Oh, BOO HOO! Toronto council ‘Muslim Baghead’ candidate’s election sign vandalized with ‘Go Back Home’

On Friday night, Ward 2 city council candidate Munira Abukar got a phone call from a supporter saying that some of her campaign signs had been kicked over and it looked like they had been vandalized.


The Star  The signs were found on the corner of Martin Grove and Dixon Rds. in Etobicoke. “We figured it was just general mischief,” she told the Star. “And then we turned over this one sign and saw an intentional and very hateful message.” The message read “go back home,” and Abukar’s face had been scribbled out in red marker. Someone had crossed off her name and written “b—-”

At about 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Abukar reported the incident to the police.

Abukar said she was “disappointed and shocked” when she first read the message, but it was her parent’s reaction that upset her the most. Her mother is a refugee and her father an immigrant, and both experienced racism when they first arrived in Canada. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

“To see the heartbreak on your parent’s face … It’s hard to want to protect your child and not be able to.” Abukar isn’t very concerned about finding the person responsible for the hateful messages. Instead, she wants to create an opportunity for the city to discuss racism. (What ‘race’ is Islam, bitch?)

“I think we need to understand that there is an underlying racism in our city, and there are people who believe that just because you look different that you aren’t from Toronto.” (Unless you can prove that Islam is a race, you shouldn’t even be running for dogcatcher, let alone city council. Take the damn bag off your head, you freak)