IRAQ: “If you want your Yazidi sex slave to have blue eyes, it’s gonna cost you”

UnknownIslamic State (ISIS) paedophile savages yuck it up about using Yazidi female captives as sex slaves, whom they are happy to share with the highest bidder. But you’ll pay a big premium if you want pre-pubescent jail bait or blue-eyed Yazidis.

Youtube keeps taking the video down. If  this one is gone, click on the video below it:



 The below video will play if you click the screen twice:

Youtube took down the version with English subtitles but here’s what they are saying:

This is the first video of isis talking about about the yazidi girls they kidnapped in shingal and sell them as sex slaves. This video was found on a dead terrorist phone and given to  RUDAW by peshmergas
1st terrorist : today is the day we . we get our slaves , i cant believe it

2nd terrorist : we will all get our slaves

3ed terrorist : where is my yazidi slave ?

1st terrorist : who want to sell there slaves ? . i will buy it .and if they give to me for free its much better

3ed terrorist : where is my yazidi slave ?

1st terrorist :who want to sell there slave ill buy them

4th terrorist : ill sell mine

1st terrorist : how much ? can we exchange her for my gun ? its diffrent if her eyes ware blue . ill put 4 of them on my back and take them home  it dosent matter how old she is it makes no  different if she has tooth or not

5th terrorist : i want the yazidi slaves . i want to buy 2 of them

camera man : me and faruk we dont want them

camera man : do u only want one yazidi ?

6th terrorist : (shakes his head ) yes

camera man : u can do what ever u want to her

6th terrorist : laughing

camera man : abu khalid do u want a slave 2 ?

camera man : muffad . ur yazidi is dead

7th terrorist : she died ?

and the video ends




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  1. I, also have lived for a time in the Middle East. And one of the things that is glaringly obvious, is how much of the black African slave trade was started, and continues in the Arab culture. This is my question: WHY aren’t blacks offended and outraged by Islam, and all it stands for? Islam helped to decimate vast number of African tribes, and cultures, yet black “Western” people want to convert to Islam. WHY? After all, white sailors didn’t just get off their ships, and attack African villages to get slaves – They BOUGHT them , MOSTLY from Arabs and other African tribes. WHY don’t most black people research their own history? Islam promotes slavery AND still kidnaps people to become slaves. WHY aren’t blacks rising up against Islam? It just doesn’t make sense. They blame whites (how just bought them) INSTEAD of the people who actually did, and CONTINUE to do, the devastating harm that is slavery, which is Islam. I DON’T GET IT!

    • Something else that is too often overlooked is that we in the West are constantly told that we must accept Third World black immigration (and that usually means Muslims) as some kind of retribution for the slave trade. However, the Ottoman Empire lasted even longer than the British Empire and also indulged in slavery, but the Third World Muslims never want to go there. The reason? State benefits. Western Europe hands them out, but Turkey does not.

    • UK Politicians. Theirs is a DELIBERATE act of treason, they very well know what they’re doing despite public outcry & backlash. The traitors know what muzzturds do & will do & simply don’t care. Muzzturds do what muzzturds have always done, nothing new.

  2. Ok guys.. I have got to show you an exchange I had with a MuzzScum.. on youtube.

    Me: Why would ANYONE want to go to a fucking Islamic Country? These brainwashed people worship a sick pedophile and murderer.

    MuzzScum: hahahha you are fucking silly guy . and really brainwashed . because you fucking believe in this shit without using your mind . and you judge on 1.5 billion ppl around the world . in america the girls raped every 2 minutes and you talk about the pedophiles

    Me: At least rape is a very serious crime in the US. There is nothing, absolutely nothing Islam can bring to the world besides pain and suffering.

    MuzzScum: Also we do not worship Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we believe that he is the messenger of God, as was Jesus (Prophet Isa) and Moses (Prophet Musa). How could he of been murderer? He and his followers defended themselves against the people who were attacking and killing them. Now to call Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a pedophile, is wrong, because back then, humans would hit puberty much, much earlier than today.

    And that last comment folks.. is why Muslims are such a mess… perfect example.

  3. Let me be perfectly clear, raping and murdering Yazidi girls is not about Islam. If you don’t pay attention to the words coming out of the mouths of those Muslim men, you’ll understand my perfectly clear lie. Oink.

  4. I just saw the video. It would be my pleasure to kill everyone in that video, and take away their sex goat! I hate these people, and I hope their end comes very soon.

  5. YouTube removed the video. I saw it this a.m. and knew you would pick it up somehow. Don’t see why YouTube would remove this. Only reason would be enticement to recruit more jihadis looking for a sex life.

  6. even if a trial would be held in the World Court and ISIS was found guilty what would that do? it would be ignored be cause islam condones this type of thing

  7. iit’s fine and dandy to document these crimes against humanity, but who would prosecute them? the UN is a joke with 56 muslim states plus the PA that would be a kangaroo court

  8. The entire non-Muslim world, should work together to KILL all animals like you see in this video. They are not human they are 7th century animals whose only enjoyment in life is 2 things, killing and sex. They don’t care what they kill or how horrible the mutilation is as long as they kill something and they don’t care who or what they have sex with. Do not insult me and tell me that Islam is a religion of peace.

  9. Islam was the source of slaves then and now. And what seems quite the natural of it today – sex is the fuel for slavery. Some ‘religion’….

  10. Barenakedislam, I think you should post about this on your site, the IMPORTANCE of these words reveal the NWO, an Islamic world order by the very words and actions of the Islamic United Nations and the fight against Christianity.

    David Cameron’s concluding statement at the UN reveals NWO;

    “So we shouldn’t stand by and just allow any form of non-violent extremism. We need to argue that prophecies of a global war of religion pitting Muslims against the rest of the world. These things are nonsense. We need Muslims and their governments around the world to reclaim their religion from these sick terrorists as so many are doing and quite rightly doing today. We all need to help them with programmes that channel young people away from these poisonous ideologues. And we need the strongest possible international focus on tackling this ideology – which is why here at the United Nations, the United Kingdom is calling for a new Special Representative on extremism.”

  11. We should nail their penis to a board and set it on fire and give them a rusty butter knife and tell them to choose how they want to lose it! Saw it off or have it burned off. They are not human, and I would gladly volunteer to go fight these parasites if they would only let me again. If Obama wasn’t too “chicken shit” to kill them!!

  12. There are some ISIS bloggers in tumblr. Are u guys following them ? They are outrageous. Readers ask several questions and they answer them. Like one asked what would u do if you find an atheist european women in the street of Iraq. The reply was – smart jihadist will take her as right hand possession (slaves).

  13. Judging from the pictures I can’t even imagine the horrible stench of these filthy men my heart cries to those girls and ladies being raped by these savages. Why are these terrorists still alive and allowed to commit these crimes against women?

  14. these lowlifes need to be castrated.
    it will be the same with the nigeruan schoolgirls.
    they will be sex slaves for these rapists

  15. These holy warriors, sacred jihadists, for allah/ar rahman are simply practicing their religion. One need only look to the example set by the pedophile prophet, who is after all the one, every muhanimal tries to emulate. You people would not understand TRUE holiness if it raped you. The Christian and Judaic world view has been tainted, that’s why muhanimal was sent by allah/ar rahman, to teach us the true, pure way to honor and worship allah/ar rahman. You do not understand that pedophilia, slavery, theft, murder, rape, piracy, lying, etc., are HOLY, PIOUS, SACRED,acts (when done in the name of the prophet, and allah/ar rahman) if the victims are non muhanimals. Wise up, embrace the pure religion of muhanimalism, and let the glorious light of allah/ar rahman, shine into your heart. Let go of the FALSE doctrine of “love thy neighbor as thyself.

    • Some here are not understanding your sarcasm I think. Well said. There some suspicion that whoever that ‘mohammed’ was (its a title, not a name, it means ‘the praised one’) didn’t even believe in ‘God’ etc. He just recognised it as a very effective way to control and terrify the populace. The birth of fascism. Beyond evil. Every evil that is attached to ‘demons’ is attached to this mohammed and his followers. I will not die until I have at least slit the throat of one of them.

      If you study islam you will see it is indeed obsessed with sex like no other, its riddled with it, the provision of male gratification with the female ‘pets’ demon allah provides for them. They are too dumb to have a concept of ‘bliss’ beyond sex. This is why they are the only ‘faith’ that rants about 72 virgins in paradise etc. They think that sex is pure bliss. No concept of supreme peace, total self knowledge and sense of being centred. No sense of a contentment way beyond desire and deep spiritual happiness in just existing.

      The ‘heavens’ of other religions are just this, just existing within bliss, no need for petty physical earth bound weak forms of what they think is bliss, temporary bliss. So this is what we are dealing with, sex evil and filth, demonic traits which have always been associated with ‘devils’ in the whole of human existence. There is only one solution for pure evil. total destruction.

  16. In liberal minds this is proof of diversity, only whites are capable of slavery. Islam is peaceful, blame Bush, global warming or something! Just not Islam!

  17. A bullet would be too merciful for these creatures. A wire garrotte will work satisfactorily though, slowly applied.

  18. No normal human being should be able to enjoy himself negotiating the kidnapping of a young girl, but muslims are definitely not normal, let alone human.

    • 500lb bomb my ass!
      People survive those things.
      MOAB or FAE is what is needed here.
      Nothing survives those things.

  19. If we’re out, pay up front and we’ll get you a new one! You can also have a horse, donkey, cow, sheep, goat or a beautiful cat (remind to make pictures before sex so we can send them to the UN).

    • Hey Guillaume
      That’s you human beings about those innocent Yaizidis girls?
      I am sure you are worst than those motherfucker Islamic militant
      I’m sure your sister the one u can get new one,
      Be sure anyone flowing the Faqi or Quran are really Islam which the ISIS doing to Yaizidians and Christians in Iraq because they are not Islam .

      • Whenever i read a really dumb and unorganised text like dear ol’ “Frank”s, i know it is a stupid muslim trying to act as a westerner to make us think islam isn’t what it really is.
        Only problem is, that they are too dumb to even write properly.

      • @Barenakedislam, not to mention this moslems English is terrible. But notice how “Frank” calls ISIS “motherfucker Islamic militant” and then goes on to say “they are not islam”.

        It just goes to show the level of deception these moslems take, i.e. a Lie with a Truth.

        Note: A good way to point out more moslem trolls in the future is to:

        1. Disable spell check on this site (that way anyone with terrible English can be quickly identified as being possibly moslem)
        2. Check for lies and truths in their argument
        3. Identify if they imply “they are NOT muslim” OR “They are a minority” OR “There are extremists in all religions”.

      • Do i need to read this? Can i even read this? Two questions came to mind while reading this post “Frank” made.

        Thank you “Frank” for your honest contribution. It was enlightening! And they shouldn’t try my sister… really shouldn’t, you’d be getting far more than you bargained for. She CAN handle herself and by the way i wouldn’t let you.

        And i will FLOW some quran soon, with lighter fluid. Ok?

      • Look here clown, its all over. There are a great many of us who have/are studying your demonic tracts and revealing the truth in them. Thing is, you wont have done any study AT ALL, you are just repeating what crap you have been told. I have instructed many muslims in their own ‘faith’. There are v clear instructions on the ‘beating of women’ who show what any man may think is ‘perverse’ (meaning the man decides if its perverse, it maybe as simple as wanting to study a certain course). That’s before we even get to ‘woman is a vile beast’ (said by that so called sword carrying ‘prophet, prophets NEVER come with swords, no other ever has).

        Then we get to ‘95% of the inhabitants of hell are women’ as allah doesn’t like women much at all (now YOU will be aware of this one, brainless twat) and they cant achieve ‘islams heaven’. Unless they suicide bomb. But they are not wanted in ‘muslim sex mad heaven’ because they will interfere with the orgy with the multitude of virgins you see. It is also stated they are stupid and inherently evil. They are to be treated ‘as you care for your valued stock, your horses etc’.


        It is, totally and it makes its adherents (followers for you, you wont know that word) utterly schiz as well. So shove off and start learning about your own v evil faith because non muslims now know a lot more about it than the dumb arses like you who haven’t even EVER opened a Koran written in a language they can read, if they can read of course.

        Then the amount of exhortations (encouraging to you if you know what encouraging means) to some of the most brutal violence ever known in man’s history simply drip from these pages non stop. Blood drips all the way through them. Horrendous cruelty, its beyond belief. You pick up scriptures that live in a bath of blood non stop. The world will not take this type of horror for too long. We will rise up to destroy it simply because there is NO OTHER CHOICE. This horror must be stopped.

        The famous saying ‘YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD, YOU DIE BY THE SWORD’ is coming home to roost for the whole of islam. A doctrine of total ‘enforcement’ to terrify people into conversion is peculiar to this faith in particular. There is no ‘love’ in it AT ALL. To terrify people that if they leave they will be murdered is not ‘love’ or ‘caring’ its sheer evil. No other religion needs this and they thrive. The ‘sword cometh’ Frank. For you