NETHERLANDS: Muslim graffiti praises ISIS, calls for all Jews to be killed


A school and various buildings in the town of Voorburg have been vandalized with pro-ISIS graffiti and with texts such as “ISIS -All Jews Will Die”.  The police assume that it is just hooliganism (Not wanting to blame the obvious culprits).

Tundra Tabloid  More walls in Voorburg daubed with anti-Jewish slogans. At a corner house on the Nicholas Beetslaan state since Sunday ‘ISIS all Jews will die. “ On the same street vans plastered with the letters ‘ISIS’ were also seen.


A little further to the side of a building at the Herman Heijermanshof the letters ‘ISIS’ followed by an Islamic State-symbol (the Nasara symbol – smiley face) which represents an ISIS takeover of Christian buildings in Iraq and Syria.


According to an older single parents keep their children at home because of the slogans. The school has begun to remove the texts. An agent has visited the director of the school.