HEY, FREE FOOD! Pig’s head delivered to largest mosque in Greece

Unidentified patriots left a severed swine head at the entrance of the ‘Greek – Arabic Education and Culture Center’ in Athens and painted a cross in front of the mosque section of the building along with statements allegedly insulting to Islam.

pig-head_athens_mosque En.Cihan  Correspondingly to Islamic State in Iraq and The Levant (ISIL)’s brutal and terrorist activities in the Middle East, Islamophobia started to rise again across western countries. Another baseness attack carried out against the sacred of Muslims in Athens on Friday morning.

Coming to the mosque to perform morning prayers at early hours, Greek Muslims witnessed an ugly scene – swine head and nauseous swearing insulting Islam written in front of the mosque and Islamic culture center building.

Athens-Arab-Hellenic-Centre-vandalism-2 Upon the notice, Greek police visited the scene with the crime scene investigation team. As the police completed its works, municipality workers removed the swine head and cleaned the ugly writings.

Speaking to Cihan reporter, Greek Muslim Union Head Naim Elghandour stated that this desecration and attack deeply hurt Muslim community. He also expressed his concerns about possible physical attacks against Muslims and called authorities to take necessary precautions.