UK: Police condemn anti-Islam messages posted on lampposts in Astley Bridge

namp-logoWHICH police? The 2,000 members of the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) that was launched in July 2007 to act as the umbrella organization for local Associations of Muslim Police. NAMP is estimated to have over 2000 members across England and Wales.

The main aims of the association are:

  • To support Recruitment/Retention/Progression of Muslim officers and staff
  • To support members across a range of welfare needs
  • Promote a wider understanding of Islam within the service
  • Tackle Islamophobia and Anti Muslim Hate Crime

The Bolton News  ANTI-Islamic messages stuck on lampposts in Astley Bridge have been condemned by police. Stickers penned with “Islam barbaric” and “Evil Islam” were posted on traffic lights and lampposts in Blackburn Road yesterday morning.

P10 Lampost

An off-duty police officer spotted the labels on his way to work and had them removed immediately. Three messages were posted opposite the junction with Lawson Street and another in the small car park — behind the former Three Pigeons pub — in Blackburn Road.

Police said “robust action” would be taken against anyone caught posting racist or offensive messages in public or online. (But when Muslims make threats or disparage the police in public, you don’t do a damn thing)


Det Insp Charlotte Cadden, from Bolton North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Because the content of the stickers was insulting, we have recorded a hate incident rather than a hate crime. “We take robust action wherever possible and drive prosecutions, where the level of abuse or threats warrants it.” 

Det Insp Cadden added: “If racist signs are displayed in public or racist comments are made on social networking sites, we will take swift and robust action.” (What ‘race’ is Islam?)