NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #126: Offended Muslim waiter claims “Islamophobia” and “pork abuse”

Famed New York steakhouse ‘Peter Luger’ has been slammed with a nuisance lawsuit by a whiny-assed Muslim waiter at the Great Neck restaurant, who alleges he was tricked into eating a pork hot dog by co-workers who told him it was chicken.


NY Daily News   (h/t  Chris K) Altaf Chowdhury’s suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court contains a litany of grievances, including denial of family leave and being cheated out of wages. But the Bangladeshi-born plaintiff also alleges that co-workers in the meat emporium chewed him up with taunts of “terrorist,” “Taliban” and “Al Qaeda.”

Chowdhury contends on Memorial Day 2013 that two managers and the kitchen staff cooked up the hot dog scheme knowing that eating pork was against his religion. (Chowdhury) was horrified when he looked at the hot dog package and saw that he had just eaten pork,” the complaint states. “(Chowdhury) immediately vomited approximately 10 times that day.” (Awwww)

Another manager channeled a scene from the film “Goodfellas” after Chowdhury accidentally spilled milk on his shoes, ordering him to “go get your shoe box and get on your knees and polish my shoes you f—— shoe maker,” the suit alleges.

A spokeswoman for Peter Luger said the claims are meritless and will be vigorously defended. (I hope you learned your lesson about hiring muslims)