Kurdish teenager explains why U.S. and coalition air strikes against ISIS are doing next to nothing

Dear Mr. Obama, Dear United Nations, Dear Human Rights Organizations:

(Unable to confirm this young man’s message, but it certainly sounds accurate in view of what is happening in Kobane –BNI)


1-This is my picture and shows our weapon power. As you can see, ISIS terrorist organization they got tanks and we only got Kalashnikoff, so please send us anti-tank weapons so we can remove ISIS. Please act now, tomorrow will be too late.


2- Please open humanitarian corridor for Kobanê as you know it’s more than 27 days ISIS blocked everything around us, we only had some help from Kurds in Turkey. Unfortunately Turkey blocked that side as ISIS requested.

3-Every night Turkey sending weapon to ISIS. PLEASE stop Turkey to help ISIS.

4- Every time US air strike wanted to bomb ISIS position Turkish army sending message to  ISIS, so they quickly changed their position. That is why air strike is not hitting the target.