OKLAHOMA Police locate suspicious man with thick Arab accent who entered Moore High School and started asking about security 4 days before beheading by Muslim at Vaughn Foods in the same town

Police have made contact with an Arab man with a thick accent who entered Moore High School unauthorized. He allegedly asked suspicious questions about security to students and teachers at school. Specifically, he wanted to know how many police officers are present on campus each day and where is the nearest police station.


News on 6  (h/t Jeanne) According to Moore Schools Superintendent Robert Romines, a teacher was also approached by the man. The man allegedly inquired about enrolling his students at the school.

Moore Schools Administrators warned parents of the situation in a letter sent home with students, Wednesday. “Why did it take so long for this to come out?” asked Stephen Vaughn, while picking up his son after school.


The letter stated the principal was notified of the incident until Sept. 26, one day after the highly-publicized attack at Vaughan Foods in Moore. “Can’t go to school or work, always something to be worried about,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn was already on edge after learning the suspect, Alton Nolen admitted he beheaded a co-worker and stabbed another at Vaughan Foods in Sept. 25. Given the recent events, he said he is even more concerned the Arab man was able to gain access to his son’s school.


“We take this very seriously and that’s why we are working with Moore schools and they will possibly notice a difference in the patrol at the schools,” Lewis said two officers are always on duty at the school.

He also assured parents in a news conference the matter will be fully investigated. “It’s very concerning. This is something we need to fix as a police department and we need to fix this as a school district,” said Lewis.

Police located the individual, who is cooperating with investigators. He does not face any criminal charges, at this time.The Moore Police Department is encouraging students and teachers to be vigilant in reporting anyone or anything suspicious on a school campus.