NORTH CAROLINA: Mother outraged at son’s high school for proselytizing for Islam in the classroom

A N. Carolina woman was shocked at an assignment her son brought home from school that shows the public high school is indoctrinating students with Islamic propaganda including the idea that Muslims have stronger faith in their religion than Christians do.


Biz Pac Review  According to WJZY-TV, the woman in Union County, N.C., contacted the station with a homework assignment that included fill in the blank sentences in which the correct answer appears to show students are being indoctrinated. 

The worksheet includes blanks for students to fill in with information about Islam. Sentences include:


It’s important to note that school officials haven’t confirmed to WJZY reporters whether the answsers the woman’s son wrote in were the “correct” ones, but given that the station reported that Porter Ridge High School has had several opportunities to do so, it’s a pretty good bet the kid wrote exactly what he was being taught and the school district is trying to figure out how to play it for the media.

“If you are going to do it, let’s do it right,” the mother told WJYZ-TV. “I really feel there is a spin on this.” Ya think?


It should be noted that school officials have yet to provide a completed version of the worksheet to the news outlet. Though it appears that the high school has not disputed the content, the answers were filled in by the student and seemingly have yet to be verified as 100 percent correct.

My Fox Carolinas reports that the mother called the school to see if they would teach Christianity in a similar way. The school, however, didn’t give her an answer about how they would teach the topic; her son told her they had skimmed Christianity in class.

Basic CMYK

If after “Islam, at heart is …” the kid had written “a murderous fanaticism responsible for global havoc,” he probably wouldn’t have gotten a gold star. If he had filled in the blank on the second sentence so it read, “Most Muslims are far more likely to strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves to pieces just to kill a Jew than the average Christian,” he’d be in a public school re-education camp somewhere by now — along with his mom probably.

Check out the other sentences too where the kid writes that radical Islam is opposed to the “imperialistic pursuits” of the West, and redefining the bloody “jihad” Americans see on their television screens nightly.

If this kid is making these answers up on his own, the mother has bigger problems than the local high school.

But he’s probably not.

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