how the majority of america with “identify” as being christian but dont practice it. I think my grandmother practiced being a christian, so there for I guess im a christian too. Wait. What if im atheism? I guess being a christian is still In my blood. Then again im also a professional baseball player for the ny Yankees. Lol. I guess if I say im a christian that I must be right? Anyone can say they are a christian… does it automatically make them one?

    • Im Jewish and was born and raised in America and I do not find it at all offensive to say that America is a Christian country. Yes there were many American Jews who made great achievements in the arts sciences math literature Holywood and military but that does not change the fact that America was founded by almost entirely by Christians (although on Judeo-Christian values) and most soldiers that fought for our flag wore a cross and to date most Americans are Christians. I don’t like when ppl don’t acknowledge all the Christian blood and sweat that built this great nation just because they are afraid of some PC atheists. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!

  25. Brother Obama is the best friend us Muslims ever had. I’m tired of all you “hate-filled” mongrels dissing him all the time. He is right, Islam is all about peace and love. If you foolish infidels would convert to Islam, you’d greatly improve your now miserable lives.

    • Aloha snackbar to you too. We will never convert to a peaceful religion that tells you how to behead those who won’t convert. So stop talking and bring it already will ya

    • In no way could your murderous cult or your pedophile prophet improve my life..i will however be happy to make you a pork sandwich ! Dated any hot goats lately ? LOL

    • I am so sorry your religion makes you angry. I am a Christian, (my religion), my relationship with Jesus Christ does not make me angry. I am not attempting to convert anyone to Christianity from Islam. But, if I were I would not call them names and belittle them. I would just love them and be kind to them; so they would see peace and love not anger and hostility toward them or their group.

      If you will read the Quran again and search for the names Jesus and Mohammed count how many times each name occurs. I believe you will find Jesus about 25 times and Mohammed 2 times. Seems like the Quran is testifying of Jesus.

      • Stella; When you can successfully convince a cancerous tumor to leave a person, only THEN will you be able to convince a mosquerat the evils of his ways.
        In others words – don’t waste your time.

    • Convert to Islam, “Abdullah”??? And RENOUNCE ALL our art, music, science, peaceful sports and Western medicine???? Or our beloved pets (especially dogs and cats), or our love of this life (regardless of its being fallen) MERELY BECAUSE you think that you’re superior to everything and everybody else merely because your DEMON-IDOL Mohammed said so???

      You MONSTER Moslems NEVER think for yourselves – you’re trained to renounce and abjure your individuality from conception!!! However, our human individuality is PRECISELY what distinguishes us from each other – and it’s not merely Mankind that has it: the animals and plants have it too!!!

      ALL you EVIL Moslems: either RENOUNCE ISLAM and utterly SUBMIT TO US “infidels” in OUR lands – OR, GET OUT OF THE WEST A.S.A.P.!!!! If you persist in staying here and trying to force yourselves and your ways upon us, aiming to exterminate us and all we stand for, we’ll have no choice but to slaughter every last single one of you: men, women and children, regardless of age, ethnic-origin, skin-colour, &c. When it comes to “kill or be killed”, you can be sure that we PROUD Westerners will NOT so readily turn cowards the way you Moslems do when you really find yourselves in a pickle – we know well your muda’rat / taqiyya and kitman, so we’ll have ZERO mercy or pity upon you!!!!

      Again, our patience is RUNNING OUT – MARK OUR WORDS!!!! Go back to your dar al-Islam FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, Communism, Nazism and ALL other totalitarianism!!!!!

      [PS., BRAVI to both “Groucho” and “John Miller” – I merely wanted to be more comprehensive against such VERMIN as “Abdullah” and all his fellow-Moslems!!!…

    • BARE NAKED ISLAMIt isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you
      Main menuSkip to contentHomeAboutPost navigation? Barack Hussein Obama is arming Syrian jihadists who are killing Christians Hey, it’s Easter! Go ahead, offend a few Muslims today! ?Mar

      SRI LANKA: BRAVO! Buddhists step up attacks on Muslims
      Buddhists aren’t waiting for Muslims to take over yet another Buddhist country and destroy its culture. They are taking pro-active steps to marginalize the Muslim population. Muslims account for only about 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s population but are the cause of most of the violence targeted at them.

      IB TIMES Government commando forces have stepped up security around Muslim-owned businesses and homes around the nation after a mob of hundreds of Buddhist extremists set fire to a clothing store and warehouse in Pepiliyana, a suburb of the capital of Colombo, on Thursday.

      The attack injured at least five people, including journalists seeking to cover the event, and appears to reflect the continuing hostility directed at minority Muslims from hard-line members of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese Buddhist majority.
      The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka warned that Thursday’s disturbances pushed religious and ethnic tensions to the island to a new high. ”It has created a fear psychosis among the Muslims,” (Inbred Muslims are born psychotic) N.M. Ameen, the council president, told AFP. “[But] we know a majority of the [Buddhist] people do not support this type of activity.” (That’s what you think)
      Indeed, one of Sri Lanka’s most vocal and prominent Buddhist nationalist group, the Bodhu Bala Sena, or BBS, which means “Buddhist Force,” denied they were involved in the latest altercations.

      But BBS has a history of making inflammatory remarks against Muslims, having already forced Islamic clerics to withdraw halal certification on local foods, citing that it “offends” non-Muslims.

      BBS officials have also claimed that Muslim students receive favorable treatment in schools and are carrying out illegal practices related to the slaughter of livestock. Some nationalist Buddhist monks also accuse Muslims of constructing too many mosques, seeking to forcibly convert Buddhists to Islam and of having too many children in order to increase their influence in society.

      Akmeemana Dayarathana, founder of another ultra-nationalist Buddhist group, Sinhala Echo, said that Muslims have a history of destroying Buddhist communities and cultures across South and East Asia.
      “[Sri Lanka] is the only country for the Sinhalese,” he told BBC. ”Look around the world — Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others — they were all Buddhist countries, but the Muslims destroyed the culture and then took over the country. We worry they’re planning it here too.”

      Over the past year, a number of mosques have been attacked, vandalized and defaced. An extraordinary facet of these attacks is that they are often led by robe-wearing Buddhist monks.
      “The vandalism of mosques around the country are ominous signs,” an editorial in Groundviews states. “The inaction by the authorities, and in some case the support of the organization by members of the government, is paving the way for further racism. (What race is Islam?)

    • If Islam is peace and love, how and why do Islamists embark on killing sprees slaughtering and beheading?. This is not about peace and love. The true God does not expect his people, any and all religions, to commit such barbarity against one another.

    • I could tell you how you can get “Born Again” and not perish in the eternal flames.
      I could introduce you to the One and Only God – Jesus the Messiah – the God of love and not a religious destructive god?

    • Abdullah, why don’t you go make a bakri sacrifice of yourself next Eid, and not strapped to a satchel in a crowded place either. That is if you really are the muslim you claim to be you effin’ troll.

  26. ‘Thats the only promise he has kept’

    Hmm what about healthcare, isnt that a good thing.. And anyway, atleast Obama has done better than Bush Jr aka the Warmonger.

    • Obama destroyed healthcare, and he is destroying America. You are just too stupid to understand. All you can handle is the bumpersticker sized arguments that the left relies on to keep you pathetic mouth breathers voting.

    • Healthcare? Umm… name one person whose healthcare rates have gone down? Or whose healthcare quality has not? So, yes, let’s debunk that one. And the “well, anyway, he’s still done better than Bush” cop-out was the funniest thing I’ve heard in months. Would you care to elaborate on it? Because I have another Obama speech to read, and I have a feeling I’ll need another laugh after that.

    • Have you slept through the last six years DNS or is your head buried so far into the sand that you can’t even see what is going on in the rest of the world. This administration, lead by the current POTUS has been the most war mongering, divisive, and hate generating administration that has ever been. Even during the Civil War, with all the differences of opinion and internal fighting people in general still loved and supported one another…even “the enemy.” Not a day goes by that the POTUS doesn’t initiate some form of accusation or criticism against this country which he swore to support and defend, or outright support the sworn enemies of our country and our Constitution. He has done more to encourage race and religion hatred and intolerance than anyone ever has. It breaks my heart. And no, ObamaCare is NOT a good thing. Just ask anyone who has to pay for it, or is suffering from having their benefits reduced and premiums increased in order to support those who choose either not to work, or not be responsible that their own lifestyle promotes a healthy existence (to the best of their ability.) Furthermore, when will you pathetic non-thinkers stop looking for a scapegoat in President Bush and start taking responsibility for what is going on NOW. Good grief, grow up.

    • That healthcare crap is a kick in the ass! Why do you think some states refuse to have it and most of the rest are trying to get rid of it. All it did for me was make my premiums and deductibles higher with less coverage!

  27. “That’s not a brush, Sir. We’re painting them with lasers.” Bwahahahahahahah FOAD Traitor. No one in that room has any respect for you whatsoever.

  28. It should be obvious to everyone now that Obama has completely lost control of himself and many others. It is also obvious that he should be impeached and obvious that this will not happen in his last years in the White House. I just need to know why Congress is afraid to seriously approach this action. They are definitely afraid of something. We cannot afford to let this man to continue to lead us for the path we are on. I mean…someone that is so mad, so out of personal control that he has to get someone else to speak for him.. Truly a sad “state of affairs” when we see the President of the US need anger management classes because someone disagrees with him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • C Gordan I have felt the same way about Congress for quite a while now. He is holding something over their heads…threats? May never know, but something definitely is holding them back from impeachment procedures. Obama is surely our enemy!

  29. Boycott petroleum imports from the Gulf states and stop making those Muslim states wealthier.Russia has 8th largest oil reserves and largest natural gas reserves in the world.It is also the largest petroleum producer,so import Russian oil to meet Europe’s and US’ needs

      • At least the Russians are Westerners almost just as much as us – which is FAR more than can be said for those Arabs and other Moslems!!!! The Russians share much of our culture and civilisation – and don’t forget how much they’ve contributed to it, whereas dar al-Islam has contributed NOTHING WHATSOEVER – even what they claim originally came from either the West or India (+ China)!!!

        Sure, using our OWN oil is the best of all (especially in North America, where we have lots of our own oil); however, knowing that Islam has been at war for 1,400 years with EVERYBODY ELSE anywhere in the world (whereas Russia has mainly been nervous of those neighbours next to her frontiers) inclines me to prefer the land of Chaykóvskiy, Púshkin, Mendjéljejev, Chjékov, &c. (among SO MANY OTHERS!!!)…

  30. Quote from dswynne above: “pres. Obama thinks that Western values, particularly American values, is the source of all the troubles in the Western World”.

    Errr, no!

    Obama does not get paid to think. He is not allowed to think. He is just the puppet and his puppet masters are the Zionist JEW bankers that are attempting to instigate WWIII.

    AMERICA IS GOING TO HELL IN A HANDCART AND THE SNOWBALL IS GAINING MOMENTUM, and the Democrats are the Jooo’s useful idiots.

    How long before Marshall law

    • I hope that in your next lifetime you reincarnate as a Jew. And then all throughout your next lifetime as a Jew, you get severely persecuted by anti-semites like yourself!

    • Another Joooooow hater. They are too scared of muslims to lay the blame there (or could be another muzzy Troll). Whatever ‘AProper Infidel’ is or is not; Please, please get rid of it Bonni…Like all trash, left too long, it’ll stink the place out.


    • Odumbo did not claim to stand with Israel &/or the JEWS, he told us the truth..that he will stand with islam should the political winds shift.
      He has been true to his word and turned on Israel in every situation, whether it is here at home or chastising them throughout the world.
      You are simply a Jew hater looking to place blame on anyone, actually, you probably voted for Odumbo and so YOU are part Of OUR PROBLEM.

    • The Jews are God’s chosen people. People like YOU are the abomination. Enjoy your eternity in in fiery damnation. Send us a postcard and tell us how it is working out for you

    • Behind those “Jewish” (i.e., Jewish-Catholic) bankers are the Jesuits. They are the secret terrorists, economic saboteurs, war agitators, presidential assassins and distillation of evil.

    • Since you are too clueless to see what’s really going on you’ll be the first to go down, unprepared, when the s**t hits the fan.

  31. He is sounding more and more like Hitler everyday, wait until they have to wake him to release the Militafry assests to ward off an attack, oops that already happened in Bengazzi.

  32. The fact of the matter is that Pres. Obama thinks that Western values, particularly American values, is the source of the trouble in the modern world, particularly during the Cold War Era. His desire to both placate Russia and China (with his inaction on crisis involving these two countries, and apologize to the Third World, particularly the Middle East, is a symptom of this. However, I don’t think he is “pro-Islam”, since he has liberally applied the use of drone strikes in the past. But I do think that his anger towards the military brass has more to do with not wanting to get sucked back into Iraq, thus going against his promise to end all American intervention in that country, than anything else. He does NOT want to fight ISIS/L because of this. And if you all are paying attention, you will know that the military brass, via the retired generals on the cable news feeds, are becoming more critical of Obama’s lack of leadership, as well as the tendency to denigrate the military whenever it is convenient to do so.

    And I wonder is the “senior aide” is none other than Valerie Gerrett, who is more involved in policy making than she should be.

    • Well if the quran DID NOT advocate hatred toward, and the beheading of, all non-muslims, then I would agree that it is just a small deluded minority at fault, a minority not representative of the whole. Unfortunately since hatred toward, and beheading of, all non-muslim “kaffir”, most definitely IS advocated clearly in the muslims most “Holy” book, it is safe to say that they CAN very much indeed ALL be tarred with the SAME BRUSH. Sorry, but we’ve read the fuckin quran and therefore know better.

      • if ya ask me they are all sleeper cells – when there family has a knife to there throats back where they came from they will do anything there told, i say ship them all back where they came from before they get the call of allah and they have to be put down in our streets

    • mad -aussie, why would you paint all Moslems with the same brush, by all means those with a toxic faith that want to call a caliphate like Isis, but not all Moslems are haters just like not all so called Christians are Christians, I think we will find in many religions offshoots and some whacky cults, to tar them all the same would only make us then the extremists , we all walk a fine line and we need to be careful not to cause even more heartache, just saying. The greatest commandment ?

      • Jo-
        You missed it. Mad Aussie said NOT to use a brush. He said to use a Compressor and a SPRAY GUN.
        You have to be efficient, when painting moslems- there are a lot of them.

        Your comparison of Christians ( or any other group) does not work, on a scientific level, because all other humans are apples, and moslems are, well, let us just say … they’re not apples.

      • Then why aren’t the Muslims condemning Isis? If they don’t agree with what is going on why don’t they stand up and say so? Maybe they don’t all feel the same way, but you would never know because they are all pretty silent…. Just saying.

    • The problem is this, the war in middle east cannot be stopped untill they separtate the religion from running there own countries. You see all these radicals like issi, AlQude, and all the other radicals are fighting under the presumtion of Islam, Islam is a Muslim religion. Most Muslims are a peacefull people,and if the radicals do take over than I fear for all of lives. We have to separate the religion from their government. Then maybe we could see peace, untill then get a gun!!!!!

  33. FTA: “The president repeated similar remarks, his mood going from agitation to outrage.”

    BNI – a few weeks ago I was attending a conference (4-7 September), and someone mentioned an incident a few days previously where it was reported that Obama was “enraged” with Israel, so much so that even those around him were taken aback and could not explain what had happened to him. The person said it had been discussed on FOX News and CNN as well. I did find a piece at Breitbart from 2 September, “What makes Obama Angry”, and (here:

    From the Breitbart article:

    “Israel’s atrocities include defending itself against terrorist attacks and insulting Obama’s hapless, buffoonish Sec. of State. Not quite on the level of the raping, pillaging, crucifying, head chopping, genocidal ISIS – but enough to get Obama’s dander up.

    “Barack Obama “has become ‘enraged’ at the Israeli government, both for its actions and for its treatment of his chief diplomat, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. ”

    “So reports the Jerusalem Post, based on the testimony of Martin Indyk, until recently a special Middle East envoy for the president. The war in Gaza, Mr. Indyk adds, has had “a very negative impact” on Jerusalem’s relations with Washington.

    Think about this. Enraged. Not “alarmed” or “concerned” or “irritated” or even “angered.” Anger is a feeling. Rage is a frenzy. Anger passes. Rage feeds on itself.
    “Anger is specific. Rage is obsessional, neurotic.

    “And Mr. Obama—No Drama Obama, the president who prides himself on his cool, a man whose emotional detachment is said to explain his intellectual strength—is enraged.”

    This “rage” was not simply an expression of dislike; it was dark and malevolent. Obama has a seething hatred of Israel. We’ve all seen pictures of Obama where this hatred and rage is reflected in his countenance, his eyes. I’m of the conviction that this is actually demonic. These are “principalities and powers” at work. Obama is surrounded by evil.

      • BNI I agree with you, he is having a hard time hiding his muzzie faith. the truth always comes to the forefront. If we keep the pressure up on him and his cronies, Brennen comes to mind, he may just explode enough so that finally everyone in the nation will know his true identity.

      • reposting this on FB, I posted it this morning but no reaction from anyone, no likes or comments, aside from mine. I believe the people on my news feed are afraid of any retribution from the muzzies.

    • I agree with you Jeanne. It is demonic and there are principalities and powers at work. I am waiting for his wife Michelle to turn into some kind of demonic dragon any day now! Lol! I mean she looks like she harbors deep seeded hate and anger on a regular basis. And I can see in their eyes that they no nothing of the love of God. There is that cold darkness in there. Thank God we know where our help comes from….the Maker of Heaven and Earth; the Great I am, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The Lord is my light and my salvation! Whom shall I fear?

      • @mavery, even before he became president( for those who
        may not know) there were pictures and videos as the pledge
        of alligence was being recited, Obama bin laden never
        placed his hand on his heart. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A BIG

    • I’ve warned folks for years to prepare for the inevitable and hope and pray for the best. The time is upon us that war is inevitable.

      Those who chose to remain with their heads in the sand, so be it. Let them die. The time for warning is over. The time to be ready is NOW.

      We were warned years ago – 2,000+ years ago – and no one listened.

      Those needing confirmation – step back and look at the world the way it is and what’s going on. No further proof or confirmation is needed. It’s become OBVIOUS.

    • I concur. I was off the news feed for a few days & all hell has broken loose. It’s hard to find the time to keep up with all this.

  34. Even if impeachment proceedings were started this instant, we couldn’t get him out of office soon enough to make any difference. Something has to change now!

  35. How exactly was Obama even allowed to run for POTUS. This is beyond me. Even some basic government jobs require background check. What… no one checked the background of this clown before making him a president?

    • Rich, ain’t it? They require a security colonoscopy for every junior assistant deputy undersecretary appointee to anything, but any silver-tongued jack-wagon off the street can lay hands on the joystick of government if he gets enough votes.

      • Exactly… I had to do a job for ATO (Australian Tax Office) and for that, I had to go through extensive security vetting process that took months.

  36. Sunni muslim Obama emulates the founder of Islam, Mohammad, who declared:

    Deceiver Obama doesn’t want military brass and other despised American infidels to know that the beheadings, barbarism, satanic atrocities kidnappings, forced conversions, gang rapes, mass barbaric murders and massive sex-slave taking of infidel females that ISIS is perpetrating is mainstream Islam. It’s taught in the quran.
    09/27/2006 Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing. Tasked with pinpointing motivation, analysts find terrorists ‘rational actors’ following ‘holy book’.

    …..Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine’s annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who “kill themselves for Islam,”

  37. And this display my friends, was his only option at the time. He can barely contain his moslem indignation, and I expect we will see more and more “righteous” displays such as this. Show it, barak, show it.

  38. As I have no idea what you have posted in the past or working on or if you have even seen stuff, Do you have this?- Muslims are trying to say that just about EVERYTHING invented was invented by a muzzle-
    I am doing some research on this and in google search there are hundreds of links confirming that NO the muzzles DID NOT invent all these things…

  39. He is nothing but another PIECE OF ISLAMIC FILTH! Always has been and always will be. The military needs to tell him to fuck off.

    The entire world is beginning to HATE ISLAMIC FILTH to their core.

    Just looking at a piece of Islamic FILTH makes people want to throw up.

    May they ALL rot in hell for a million years.

    • Yes, In a sense these IS scum are doing the World a favour. They are finally reavealing the TRUE face of islam to the World. This has always been islam, but most in the West rarely saw it. But now thanks to modern tech and social media it is being revealed to all. Sorry but the lies about “moderate islam” can’t overcome the videos these idiots have themselves released to the world. Fuckin idiots, they are their own public relations disaster.

    • I agree with your comment totally. When are the American people going to realize that Hussein IS a Muslim and therefore he will always defend his “BROS”. He has duped us long enough!

  40. you cannot serve 2 masters Mr. O. ….islam works through lies.. America nor anyone else is obligated to follow after a liar. the world is engaging WITH islam in Taquiaa right now; disguising the simple reality of islam… you are a liar Mr. O.
    The One Who died at Calvary NEVER lies… building a house on lies is a fools game … a muslim tradition.

  41. Hey, Barack: I will continue to paint ISIS, Islam, AND you with the same brush. Tough. If you don’t like the meal, get out of the restaurant. Better yet, stay on your golf courses. Obviously, The One really, really hates having to make war (in a manner of speaking) on his fellows in spirit — that is, Muslims. If he had his druthers, he’d rather order air and drone strikes on the U.S.

  42. Sunni Muslim Obama: “Don’t you dare try and paint all of Islam with the same brush”

    Translation: Don’t you dare tell the truth about Islam. I, and my highly paid Marxist/Muslim Brotherhood regime have dedicated ourselves to Muslim conquest of America and the world. We will allow nothing and no one to stop us.

    Just as it is in Britain, TREASON IS ALLOWED IN AMERICA!



    Watch Obama And Cameron Talk Complete And Utter Bollocks

    OBAMA BULLSHIT –“ISIL is not ‘Islamic.

    “ISIL is not ‘Islamic.’ No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.”

    Pardon me, Mr. Lucifer, but ISIL is Muslim, and Islam’s murderous actions stretch from its beginning until the present day.

    Obama stated that he intends to “take out ISIL wherever they exist.”


    Barack Obama’s speech to the nation was nothing more than an exercise in the live broadcasting of utter insanity. Obama’s four-point plan is entirely full of bullshit, deceit and contradictions.

    Obama’s statement regarding ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a thinly masked lie covering up the ultimate goal of launching air strikes against the secular government of Assad in Syria.


    In the same speech, Obama professed a desire to cut off funding for ISIL while he simultaneously announced his intention to increase financial and military assistance to ISIL in Syria.

    If Obama were truly serious about ending terrorism in Iraq and Syria, he would immediately cease funding it.

    He would also call on his NATO allies and his allies of the Gulf State feudal monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to cease their funding and assistance.

    His comments that have no basis in reality,

  44. hee ! hee ! the Kenyan lets slip his muslim cloak exposing his secret he’s getting more sloppy by the day , be careful with your peacock lefties we on the right catch him out we will turn him into a shit bird at the blink of your eye

  45. Right, Barry ! the only muslims that should painted with that brush are the terrorists and the so called moderate muslims that don’t and won’t speak out against terrorists, beheadings, and refuse to help our police and FBI investigate and arrest terrorists.

    Let’s see, that leaves…….. uh………. Just which ones does that leave, Barry-boy ? ?

  46. He said at the UN- “the future MUST NOT BELONG to those who slander the prophet of islam”, Not, shouldn’t, not won’t, MUST NOT -indicates his will to make sure that doesn’t happen. He is doing everything he possibly can to ensure that.

  47. May be, he knows one or two of his fellow brothers that should not be painted with the same brush, possibly he could point them out for us. It would still leave +2 Billion MuzRats for the military advisers to paint a nice target with.

  48. Those in the room during Obama’s rant now have a better understanding. They are now asking themselves if this man is stable and is really someone they should be supporting. Sounds a bit like Hitler. I wonder if this might cause some action to be taken from those within? It seems like, at some point, those on the inside will understand that this man is not on their side – their interests, and the interests of the American people, are not Obama’s interests. It’s like bombing empty buildings – who wins a war by bombing empty buildings?

  49. All the painting is being done by the Muslims. We don’t need to paint them with any brush. But this is good. It might give Obama a coronary. We need constant demonstrations in front of the White House marching with signs that read ISLAM IS ISLAM AND ISIS IS ISLAM. They can’t arrest anyone for that statement but it will drive the Muslim in Chief wild. I can see him down the line in a padded cell ranting and raving, totally bonkers. He needs to be pushed, egged on. He may break any day. Islam is Islam and ISIS is Islam!

  50. Islam paints itself with the broadest of strokes.
    I refer everyone of you to “The Reliance of the Traveler.”
    This is the canon of Islamic Law. Pay close attention to section 8 (conveniently missing in most online versions). Where the tortures and methods of murdering anyone who refuses to convert, submit, obey their Islamic Masters, pay their Jizya tax for the ” privlege” of living in Dhimmitude under the Islamic yoke are described in minute and horrific detail.
    When they’re whining for Sharia Law, THIS is what they’re actually working for.
    ANYONE who tells you differently is either naiive, a “useful idiot” or a collaborator.

  51. The Narcissist-in-Chief had a hissy fit about ‘painting islam with the same brush,’ yet the hypocrite in chief has painted White law enforcement with the same brush since he got into office.

    “The police in Cambridge acted stupidly…” led to the infamous “Beer Summit.”

    This compulsive racist even brought up the Ferguson shooting at a UN Security Council meeting on ISIS, during another disjointed apologist ramble about ‘America’s got problems too,” or something.

    His royal asshat is losing it.

    I think he’s acting out his breakup with Holder, his racist-in-arms.

  52. It’s just too bad that more people in this nation can’t figure out what is going on. I suppose though most don’t pay any attention as to what this administration is doing. Even though it affects their daily lives, the mentality of the people of our nation is appalling. I agree with you Rebby, it’s time our top brass arrest odumbo and put him on trial for treason. Our supposed leaders in congress won’t do it.

  53. 846 days to go before mullah mubarack odumbo leaves office..
    I saw a vid of him talking to his saudi masters on the phone.. He listened for 5 mins and said nothing, then the vid cut out, 5 MINS of listening to the king pedophile worshiper and he said nothing apart from nodding and smiling, that is what a slave does for his master, if you yanks dug up Reagan he would do a better protecting the US then Odumbo does.

    • Gee Judi – does calling islam the religion of Satan count??? mooman was Satan’s dupe – guess where he now resides – kinda warm there I believe. The obummer will get his – this life or after.

  54. I have just recently watched the Dinesh D’Souza videos and am shocked beyond belief. Since I don’t live in the US and am not a US citizen I didn’t really think much about Obama, until now. Can someone please tell me how on earth it is possible that such an obvious West-hating muslim can be sitting in the White House? How is it possible that just a few short years after 911 America can have a muslim president? Am I supposed to believe the American people voted for him? Just listening to him in those videos praising the “Holy” quran, and spouting his utter bullshit about islam giving us many great scientific discoveries, literally made me want to puke.

      • I am not sure that Americans voted him in. Seriously I have wondered if they allow us to vote to make it look like we did this to ourselves and appease us as if we really have a say. All the while knowing who “they” are going to put in office. I think George Soros is behind this masquerade. This shit was pre-planned and Obama was groomed to be who he is from a child. They want us to believe the lie that our vote counts. I don’t trust them, the system they use to tally votes, etc. I suspect it is all a lie…like everything else is turning out to be

      • Yes mavery. I have long believed our “leaders” are just puppets who are put in place by the real globalist power brokers, who sit behind the scenes and pull the strings. Democracy is a total sham. Just theatre for the plebs, to make it look like we have a say in our futures and control our own destinies.

        I am CERTAIN of this, and I don’t care who calls me a “conspiracy theorist”.

        In fact the presence of this guy in the White House is the greatest proof of that, since I simply do not believe the majority of ordinary American people ever voted for him.

        And yet, there he is.

    • Thomas, you are absolutely correct. I am an American and could not believe myself but when you have a country like US and people here cant stand with US beliefs or standards just so that they can benefit on hand outs. Lots will agree with anything just to get that handout.

    • Don’t believe everything you read about our President. That would be a good beginning. There are people out there who are simple-minded, hateful and post all kinds of made up lies about President Obama. They are hateful and crazy.

  55. The political game being played. Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, gays, “I got your back! Vote for us, your protectors, and saviors “

    • Frankly I am far more afraid of the Muslims unless we are talking about a black or Hispanic who is also Muslim.

      As far as gays go, I fear the Muslims unless killing them especially the ones who buy into the love thy neighbor crap.

  56. @Bonni…..

    Hang in there…..we’ve got front row seats and I wouldn’t miss this for the world.!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  57. He may have won the first election but the second was nothing but fraud just like he is. Very few did their homework on this guy. Stupid stupid people letting their ” guilt’ and wanting to feel better voting for a black man. Hes not black he is Arab, soon the truth will come out.

  58. Finally !!!
    Obamamon showing who he really loves in his heart.
    And….it’s not the common American soldier or the American people.
    We are all Kafir to him !!!
    It is time to call him who he really is.
    “The Commander of the Faithful–The Pretender” !!!
    “An illegitimate president” !!!

  59. There is no ignorance like mohammedan ignorance.Arabic does not translate into English very well sometimes; but I suspect ISIL/IS wants to use poison gas on the gay muslim brotherhood fetch dung beetle Obama.

  60. Well that’s what you get when you vote for a Man with a Muslim name. I still can’t believe Americans voted for this POS Muslim TWICE. After 9/11 I would have thought a Muslim president would be the stuff of Fantasy. ONLY IN AMERICA.

    • He was elected twice because of rampant voter fraud and the rumor quietly put out by the democRATS and their community organizers that a Republican would cancel all welfare benefits that effectively emptied the ghettos to vote for him again.

    • It was the libtards that voted for that loser, because he promised them $$$ and “free” healthcare. I now have a 15,000 deductible! HE’s not even an American black person. His relatives were never slaves, in fact his father probably sold black people as slaves to Europeans.

  61. Wow, cool, thanks Bonni…..right now I am listening to the RFB radio program where you are on….also been reading about what happened to you and WordPress and CAIR…also reading backlogs …I wish I knew of you years ago….I love this website!!!

    • Wrong, POTUS BHO is not merely a “member” and “sympathizer of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the most powerful “leader” in the World, and since he is also the leader of the most powerful country in the free World, he is the most powerful Muslim leader in the World.

    • I would disagree with you labeling him a liberal democrat and a muslim brotherhood sympathizer. He is not a MB “sympathizer” he is, FULL BORE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, make no mistake.
      As for BHO being a lib dem? He makes them look children playing nursery school games .
      BHO belongs to no party but is a law unto himself.
      Want to know what the mentally unhinged, demented emperor Caligula was like? Look no further than BHO, the Caligula of our time.

  62. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird…….

    It’s called a coup’d’etat and there are those who will, including me, argue this treasonous and seditious president deserves nothing less……drag this verbose human excrement, his spawned family and his entire administration from the White House in chains….stand them on trial on charges of high treason and sedition and then have the courage to execute the sentence passed down by a military tribunal.

    A couple have already made it over the fence….its only a matter of time before patriot American military officers stand to be recognized. Only a matter of time.

    I can hardly wait.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada