IRAQ: “If you want your Yazidi sex slave to have blue eyes, it’s gonna cost you”

UnknownIslamic State (ISIS) paedophile savages yuck it up about using Yazidi female captives as sex slaves, whom they are happy to share with the highest bidder. But you’ll pay a big premium if you want pre-pubescent jail bait or blue-eyed Yazidis.

Youtube keeps taking the video down. If  this one is gone, click on the video below it:



 The below video will play if you click the screen twice:

Youtube took down the version with English subtitles but here’s what they are saying:

This is the first video of isis talking about about the yazidi girls they kidnapped in shingal and sell them as sex slaves. This video was found on a dead terrorist phone and given to  RUDAW by peshmergas
1st terrorist : today is the day we . we get our slaves , i cant believe it

2nd terrorist : we will all get our slaves

3ed terrorist : where is my yazidi slave ?

1st terrorist : who want to sell there slaves ? . i will buy it .and if they give to me for free its much better

3ed terrorist : where is my yazidi slave ?

1st terrorist :who want to sell there slave ill buy them

4th terrorist : ill sell mine

1st terrorist : how much ? can we exchange her for my gun ? its diffrent if her eyes ware blue . ill put 4 of them on my back and take them home  it dosent matter how old she is it makes no  different if she has tooth or not

5th terrorist : i want the yazidi slaves . i want to buy 2 of them

camera man : me and faruk we dont want them

camera man : do u only want one yazidi ?

6th terrorist : (shakes his head ) yes

camera man : u can do what ever u want to her

6th terrorist : laughing

camera man : abu khalid do u want a slave 2 ?

camera man : muffad . ur yazidi is dead

7th terrorist : she died ?

and the video ends