BUT IS IT HALAL? In the barbaric nation of ‘Crapistan,’ human meat is being served in restaurants in Quetta

In Baluchistan, Pakistan, thousands of innocent civilians and activists have been reported missing for decades, abducted by Pakistan’s military and associated forces as a way to suppress and subjugate the Baluch people. Apparently, some of the missing have been showing up on dinner plates.


EP Today Amid all these intense situations comes news of human meat being served in Quetta, Baluchistan. In a recent revelation that was shunned by Pakistani Army and no media was allowed to publish the news, in many small restaurants human meat was being served. Hannan Traders supplied meat to these restaurants whose owner, Asghar Hannan also supplied meat at the army stationed in Quetta.

The revelation came to be noticed when people from these restaurants started complaining about the meat that was being served was different from usual meat, with difficulty to eat and smelt foul.


The actual number of missing people is not known nor has the government taken any steps over years to bring the families to justice.  According to International Voice for Baluch Missing persons 18,000 persons went missing in the 2001-2013, out whom 2000 were killed and their bodies were found mutilated on lone streets.

Kidnapping innocent people, torturing them in confined cells, organ trade and even kill and dump policy all these acts have been persecuted against the Baluch people to suppress their demands for separate provincial autonomy from Pakistan.

h/t Don Laird