JEWISH VOICE FOR HAMAS demands New York Senators Schumer and Gillebrand end military aid to Israel

We call these Judenrattes ‘JINOS’ (Jews in Name Only) because they are the same kind of Jews who supported Adolf Hitler and helped him send Jews to their deaths in Germany. These scumbags should ALL be forced to go live in Gaza. 

Aiding and abetting these Jewish Nazi wannabes are Muslim and leftist groups: Adalah NY * Brooklyn For Peace * Center for Constitutional Rights * CODEPINK NYC * CUNY4Palestine * Defense for Children International Palestine * Direct Action Front for Palestine * Granny Peace Brigade * JVP-Westchester * Middle East Crisis Response * Palestinian Rights Committee of Upper Hudson Peace Action * Palestine sub-committee, National Lawyer Guild * Northern Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice * Queers Against Israeli Apartheid * SJP SUNY New Paltz * SJP College of Staten Island * World Can’t Wait * WESPAC Foundation * WE WILL NOT BE SILENT * and others.