Obama secretly planning to bring non-American Ebola victims to the U.S. for treatment

Especially ‘MUSLIM’ non-American Ebola victims.


Washington, DC  (h/t  Pat Dollard)  Judicial Watch has learned that the Obama regime is actively formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment. Specifically, the goal of the regime is to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis.

It is unclear who would bear the high costs of transporting and treating non-citizen Ebola patients. The plans include special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease as dangerous as Ebola.

One source tells us that the Obama administration is keeping this plan secret from Congress. The source is concerned that the proposal is illegal; endangers the public health and welfare; and should require the approval of Congress.

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