Muslim Boxing champ, Amir Khan’s Twitter account, allegedly ‘hacked’ with photo of 2 naked blondes

Yeah, sure it was. The 27-year-old’s Muslim faith forbids him from viewing nudity during the month of Ramadan – and he was inundated with angry tweets within seconds of the snap appearing online.


UK Mirror  One of the Tweets said: “I can’t believe Amir Khan has tweeted that picture during Ramadan. Not a very good thing to do.” Another added: “My dear Muslims are not allowed to witness nudity in state of fasting from morning to eve.” And one raged: “What a horrible post. I’m in shock like being punched by a boxer. Terrible.”

Khan quickly apologised and deleted the tweet , blaming it on hackers. He said: “Sorry about the last tweet i just deleted, not sure where it came from #Hacked” The incident comes just two days after Khan was arrested on suspicion of assaulting two men