COLORADO Sheriff under fire for making an anti-Muslim comment on Facebook

facebookislamAn internal investigation has now been launched on the Teller County Deputy Sheriff after he was accused of making an anti-Muslim comment on Facebook. (NEVER use Facebook to tell the truth about Muslims. It is notorious for its Islamopandering)

FOX 21 News – Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensminger confirmed the investigation on his deputy sheriff Eric Voigt. Voigt is accused of making a degrading comment on Facebook in reference to a woman being Muslim.


In a screenshot obtained by FOX21 News, Voigt can be seen saying “Ship her ass back to Muzzie land!!” Voigt was commenting on an article where a woman declared her business was a ‘Muslim-Free Zone.” The woman who reported the deputy sheriff said she was commenting on her friend’s page who posted the article because her entire family is Muslim.

She said, “Wow…so what exactly is it you think of me?” That’s when Voigt, according to the screenshots, replied to her with the degrading comment. (I don’t see anything degrading about that comment)


The woman who reported him said she does not know or has never met Voigt but is now concerned about his known viewpoints affecting his job performance.

“If he feels this way about Muslims, I would like to know how he feels about blacks? Jews? Gays? Hispanics?” the woman said.  (They aren’t trying to convert or kill him for being an unbeliever the way Muslims are)“And how has this affected his job performance? Does Teller County condone this behavior and if not, how has he risen to this position?” (Hopefully, he’ll get a promotion now)

Voigt’s boss, Ensminger, said his office does not and will not tolerate any type of discriminatory behavior. He said the internal investigation should be done by sometime next week. According to Ensminger, he believed Voigt has been employed by his office for about four years.

(The Muslim woman probably reported him because he had dogs in his avatar and we know how much Muslims hate dogs)