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  1. as long as Muslims kill their own kind, more demons sent to Hell- but it shows how these vermin put no value on human life. Murder for them is as ordinary a biogical function as taking a crap

  2. You reap what you sow, years of being brutally victimized has turned the victims into stone cold killers. This is a small taste of what Islam has coming to it because of their own actions. They have made mortal enemies of most of the world.

  3. It saddens me to think that I can feel nothing when watching these executions. I HATE islam for all the damage it’s doing, not only to this planet, but to life-loving people like myself.
    I will NEVER SUBMIT to their evil institution – EVER.
    Lan Astaslam~!

  4. Ever notice how when ISIS is dragging a bunch of innocent people to their deaths, those people go quietly, with dignity, but when the ISIS mongrels are at the end of a gun, they whine, cry and beg for their lives? Just goes to show what a bunch of wusses they are!

  5. Good Arab governments current list (may change depending on results of elections/military coups/new Arab spring or whatever other regime-changing shit Obama’s delusional “oh, let’s bring democracy there!” sucessors can think of):

    – Iraq (the only Arab country which is outright friendly to Assad regime and hostile to Syrian opposition)
    – Egypt (Sisi is basically new Mubarak, also seems to be neutral on Syria and he seems to be a former muslim pretending to be a real one + peace treaty with Israel)
    – Jordan (The King is an ass saying bullshit like ‘Israel is an apartheid state’ and Parliament has shitty islamists inside, but the guy seems only to say so to calm down teh publich while not giving a fuck about islam in reality. All his talk is just talk)
    – Oman (isolationist politics and total neutrality mixed together. Syrian war? Oman doesn’t give a fuck. IDF bombing Gaza? Oman doesn’t give a fuck. Egyptian coup? Oman doesn’t give a fuck. Yemen civil war? Oman doesn’t give a fuck. Tensions between islamofascist Qatar and islamofascist Saudi regimes? Oman doesn’t give a fuck. Iraq crisis? Oman doesn’t give a fuck. Always silent on everything. No fuck given about anything by Oman’s regime).
    – Lebanon (the only Arab country whose head-of-the-state place is reserved for a Christian politician)
    – Syria (Alawite antiislamic regime which is very hostile to islam despite ties with Iran)

    Not sure if we have to include Morocco and Algeria on the list. Yemen = weak and useless-as-heck govt who is so weak that lost its capital (the city of Sana) to underarmed houthi shiite rebels and is constantly under attack by marxist separatist South Yemen movement, AQ and shia houthis (and all those 3 parties fight each other too, not just govt), but not islamofascist or terrorist supporting. Somalians, Djiboutis, Comorians = non-Arabs, just Blacks who only considered Arab for political reasons.

    Bahrainis, Saudis, Qataris, Emiratis, Kuwaitis, Palestinians, Sudanese, Lybians, Tunisians, Mauritanians = either islamofascist governments or just state sponsorts of terrorism (be it state’s money of wealthy rich oil oligarch sheikhs as private sponsorship aid for islamofascists, be them Syrian rebels or Hamas).

    Despite Iraqi soldiers being filthy muslims as Daesh are, i still salute them and wish them good luck. They all (Iraqi soldiers or Daesh) may follow the same fascist shit we call islam, yep, but at least they are sane enough to resist true islamic nature and only follow shitlam in part rather than in full (Daesh-style).