Austrians protest the building of an Islamic ‘Imam School’ in Vienna

Johann Gudenus of the Freedom Party of Austria says: “People who want to implement the sharia law in our constitution, or who want to put the sharia over the constitution, should ask themselves why they are here in Vienna and is Austria in the right country for them to be in? I doubt it.”

Turkish flags are seen all over Vienna now

Turkish flags are seen all over Vienna now

Around 250 adherents of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) gathered to protest against an imam school to be built in Vienna, Thursday evening. Johann Gudenus, a member of the party, addressed the crowd and was applauded after claiming that Austria’s Muslim population do not wish to assimilate.  “The Islamic movement is spreading. Youths will go to the school and get indoctrinated with a radical ‘Turkish mindset.’Around 70 Muslim counter-protesters mobilized against the demonstration, but were kept at a distance by the police. 

“Vienna: Teachers Told Not to Cover the Topic of Turkish Sieges in Class In Case Muslim Immigrant Children Feel Offended,” article in Islam Versus Europe.