Muslim children being trained in the art of beheading (WARNING: Graphic)

School children practicing the sacrificial slaughter of animals, good training for the beheadings they will be expected to carry out when they get a little older.

h/t Martin

Think I’m kidding? This Pakistani kid is 12 years old.











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  1. This is why, once the little muslums have been brain destroyed by the coran and the evil teachings of their islumic leaders, we are not to be sympathetic when they are killed, while trying to kill innocent people. There is no hope that ‘children destroyed by the hate teachings of islum can be cured’.

    • I think now you can understand why in the Bible that the Israelites were told by God to drive out the peoples of the promised land , though they were not Islamic they still were worshipers of a equally vile religion, that had at its core child sacrifice in the most brutal manner, such people can only be defeated by force , none can be saved

  2. How sick is this?? While our children learn about love and respecting each other’s culture, these monsters get taught to slid throats..

  3. Absolutely beggars belief. The teachings they give their children unfortunately is the reason we can’t allow ourselves to have sympathy.

    Vile beasts from cradle to grave

  4. Almost all serial murderers start off by torturing animals. But when I compare serial murderers to mussies I repeat myself.

  5. I never knew about Halal until I came to this site. Seems kind of a dumb way to eat. I am also against Kosher food and against those that don’t eat pigs. Sorry I probably offended a few that come to this site… but its bacon… who the fuck doesnt like bacon…..

    Anyway every culture eats and does things that are considered bizarre like us Westerners boil lobsters alive… but why cant these barbarians just behead the animals? They love beheading… just finish the job with the knife and it would end the animals suffering. You know I think muslims get off on watching animals/people suffer.

  6. Can I open a mock muslime restaurant with such things on the
    menu as “moHAMad sandwich” “allah Bacon soup”
    “ISIS pork chops” “pineapple and HAMmas pizza” “Quran sausages”
    and CAIR wine(whine) with pigs in a blanket?

  7. Adds new meaning to the term little monster.

    The more I see and learn about this shit, the more I’m convinced a few well placed nukes are the answer.