FLORIDA: Humongous expansion plan for Orlando mosquetrosity has residents in a panic

Plans for a massive expansion of a mosque have residents in one part of Orange County up in arms, but their issue has nothing to do with religion.

(Oh, yes, it does, but of course they can’t say that big Islamic infiltration centers increase the threat of Islamic terrorism)

Building ugliness
Muslim supremacists build ugliness and ostentation wherever they go

Residents who live near the proposed expansion on Apopka Vineland Road in Doctor Phillips said it’s because of the size of the project. Grand plans for the towering new expansion to The Islamic Center of Orlando have already cleared two major hurdles with the county.

“If you look around the area there is nothing that large in terms of a footprint to go off of,” said resident Mike Kulich. Residents said the building is going to be seven-stories and extend an extra block. (All of which means thousands more Muslim asslifters driving down the values of all homes in the area)