AUSTRALIA: As the ‘Anti-HALAL’ Scam movement heats up, businesses must decide if halal certification is worth the negative publicity it is causing them

There is a free app available that identifies companies who are paying halal fees that fund terrorism. By scanning the bar code of any product with your phone camera it will tell you whether the manufacturer of that product is halal certified or not.


Pickering Post  (h/t Bern) I don’t believe it identifies whether the specific product is certified or not, but it identifies the manufacturer as being certified… and that’s where you can really hurt companies that support the scam. It took me just a minute to go through everything in the pantry, I was stunned and I will never enter any shop again without it. And I want the shop owner to see me using it.

Warning! It appears not to work on older model phones and Kirralie of will have an improved version out soon. This free app is called “buycott”.

However, there are several smart phone apps used by Muslims that do identify whether or not a food product is halal-compliant.


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HALAL FEELS THE PINCH… as social media exposes the scam of companies being strong-armed and threatened if they refuse to pay the Halal terror tax.


Pickering Post  It took a country mum by the name of Kirralie Smith of who was disgusted by what she learnt about halal and went on a mission to eradicate it. Now the Muslim extortion racket is coming apart at the seams along with the Islamic State’s source of funds from Australia.

By the WA Islamic Council President, Dr Rateb Jneid’s own admission, in his annual report, halal receipts are sent to terrorist organisations in Syria, disguised as donations to needy causes, through sham “charity” companies.


Muslims have never donated anything to anyone unless it’s a cause that kills infidels or other Muslims.

Major Australian companies are now running for cover as they hurriedly delete those little Arabic logos from their products. 


Companies are now promoting that they have abandoned halal certification… but are the halal fees still being paid?


Halal certification, a mafia style extortion racket, began with the slaughtering of livestock to Islamic specifications but has spread to everything from fish and Vegemite to plastic containers and fruit, increasing the price to Australian consumers by billions.

One of the worst offenders, Cadburys, for the first time had to temporarily close their doors due to lack of orders.


Exporters are targeted by dozens of competing Muslim “certifiers” who threaten that their export markets will be trashed (and they have been) unless they pay up, but those exporters are now losing their domestic markets and are trying to obscure their compliance with Muslim demands.

No-one lies as well as a Muslim lies and when they say animals are allowed to be stunned prior to slaughter, it’s yet another lie. Livestock under the halal rite must first be mistreated and forced to watch the slaughter of other animals, trembling in fear as they anticipate their own fate. 


They must be made to face Mecca as the slaughtering process starts. With their hearts pounding rapidly, so as to excrete as much blood as is possible from their bodies, they feel their throats being cut from ear to ear. The longer they stay alive the more unwanted blood is lost.  When the animal dies, only then will the blood flow stop. Only then has the halal slaughter of an animal been accomplished.

To extend halal compliance to fish and plastic containers is a nonsense but Islamic Councils world-wide have stumbled on a two trillion dollar industry that further imposes their will on the West. They will not give it up without a fight and it sure beats working for a living.


Do not expect Western governments to stop it, there are too many trade-exposed export industries at risk of being shut down if halal compliance isn’t met. 

But social media is attacking domestic markets distorted by halal accreditation and it’s making huge inroads.


Pickering Post  “Dominance” is a key word in Islam; dominance over women, little girls, animals and infidels, the visual dominance of mosques and the eventual dominance of Islam itself. Is it any wonder the archaic cult of Islam has not been a positive factor in Western multiculturalism. 


Media have centred their argument in favour of a halal tax on the slaughter of livestock when it has nothing to do with how an animal is killed. That’s a separate animal cruelty issue and should concern everyone.

The question must be asked: Why are processors paying for a service that Muslims demand? 


If I wanted my cow especially slaughtered facing Collingwood with the slaughterman wearing a bikini while juggling black and white ping pong balls, I would expect to pay a little more than normal. The answer to the question is simple… extortion! “Certifiers” here have direct lines to Islamic importers overseas who will happily drop a note to say the processor’s export orders will be cancelled unless he pays up. 

Naturally the processor pays, with a small something going to the importer who makes the threat.  There are no fewer than 21 halal certifiers in Australia who work under the Indonesian MUI which governs Australian certification. 

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Indonesia in turn is governed by the Saudi Arabian Halal World Council that nets between $2 and $3 trillion per year. However, since the 1980s the halal slaughter of meat has morphed into the halal certification of practically everything on the supermarket shelves and beyond, including plastics and processed smoked salmon.

HAHAL bullshit

When asked how smoked salmon could possibly require halal certification, one “certifier” said he needed to ensure the “chemicals” used to wash down the metal tables were halal. 

He was stumped when it came to the “halal certified” plastic containers manufactured by Scholle Industries of South Australia.  We have a copy of that contract which is due to be renewed about now.



Of course, once the processor signs up for a renewable yearly fee, with accompanying confidentiality clause, the certifier is not seen until the same time the following year.

Territorians have flooded social media with threats to boycott Paul’s Iced Coffee over its halal certification
Territorians have flooded social media with threats to boycott Paul’s Iced Coffee over its halal certification

Dozens more locally competing, rogue Muslim “certifiers” are rushing to every type of processor in Australia threatening that their export markets will be cancelled unless they pay up. 



We have documented evidence that this is happening right now and at great cost to processors who refuse to comply, including a particularly nasty case in Northern Queensland. 



We also have documented proof that halal money is finding its way, through many tax exempt sham Islamic “charities” in Australia, to terrorist organisations overseas, including to Hamas and the Islamic State in Syria.


What is happening in Australia right now has already been detected happening in Canada where $14.5 million was found to have been channelled to Hamas via sham “charities” that have since been closed down.

Muslim operators have been charged and the scams dismantled.


It seems it will take Australia a little longer to wake up to the Islamic extortion racket if Chris Smith and his producer, Ian Dodd have their way.

It could be worth listening to this halal “certifier” tomorrow, Wednesday, at midday on 2GB. If he is like all the other “certifiers”, he will recommend that all the smaller “certifiers” be shut down leaving the extortion racket to himself.


And it’s a sure bet he will only want to erroneously talk about the halal slaughter of meat. 

It’s also a sure bet that phones will be jammed with callers wanting to slaughter yet another lying Muslim “certifier”…halal complied of course.


The bottom line is that the media still don’t get it.


N.B. Islamic dominance over animals is entrenched in the teachings of the Koran where sexual gratification from an owner’s livestock is permitted but the Koran then instructs that the abused animal must not be eaten but can be sold for consumption to other Muslims. 

Yet not a word from the Left who are besotted by the fallacious “mistreatment” of racehorses.




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All Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt products are halal-free
All Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt products are halal-free