PASTOR tells Bill O-Reilly that “the prophet Mohammed was a man of violence and Islam is a false religion”

He WAS and it IS. What’s the problem? As usual, Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has its panties in a wad over hearing the truth about Islam on the most popular Cable TV news show on the planet.


Raw Story  Fox News contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress insisted on Friday that he “prayed” for individual Muslims while denouncing their religion as a whole in an interview with host Bill O’Reilly. “You have to tell the truth, Bill,” Jeffress said. “And the truth is, Islam is a false religion built on a false book written by a false prophet.”

Jeffress told O’Reilly that recent attacks in Canada and New York made it impossible to deny “the relationship between Islam and terrorism.” 

“Fact: Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was a man of violence who committed all kinds of atrocities, including ordering 600 Jews to be beheaded,” he argued. “When these terrorists engage in these acts, they are simply following the example of their spiritual leader.”

“When you have a Muslim act of terrorism, why, Muslim leaders for the most part run for cover,” Jeffress said. “You have to drag them kicking and screaming into denouncing these acts. Facts are stubborn things, but those are the facts.”