OOPS! Oklahoma Muslim woman asked to sign petition telling all Muslims to “go home”

UnknownGee, why would people in Oklahoma want to send Muslims back where they came from, or where they should be? I guess it doesn’t have anything to do with the Muslim who beheaded a white Christian grandmother and nearly beheaded another woman at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma recently?

KFOR  The Muslim woman who was asked says, “Muslims are a peaceful people,” said Deb Beneta. “I wish people would see us as humans and not this mythical Muslim monster.” That’s not possible anymore as fear of the religion may be near an all-time high. ISIS, the group of Islamic extremists known for beheading Western hostages in the name of Islam,  and a brutal attack at Vaughan Foods has many people on edge about the violent ideology posing as a religion.

“It just offended me that someone would say I don’t belong here,” said Beneta. “I think some of the most dangerous people are non-educated people who have been stimulated by hate or fear.” (No Deb, the most dangerous people are uneducated people like you who are ignorant of the fact that Muslims have always been and still are the biggest enslavers of black Africans)