WOO HOO! Egypt rejects pleas from CAIR and left wing bleeding hearts to release from jail Egyptian-American hunger striker who is on his death bed

A request to release detained hunger-striking Egyptian-American Mohamed Soltan due to his deteriorating health condition was rejected for the fourth time on Wednesday. Cairo Criminal court rejected the request filed by 12 rights groups, describing it as “a blatant intervention in judiciary work.” Soltan was arrested for his participation in anti-government riots with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Bleeding hearts protest at Egyptian Embassy in Washington. Notice Code Pinko's Medea Benjamin at right in pink sweater
Bleeding hearts protest at Egyptian Embassy in Washington. Notice Code Pinko’s Medea Benjamin at right in pink sweater

Ahram  The rights groups included the freedoms committee of the Doctors Syndicate, Al-Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) and the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI). Maha Mahmoud, who filed the request on their behalf, contested the court’s decisions saying it was not “a blatant intervention”, adding the request was based on medical reports on Soltan’s condition.

Not looking' so good, Mohammed…Buh Bye!
Not looking’ so good, Mohamed…Buh Bye!

Soltan, 26, is on trial with 50 others, including top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, in the case known as the “Rabaa control room”. The court adjourned the case on Wednesday to 16 November. Soltan has been on hunger-strike for over 280 days, causing several local and international rights groups, including Amnesty International, to voice deep concerns over his deteriorating medical condition.

Soltan’s family have launched a hunger strike in solidarity, calling on the Egyptian public to join them and also urging the US to help release him. (Good, hope they all starve to death)

Soltan and other defendants are accused of setting up an operations room during the Brotherhood-led Rabaa Al-Adaweya protest camp in July – August  2013, as part of plans to defy the state and spread chaos, as well as plot attacks on police stations, private property and churches.

His father, Saleh Soltan, a leading Muslim Brotherhood member, was rounded up by authorities in a crackdown on Morsi’s sympathizers.

Mohamed and his Muslim Brotherhood papa, Saleh
Mohamed and his Muslim Brotherhood papa, Saleh Soltan