Right Wing, Anti-Muslim Immigration parties make sweeping gains in Sweden and France

sdSWEDEN: The so-called (by leftists) extreme-right, anti-Muslim immigration Sweden Democrats have just become the country’s third largest political party after making strong gains at parliamentary elections.

EJ Press“With close to 13% of the total vote, we are now Sweden’s third biggest party,” Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson toldsupporters. The far-right party entered the Swedish parliament four years ago with 5.7 percent support. Despite the gains, the Sweden Democrats are unlikely to attain their main goal of sharply reducing immigration because all the other parties are in favor of a liberal asylum policy.


This year, Sweden expects up to 80,000 mostly Muslim asylum-seekers from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries — the highest number since 1992. The rise of the Sweden Democrats has unnerved many Swedes, who regard the party as racist despite its efforts to soften its rhetoric under Akesson.

Unfortunately, stupid, self-hating, leftist Jewish leaders are not happy about the rise of right wing parties. Ignoring the existential threat Islam poses to Jews everywhere, liberal Jews think  “The growth of parties like Sweden Democrats are a danger to the future of Europe.”


“European leaders need to deal forcefully with the challenges it faces, immigration, security, radical Islam and terror,” Dr. Kantor continued. “The answer to these challenges is not hate and racism.We need leaders who will deal with these issues, not leaving the ground fertile for populist slogans but in a meaningful and democratic manner, because it is not just the Jewish community which feels unsafe.”

images-1FRANCE: Marine Le Pen’s anti-Islamization Front National party has had an historic victory by winning its first seats in the Senate, a blow to President Holland’s Socialists.

i24 News  “This is a great victory for the FN, an absolutely historic victory,” Le Pen told AFP. “This is the first time that we return to the Senate and in such a beautiful way with two senators,” she said, referring to FN members David Rachline Var and Stephane Ravier, who were both elected. According to Le Pen, the election of Ravier and Rachline “demonstrates our dynamism, which is growing from one election to the next.”

France's far right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen waves on stage during her speech in front of the Opera following the National Front's annual May Day rally in Paris

Just three years after France’s upper house Senate made history with its first ever swing to the left, the right has presented a new setback for Socialist President Francois Hollande.

More than 87,500 regional and local elected officials nationwide voted for their preferred candidate, six months after the Socialists suffered a drubbing in municipal polls that saw the right make significant gains.

Supporters of far right-wing French poli

France’s upper house is not chosen by universal suffrage but by a “super-electorate” of elected representatives who vote to renew roughly half of the Senate every three years.

While the Senate does not wield as much influence as the lower house National Assembly — which has the final say on voting bills through — a swing to the right comes as another blow for Hollande who has become the most unpopular president in modern French history.


France 24  The fortunes of the FN have been on the ascendent this year with the anti-immigration eurosceptic party gaining electoral ground in municipal elections and topping the European Parliament vote in May. An opinion poll this month showed that FN leader Le Pen would beat Hollande in presidential elections in 2017 in the event of a second round run-off between them.