CANADA: Toronto mother says headbag-wearing Muslim school bus driver is a danger to children because she cannot be identified

American Muslim Woman Showing Driver's License

Stacy Joseph says she doesn’t think the niqab, a headbag that Muslim women wear to cover their faces, should be worn while driving her children to school, one of whom has special needs. Not to mention, the headbag limits the bus driver’s field of vision.

City News (h/t Susan K)  “As a parent I’m concerned that I don’t know who is driving them,” Joseph told CityNews. “I know the other bus drivers, I know them by face, I know them by name so I can easily identify them.” She says this is not about any particular person or religion, it’s about the safety of her children. (There could be anybody under that get-up, even a potential beheader)

Niqabs have sparked controversy in the past, with protests against a Quebec law that bans women wearing the veils from receiving or providing public service. Religious rights and security rights also collided in 2010, with allegations Air Canada failed to visually verify the identity of women boarding a flight in Montreal.