AUSTRALIA: After burqa ban was overturned, 3 men dressed in a KKK hood, biker helmet and burqa attempt to enter Parliament

On the one week anniversary of the dumping of the federal Parliament’s burqa-ban, three men in costumes have attempted to enter Parliament dressed in various controversial garb. The costumes include a KKK hood, niqab and a helmet. The three men from the group ‘Faceless’ said they wanted to see the burqa and all facial coverings banned.



NEWS AU  (h/t Bern) Just a week after the burqa ban was overturned, the trio had to identify themselves to security. “It’s fantastic that we were not allowed in,” one of them said, praising security.

According to 2GB reporter Stephanie Borys, who is at the scene, the three men were asked to take their coverings off. When they did, a black headress was revealed underneath. A large security presence, including AFP officers and parliament security have reportedly handled it well.

 The three men allegedly plan to target a bank next. When asked how it would make Muslim women feel, they said they “couldn’t care less”, and wanted all burqas banned, full stop.

“It seems that you’re allowed to wear a full face covering into Parliament if you’re a Muslim woman but no other group is allowed to have that same privilege,” Sergio Redegalli said, wearing the KKK outfit.

Their head coverings were confiscated by security and handed back on departure. The next time another group is asked to identify themselves at a security point “it may be too late,” he added. “They’re already in Parliament.

“No one should be walking up the public forecourt or in the public domain hidden from sight.” The burqa should be banned for security and cultural reasons, the group argued.

Protestors say they weren’t allowed to wear niqab inside Parliament because they aren’t Muslim women. Media unable to witness security check.

After passing security and entering the Marble Foyer of Parliament House the trio left. “The reason we didn’t go any further was there is a memorial for Gough Whitlam. “The last thing we wanted to do was to interrupt that, there’s just certain things you don’t cross.”

 Mr Redegalli said he has always been a voting Liberal. “They’re going to choke in there when they hear that.”