NORTH CAROLINA JIHADIST murders two prostitutes and eats their flesh


A man in North Carolina, who calls himself “Pazuzu Algarad,” murdered two prostitutes in a sacrificial ritual dedicated to the Middle Eastern demon Pazuzu, and then ate their flesh. When investigators entered his home they found, not only a very tense and dark presence, but also Arabic script spray painted throughout the place.

Shoebat  The media payed little to no attention to the facts about this support for jihad and Syrian terrorists. What was found is quite startling: this evil monster was a huge supporter of the Islamic religion and jihadism, and followed numerous jihadist groups on the internet. 

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  1. I tried to purchase one of your shirts, but the green add to bag button does not appear. It will not let me add to bag.

  2. Did he have a crucifix sticking out of his a$$ and shouted “£uck me Jesus”? A very naughty muslim who was praying to another deity apart from allah. Surely he is an apostate and should be given a fatwa by an iman?(sarcasm)

  3. How can I ever forget? I remember it all too well.

    The mere mention of his name caused me to spit out a cherry tomato in slow motion…

    There was just no getting through to that drunken Father Lamont – what’s a giant Locust God to do?!?

  4. “Pazuzu”?!?

    Haven’t heard that name since “The Exorcist II”!

    Where the hell is James Earl Jones dressed up in a giant locust suit when we really need him?!?

    He looks like a real charmer – just LUV those yellow teeth on his girlfriend / next meal. Feh!!!

    • That’s because an obscure tenet of Sharia dictates that eyebrows must be covered up with brow burquas, but if they’re not readily available the brows must be shaved off.

      The shavings are saved for future use, to be thrown up in the air like confetti, celebrating the conclusion of Eyed.

  5. Interesting that “Pazuzu” is the name of the demon who possessed the little girl in The Exorcist. Which proves he’s not even a particularly creative muslim (but then again, what mud-slime is?).

  6. The story itself is back from 2010. Shoebat found out the guy was a pro-muslim satanist just this year after investigation

  7. What the ****

    So islam is already a perverted peace of crap, but this guy… everytime you think you’ve seen it all, a sicker bastard stands up to shock us all.

  8. No doubt another “convert” needing to prove his submission to Allah, while feeding his Islamic blood lust.
    The fact that his sacrifices were “working girls” will guarantee the Media will deem this “Not News Worthy” aside from the human sacrifice angle. Watch and see that he’s a Muslim savage will NEVER be mentioned. As usual.

  9. The grandmother who was beheaded… the Ft. Hood Jihadi… the Boston Marathon attack… and the murder of Jewish men by the Boston Jihadis… PLUS LOTS MORE! Then add this Jihadi filth to the list.

    Jihadist and cannibalism has gone together more times than I care to remember.

    The islamization of America continues… as we ignore the reasons why he murdered and devoured those two women.

    Horrific beyond measure. However, this is Islam. Arabic dark forces and cult beliefs? Well, MoHAMmed himself “made up Islam” by using the name of old Arabic gods… “Allah” was a moon god. Though in modern times it is considered to mean “God” as some Christians in Muslim lands use the term.

    • alla was a leader of the slave rebellion against the old Sumerian gods. he went by many names You are thinking of the moon god known as Sin

    • He killed those to because they are prostitutes and prostitution is an Illegal thing also Arabians in the old ages used to kill prostitutes and cut the hands of the people who steal stuff so the deserve the pain for the wrongs they did.

  10. It was the Assyro-Babylonian god Pazuzu that visited Mohammed under the guise of the Arch-angel Gabriel. After all, even the Qur’an admits that Allah is the best of all deceivers.

    • tophtml,
      in the book by Sir Walter Raleigh, History of the World, bk. 1, pt. 1 chap. 6,
      he states “Mahomet had a dove which he used to feed with wheat out of his ear. When the dove was hungry it used to light on the prophet’s shoulder, and thrust it’s bill into his ear to find its meal. Mahomet thus induced the Arabs to believe that he was inspired by the Holy Ghost in the semblance of a dove”.

      So you see, lies from day one !

  11. No surprise here – I can see how a Satanist would find Islam attractive. Even Mohammed (SBUH) suspected that he was actually seeing the devil and not an angel.

    • He (Mo) was seeing the devil……the angel who supposedly gave him the koranus was much more likely Lucifer than Gabriel!…..And yes! There is still more hope for an atheist than for an arselifter!…Sooo, is Pazuzu a muslime or Satanist?! Six of one, half dozen of the other, BUT those who just up and say they are Satanists I have more respect for than the demented demonic sonsofbitches who try to to say their evil twisted political ideology is a “religion of peace”.