So, what’s wrong with this? Social experiment bashing Muslims draws ire from leftists

Judy McKnight, owner of RelyLocal Hendersonville, was among those not amused. McKnight posted to Harden’s page on Saturday that the so-called experiment was “disgusting any way you slice it” and tweeted that “personal religious discrimination” was not affiliated with her business, asking that he “have some consideration for the dozens of other RelyLocal chapters around the country that abhor your inflammatory and embarrassing rants.”


Citizen Times  Only a few other Twitter users also took offense to the post. A few circulated a screenshot of the rant encouraging others to unfollow the Rely Local account, calling it xenophobic and “horrific judgment.”

Harden said the point was to “elicit a real response, good or bad, to test behaviors,” and added he is proud of the work he does in the community.