COLORADO: Muslim Baghead cries when turned away from public pool because of her sharia-compliant attire


When Sabah Ali took her family to the Commerce City Recreation Center to swim, her clothing conformed to her religious beliefs, but not pool rules. “Why do I have to be half naked to swim? To enjoy my time with my kids?“ Ali asked, sobbing. “I want to have the same rights as every citizen.”

(You are not every citizen, you Muslim POS. Go live in one of your Islamic hellholes if you want to dress like a freak. No American wants to get in a pool with you, you unsanitary bitch)

The Denver Channel (h/t dte)  Ali was wearing what she called an “Islamic dress” with a shirt and pants underneath. But rec center employees pointed to pool rules stating “specified swimming attire only.”

 “I told them I would take off the long dress, if that was their concern, and that I had clothes on underneath,” said Ali. “But they said if they let me, everyone would ask, ‘Why did you let them and not us?'” 

Michelle Halsted, a Commerce City spokeswoman, said the rules not allowing street clothes are best practices for public health and safety.