Hey lefties, the next hostage who will be beheaded by ISIS is ‘also’ a bleeding heart liberal ideologue

Getting the picture yet, liberals, who are Muslim sympathizers? Muslims hate you even more than they hate conservatives mainly because of your leftist obsession with gay rights, same sex marriage, and transgenderism nonsense. 

UK Telegraph (via BCF ISIS captive Peter Kassig called himself an ‘idealist’ in interview about his work with wounded Syrian refugees – just one year before the American was captured by Islamic militants and became a Muslim.

Peter Kassig, convert to Islam who now goes by the name of  Abdul-Rahman Kassig
Peter Kassig, convert to Islam who now goes by the name of Abdul-Rahman Kassig and will soon be beheaded by ISIS anyway

Peter Kassig, the latest hostage to be threatened with murder by Islamist extremists, is an American veteran who served in Iraq and whose decision to convert to Islam in captivity has so far failed to save his life.  Mr Kassig, 26, is shown kneeling on the ground in an orange jumpsuit at the end of footage showing the murder of Alan Henning, a British aid worker. 

A masked member of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Syria (ISIS) says he will become the fifth Westerner to be killed if the US-led coalition does not halt its bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.


Yet like Mr Henning, who was kidnapped delivering aid to Syrians, Mr Kassig’s path to the Middle East suggests ISIS’s propaganda machine will have to to gloss over his humanitarian work in the region. And it will also have to contend with his desire to learn more about the Middle East and conversion to Islam.

His parents, Ed and Paula Kassig, remained silent for the past year in the hope their son’s life would be spared but issued a statement after the video was released.  They said their son had become a Muslim during his time in captivity, changing his name to Abdul-Rahman Kassig, and that they had learned from other hostages that his faith had brought him comfort. 

“He grew to love and admire the Syrian people and felt at home there,” said Ed Kassig. “Our son’s journey culminated in him embracing Islam. Sadly he was taken captive and is not free to continue his life’s work serving the people of the region.”

Mrs Kassig added: “We are so very proud of you and the work you have done to bring humanitarian arid to the Syrian people.  “Our hearts ache for you to be granted your freedom so that we can hug you again and then set you free to continue the life you have chosen, the life of service to those in gravest.”

Your son will be dead in two weeks or less. Happy now, parents, that you raised a bleeding heart leftist? The hijab is a nice touch, Mama. Not gonna help you though.