Former Swedish MP slams Sweden’s new Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan, saying that the Muslim politician has a hidden radical Islamist agenda.

flagswedenislam-viDon’t they all? Social Democrat politician Nalin Pekgul went on the attack against Muslim Mehmet Kaplan from the Green Party. Her piece in the Dagens Industri newspaper was prompted by a statement Kaplan made to the Turkish media, in which he claimed that the reason young Muslims are joining the terror group ISIS is because of widespread ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe.

The Local Kaplan, who is Sweden’s new Housing Minister, argued that the government should give more money to Europe’s mosques in an effort to tackle the recruitment.

Mehmet Kaplan, Muslim MP
Mehmet Kaplan, Muslim MP

“It’s unforgivably naive to think that giving money to these kinds of [Muslim] organizations and mosques will work against segregation and will reach out to these youths who are being radicalized,” she wrote. “It’s exactly this kind of naivety that people like Mehmet Kaplan are counting on, and it’s time for everyone who wants to oppose the radicalization to realize the damage Mehmet Kaplan and others like him can accomplish.”

Nalin Pekgul
Nalin Pekgul

Pekgul also states: “The appointment of Mehmet Kaplan as a minister is surprising and appalling.” She adds: “For fear of being labelled as an Islamophobe, no one dares question Mehmet Kaplan and his hidden agenda. This is nothing short of a betrayal of the people who are primarily affected by Muslim intolerance and oppression.”

Kaplan previously hit the headlines after he compared Swedish jihadists in Syria to Swedish freedom fighters in Finland during World War Two.  He later apologized and said his comments had been misinterpreted. But in today’s article, Social Democrat politician Nalin Pekgul wrote: “I’m convinced that he said exactly what he meant to say.” 


Kaplan, a 43-year-old born in Turkey, is a former spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Sweden. He has been a member of the Green Party since 2003. Similarly, Mehmet Kaplan says that he supports equality between the genders, but there are few secular muslims who’d believe that he wasn’t an Islamist or Islamic fascist.”

The word Islamist is a controversial one and some media outlets have been criticized for using it as a synonym for Islamic fighters or extremists. The term broadly refers to those who want a country’s government and society to operate in accordance with Islamic laws, which do not promote egalitarianism or tolerance.

In her article, she also wrote that with Kaplan in government, Sweden’s Green Party heads Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson “have sent a clear signal to Sweden’s Muslims that the Islamists now have the support of the Swedish establishment.”