ISRAELI woman and 3 teenage girls in car pelted with rocks by Muslim lynch mob in Jerusalem

A woman and three teenage girls miraculously escaped death or serious injury when an Arab Muslim lynch mob started pelting their car with rocks in the Jerusalem A-Tur neighborhood, Mount of Olives.


Jewish Press  The driver of the car, a teacher, and the three teenage girls were returning from school to the Maaleh HaZeitim neighborhood at around 1:30pm, when they detoured through the A-Tur neighborhood due to congestion near Wadi Joz. The detour is a standard shortcut to avoid the Wadi Joz traffic.

Once inside the neighborhood, the driver noticed a crowd on the road. She had to stop and the car was then hit by a rock. The rest of the Arabs then noticed them, and within seconds, the car was surround by Arabs, and the way behind them purposely blocked by another car.


The Arabs began pelting the car with large rocks from all directions. The car’s windows and the car were smashed.

The girls in the back seat covered themselves with their school knapsacks to prevent themselves from getting hit by the rocks and shattering glass. One girl in the back seat was injured by a rock to the back.

Palestinians throw stones at an Israeli-owned vehicle in the predominantly Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem

Not yet panicking, the driver kept trying to call the police and the local security services to help them escape. After being hit by rocks for a few minutes, the driver finally saw an opening and zoomed out of the neighborhood.

Once outside, they flagged down a police car, at which point the policeman called for an ambulance and transported two of the injured and scared girls to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital.

Police cars were then seen entering the A-Tur neighborhood.