After Obama touted Yemen as a “success in fighting al-Qaeda,” al-Qaeda on verge of taking over Yemen

Posing yet another terror threat to the United States.


IB Times  Sunni-Shiite tensions escalated in Yemen on Friday when Houthi rebels, who are Shia, clashed with al Qaeda fighters, killing at least 10 people. The clashes between the two Muslim groups signaled the expansion of the sectarian infighting that has ravaged much of the country in the last few weeks.

Tensions have been running high in perpetually unstable Yemen ever since the Houthis, a rebel militia from the Shiite minority, captured the capital Sanaa on Sept. 21. On Oct. 9 more than 45 people were killed in Sanaa when a suicide bomb attack hit supporters of the Houthis. Yemeni officials said the attack, the deadliest since 2012, was launched by Sunni jihadists, affiliated with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who are unhappy with the Houthis gaining political power.

The threat of a full-scale civil war increases with each piece of territory that falls to the Houthis. It may not take much to push Yemen over the edge into a sectarian and tribal war that could tear the country apart, leaving behind the shattered remnants of the Yemeni state for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula  to thrive in.