MSNBC’s Ignorant Black Guy thinks “‘Islamophobia’ has become an acceptable racism with some liberals”

Apparently, this ignorant black guy is also ignorant of the fact that slavery, torture, and hatred of Black Africans is still rampant in the Muslim world.


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Toure says, “I see Islamophobia becoming an acceptable racism even among some liberals and I say that liberals have fought to extend rights to women, blacks, gays, immigrants, and we owe it to our legacy to be better than Islamophobia.” 

“To think that we have a problem with global Islam and that it’s okay to be afraid when we encounter one of the 2 million American Muslims, well that’s just mental laziness. Demanding Muslims prove they’re not supportive of murderers is bizarre. We can deplore homophobia and gender violence and repression in Muslim-majority nations without making it an attack on Islam, because those things exist in some Christian-majority nations as well.”