CANADA: School district exempts Muslim supremacists’ children from participating in Remembrance Day ceremonies if their families object to it

The Greater Essex County District School Board, which runs 75 schools in Windsor, Ontario, and other nearby towns, has circulated a memo to its schools saying that Remembrance Day ceremonies are optional for those children whose families might object to it.

2451 (h/t Joan) They told teachers that “meaningful alternate activities should be provided at the schools for those families who do not wish their children to participate in any Remembrance Day ceremonies.” And the memo specifically mentioned two Muslim-oriented resources, including celebrating the first Muslim soldiers in the Canadian Forces who wore the head-covering, called the hijab.

The message couldn’t be any clearer: Canadian public schools, funded by Canadian taxpayers, no longer expect Muslim immigrants to observe Remembrance Day, or respect our war dead. It’s shocking, and it’s unacceptable. Anyone who immigrates to Canada should respect Canadian traditions, including Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

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