FAKE! PHONY! PURE CRAP! Muslim-produced social experiment attempts to show how Australians just can’t wait to come to the rescue of all these poor Muslim ‘victims’ of alleged Islamophobia

How would Australians react if they witnessed a Muslim person being abused? In a social experiment orchestrated by Muslim filmmaker Kamal Saleh, we see Muslims in Islamic attire being repeatedly harassed by a man for no apparent reason. Then we see left wing bleeding hearts, either actors or pawns for the producer, coming to the ‘poor’ Muslims’ defense.

If you believe for a minute that this isn’t a total set-up, you’ve been living on the Moon.


The Australian  The producer of this farce, Saleh, told the Herald Sun the video was made on behalf of the Macquarie University Muslim Student’s Association in light of next week’s Islamic Awareness Week, titled “iSlamPhobia”.

“As a Muslim student organization, we were concerned with the recent influx of islamaphobic attacks we’ve witnessed in Australia over the past few weeks.So to determine how entrenched this issue was in the public, we staged a social experiment to see how people would respond to a public display of bigotry and hatred to a Muslim women and boy,” he said in an email.

“We were extremely overwhelmed by the response of passers-by, especially in their eagerness to help a stranger being vilified on the basis of their religion. It has indeed restored our faith in humanity. “I’m not going to lie… the lady at the end of this video almost made me cry,” he wrote.