So, why is the Israeli observant Jew on the Temple Mount screaming at the Muslim baghead?

The photo below went viral on Twitter, disseminated by the anti-Israel, Jew-hating dregs on the internet, including far left American Judenrat Max Blumenthal, who expressed disgust at the Jew for screaming at the ‘poor, frightened Muslim woman.’ Or was it?

If you look closer at the photo, you see something interesting. The book that the Muslim baghead is holding is a book of Hebrew Psalms! It seems that she grabbed the Psalms from the Jewish man – just in time for the photographer to show his reaction to having had a holy book stolen from him in broad daylight.


There are other photos from the scene that show another Arab Muslim baghead physically assaulting the same Jew. (Ewwww! Islamocooties) 


Here’s another photo of the Muslim baghead who grabbed the Jew, putting her hands on another Jew:


In fact, it was the screaming Muslim banshees who created a gauntlet at the Chain Gate where Jews were exiting the Temple Mount.  Not only that, but you can see from the video that it is the Muslims trying to stop the Jews from worshiping, NOT the other way around. In fact the name of the video is “See Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa Mosque”, which is code-speak for “Jews going to their Holiest place, the Temple Mount.”Here’s a video showing the sequence of events:

h/t IsraellyCool & Elder of Ziyon