Oh, BOO HOO! Nihad Awad of CAIR is upset that FOX News didn’t invite CAIR on its shows to condemn Islamic extremism because FOX knows that CAIR, itself, is a group of Islamic extremists

6a00d8341c5c3553ef0128759f1db2970c-320wiNihad Awadacrap, Executive Director of Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR says “the sole purpose of these statements from FOX is to incite animosity and hatred towards all Muslims for failing to denounce acts that, to begin with, have nothing to do with Islam.” 

(After making stupid statements like that, you wonder why FOX refuses to have you on the air to pretend to denounce Islamic extremism when you can’t even admit that extremism is directly related to the teachings of Islam? FOX knows that CAIR is one of the world’s biggest enablers and proprietors of Islamic extremism. So take a hike. You’ve been outed)


MWN  When Fox News decided first, to issue a challenge for leaders of the Muslim world and Muslim organizations worldwide to publicly condemn “Islamic Extremism” on the air and then, upon being immediately taken up on the challenge by the Council For American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), reneging the offer. (That’s because CAIR is Hamas)

This offer and its immediate withdrawal came after several statements were made by Fox News personalities who manipulated the audience into believing that Muslims globally are silent on the issue of terrorism, have failed to condemn it, or, even worse, accept it, all of which are entirely false.  This purposefully false statement ignores and completely denies the fact that these “acts” have constantly been denounced and continue to be vehemently opposed by the vast majority of the Muslim leaders and the Muslim population. (FOX doesn’t have to manipulate anything. We don’t care what CAIR says, we see what Muslims are doing around the world)

Fox News refuses to air this and many other similar (phony) denunciations of terrorism by Muslim groups in order to continue this war against Muslims and Islam that can only be waged by hiding the truth from the public, which is, ironically, the opposite of what a news organization’s purpose should be. (It is CAIR who hides the truth from the public and now everyone knows it)