Peter Kassig, American aid worker in Syria beheaded by ISIS Islamic State (WARNING: Graphic Video/Photos)

According to CNN’s Nic Robertson below, this is the most barbaric beheading video ISIS has ever shown in its entirety. Naturally, CNN will not show us the footage, but BNI found it.

Kassig, 26, who converted to Islam in captivity, also went by the name Abdul-Rahman Kassig.

American Peter Kassig's severed head

American Peter Kassig’s severed head

The high-definition video shows the beheadings of about a dozen men identified as Syrian military officers and pilots, all dressed in blue jumpsuits. The main militant in the video who speaks to the camera has a British accent and warns that U.S. soldiers will meet a similar fate.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS beheads 18 Syrian soldiers and Peter Kassig below:

OR IF THAT DOESN’T WORK CLICK HERE: ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) beheads 18 Syrian soldiers and Peter Kassig

The full length 15-minute version is HERE








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Photos courtesy of Muslim Issue (h/t Susan K)

LeakSource  In a video released by the Islamic State on Sunday, the group says they have beheaded U.S. hostage Peter Kassig and warned the United States they would kill other U.S. citizens “on your streets”.

The announcement of Kassig’s death, in what would be the fifth such killing of a Western/captive by the group, was part of a 15-minute video in which Islamic State shows the beheadings of at least 14 men it said were pilots and officers loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Kassig’s beheading is not seen in the video, but it shows the British masked militant dubbed “Jihadi John” standing with a decapitated head covered in blood lying at his feet. “This is Peter Edward Kassig, a U.S. citizen,” he says.

“We say to you, Obama: … You claim to have withdrawn from Iraq four years ago,” the militant said. “Here you are: You have not withdrawn. Rather, you hid some of your forces behind your proxies.” A U.S.-led coalition is targeting the Islamic State group in airstrikes, supporting Western-backed Syrian rebels, Kurdish fighters and the Iraqi military.

Video at link below is allegedly Jihadi John standing over Kassig’s severed head and issuing another warning to the West.

Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS




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  1. 1) The reason the West is so terribly entangled in this ideological/cultural war that is destined to escalate and hurt both North America and EU is because we depend on oil and gas imports.

    2) But if we include the cost of medical care that the returning traumatized soldiers will be given during the next decade, then the total cost of the war that started in September 2001 will be at least $3 trillion.

    3) A fraction of the $3 trillion that is (so far) wasted in the current war of civilizations would have been enough to attain full energy independence in the US, if we had started after the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001: If we had allocated only $40 billion per year since 2001, for a total of about $500 billion we would have already attained energy independence. As we speak, the South African SASOL company converts coal into oil at about $45 per barrel. But the US has enough coal for 150 years.
    Separately, tremendous progress is being made in lowering the cost of batteries for electric vehicles, but this is happening with absolutely minimal government funding. If only a fraction of the cost of the wars in the Middle East were allocated to electric vehicle research after September 2001, right now we would have electric cars ready for mass production already. Please note that if all cars and trucks were electric in the United States, then to charge these batteries the power grid would have to be expanded only by 20 %, and if we had started in 2001, by expanding the power grid only by 1 % per year, we would have already attained the infrastructure. The following website constantly updates the latest developments in both electric vehicles as well as alternative liquid fuels:

    4) Unfortunately, BOTH the Democrats and Republicans do not want to start a Manhattan Project for energy independence research because both parties do not want to offend the oil companies that have strong lobbies (not to mention the fact that there are millions of jobs that depend on the oil industry in the US), but this is a very short sighted view of economics, as cancelling the trade deficit (at least its oil component) would boost the economy dramatically and reduce poverty and unemployment in the US.

    It is my hope that intelligent people in this forum will take note of the fact that spending at least a fraction of the military money for energy research will be a strategically brilliant solution to resolve this war.

    5) IMMIGRATION: Fortunately less than 1 % of the US population is Muslim, and this includes the African Americans who converted to Islam. Moreover, legal immigration to the US strongly favors well educated people who are less likely to cause trouble, although the main loophole that we must close is the fact that once an immigrant becomes a US citizen, there is an immigration quota for his or her relatives, and in this case there is no rigorous selection on the educational and intellectual level of the relatives and the immigration interviewers ask only very superficial and outdated questions like “Are you a communist?” that are relics of the Cold War. So the US is relatively safe (except that the latter loophole to allow relatives of immigrants who may not be as pro-American as the original immigrants, must be better regulated.) HOWEVER, Europe is in deep trouble not just because there are more than 19 million Muslims in the EU, but the quality of the Muslims in the European Union is far lower than the quality in the US and Canada, precisely because EU actually favored unskilled legal immigration without any education. As a result, most European Muslim immigrants are unemployable, and the situation will only get worse because as we speak, all major European countries are adding robots to their industries. Originally, especially Germany imported millions of unskilled Muslim immigrants to make them work in factories and mines, but right now all industries are becoming automated and the necessary skill level is much higher, meaning that most of the unskilled immigrants in EU are destined to be unemployed and the situation will only get worse in the future. In addition, the loopholes in EU also allow a lot of relatives of the immigrants to join their families in Europe. Thus, it is virtually guaranteed that the civil war will be in Europe and not in the US. By 2040, if not earlier, there will be massive violence in Europe, and this cannot be avoided. Depending on various estimates, the current European Muslim population of 19 million will dramatically increase by 2040, and although I don’t know whose figures are more accurate, it is safe to assume that the number of Muslims in EU will probably reach 30-50 million by 2040, because of the escalating immigration and the higher birth rate of Muslims even after they immigrate to Europe. In addition, the birth rate of non-Muslim Europeans is well below maintenance level in all major European countries, especially in Germany.

    6) SAUDI ARABIA: Given the decadence and corruption of the Saudi Royal family, it is very likely that within a decade, the Islamic extremists like ISIS will come to power in Saudi Arabia, without even ISIS crossing the border from Iraq to militarily invade Saudi Arabia. When this happens, the other Sunni oil producing countries will also become ruled by the Caliphate. At that precise moment, Europe will be in a far more precarious situation because unlike the US, it does not produce oil and gas, and even without a Manhattan Project in the US, we are close to attaining at least partial energy independence with new drilling and fracking technologies (although the truth is that in a few decades even the fracking oil and gas will become depleted, but at least the US has a lot more oil to survive than Europe.) Now when ISIS or any other emerging Islamist ideology gains control of the oil in the Saudi peninsula, then Europe will be blackmailed and the rising Muslim population will also start a local civil war in Europe (the worst combination possible in Europe, oil blackmail and military/social tension locally.) The already collapsing European economy will be even worse, and this time there will be a civil war in the streets of UK, Germany and France, as well as in smaller European countries.

    7) RUSSIA: Russia is in big trouble because at least 10 % of the Russian citizens (not counting peripheral Muslim former Soviet republics that contain nearly 150 million Muslims) are Muslim. And while the Russian Muslim population is increasing, the Christian Russian population is declining. This is why Putin supports the Assad regime in Syria and uses the Shiite Iran as a counterweight against the Sunnis. The current blunder in Ukraine is one of the biggest miscalculations that Putin made, since Russia needs the support of the West in this situation that will lead to civil war in Russia.

    Thus, it is guaranteed that the tension between the Western culture and the current extremist Islam will only escalate and the resulting wars will be at least as violent as in the previous century. The question is to manage and contain it, not prevent it. It is too late to prevent it.

    9) THE UNITED STATES CAN SAVE THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION WITH ENERGY RESEARCH: Now, it is my hope that the Republicans who now control a bigger portion of the government, will make a historic change in their traditional backwardness, their disdain of science and their love for the old school crony capitalism and monopolistic behavior that sabotages research in alternative energy that favors of oil companies. It is time for the Republicans to surprise the Democrats and become the party that actually launches a Manhattan Project for Energy. We still have time, but barely, and only if we act within a few years.

  2. Genesis 16:12
    “He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen”

    There is a clear prophecy in the bible about the fate of Ismael and his descendants; the muslims.

    The followers of Islam will never learn to live peacefully with other religions. As long as there are muslims left on this earth, there will never be peace.

  3. Terrible. Takes a real man to kill someone while their hands are tied.

    I have an idea. Cut off all travel to and from that whole area. Put ebola or ricin, something in the ink of the Koran and drop them everywhere over there. They pick it up, read it, dead in days. Make it the true deadly virus it is.

  4. It looks like they put a lot of thought into the making of this video.To build a channel in the sand so that the blood will “run like a river” is meant to inject “fear” into us Non-believers.

  5. I am from Iran and I am so sorry for what is going on, for what is being perpetrated by these vile animals (I apologize to animals). These people are not human beings. Thank you for sharing pictures, so we dont have to go through the whole video. I couldn’t take it.

    Most people in Iran think the same way as I do. We are horrified by these acts. Regardless of religion, there is one thing that supersedes everythhing and it’s human morality. Whichever religion, cult, or sect one follows, if they lack morals, then they are not better than animals (Agaim I apologize to animals).

    One day, hopefully the world will get rid of barbarians, once and for all.

    • Farshid, we understand that the people of Iran are not all like the government and we apologize for Obama’s inexcusable decision to not support the Iranian anti-government dissidents by stopping all funding to them, which had been in place until he took office. Obama preferred to spend the money on supporting/fiunding the Muslim Brotherhood tyrants of the Arab spring.

      • Yes, it was indeed a huge let down from the US administration. We were very saddened that the US chose not to side by Iranians when they had the chance to scream for freedom. The enemy today are not Iranians, you should seek your true enemies among arab nations that are “friend” and “allies” to the US.
        In my opinion, the problem is not Islam by iteself, it is ARABS. Arabs have always been a belligerent group of people. They destroyed Iran 1400 years ago, they imposed their religion to us. One of the reason why we became shia rather than Sunni, is that because we did not want to become like our agressors. We had no choice. Did you know that iranians with Arab blood who are supposedly the prophet’s decendents are called Seyed which means SIR? They used to be considered higher on the social ladder among us. What it meant is that an Arab agressor raped an Iranian woman 1400 years ago and his children are now considered higher on the social ladder. Mullas with black turbans are seyeds. Those with white ones are not. As you can witness, most reformers are white turbaned as if Arab blood brings fanaticism and bloodthirstiness.
        Now, their religion is in our blood and there is nothing we can do about it. The only thing we can do is to differentiate ourselves from these animals.

        • farshid, I hope in another 2 years we will have a president who supports the Iranian opposition. Sadly, I don’t hold out much hope for that considering the downward spiral of the U.S. now.

      • farshid: I too have commented like you. Cyrus the Great is seen as a REAL ruler, the very ANTITHESIS of obuMBoy, Camoron, etc.

        “The Great King, King of Persia, King of Anshan, King of Media, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, and King of the Four Corners of the World.”

        “He also proclaimed what has been identified by scholars and archaeologists [who?] to be the oldest known declaration of human rights, which was transcribed onto the Cyrus Cylinder sometime between 539 and 530 BC.” [Over a THOUSAND YEARS before the birth of the imposter mohammed.]

        “Cyrus the Great respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered. It is said that in universal history, the role of the Achaemenid Empire founded by Cyrus lies in its very successful model for centralized administration and establishing a government working to the advantage and profit of its subjects.”

        “What is sometimes referred to as the Edict of Restoration (actually two edicts) described in the Bible as being made by Cyrus the Great left a lasting legacy on the Jewish religion, where, because of his policies in Babylonia, he is referred to by the Jewish Bible as Messiah (Isaiah 44:24, 26–45:3, 13), and is the only non-Jew to be called so:
        So said the Lord to His anointed one, to Cyrus —Yeshayahu, Isa 45:1-7”

        “His liberal and tolerant views towards other religions have made some scholars consider Cyrus a Zoroastrian king.”

        Almost ANYTHING is superior to mohammedanism!

        “His treatment of the Jews during their exile in Babylon after Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed Jerusalem is reported in the Bible. The Jewish Bible’s Ketuvim ends in Second Chronicles with the decree of Cyrus, which returned the exiles to the Promised Land from Babylon along with a commission to rebuild the temple.

        Thus saith Cyrus, king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth hath the LORD, the God of heaven given me; and He hath charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whosoever there is among you of all His people – the LORD, his God, be with him – let him go there. (2 Chronicles 36:23)

        This edict is also fully reproduced in the Book of Ezra.
        In the first year of King Cyrus, Cyrus the king issued a decree: “Concerning the house of God at Jerusalem, let the temple, the place where sacrifices are offered, be rebuilt and let its foundations be retained, its height being 60 cubits and its width 60 cubits; with three layers of huge stones and one layer of timbers. And let the cost be paid from the royal treasury. Also let the gold and silver utensils of the house of God, which Nebuchadnezzar took from the temple in Jerusalem and brought to Babylon, be returned and brought to their places in the temple in Jerusalem; and you shall put them in the house of God.” (Ezra 6:3–5)”

        If the PERSIANS would clean house, obliterate Qom and its archaic ayatollahs, and declare islam as illegitimate, they could again become a great and righteous nation.

    • That gave a little hope, thank you, and I hope you are right. These pictures made me so angry. I hope there is enough people over there that think the same way (I know there are) but when I see this, I just react very negatively (obviously). You said it best, regardless of religion, it is human instinct they lack. And bareNakedIslam is right too, Obama is no better than those animals.

  6. I feel so sorry for his parents. They begged, attended the prayer service of that vile cult and yet the barbarians killed their son. Couldn’t bear to see the pics posted here, leave alone the video. Humanity is dead! Turn back your clocks to welcome the stone age!!

    • Don’t feel sorry for leftard losers.

      They should have said: “We know who and what you are – jihadists. We know you are supported by obuMBoy, the dhimmicrat party, and water-carrying leftards, including the MSM. We know you have already decided on your usual cold-blooded murder. Know that ten thousand guilty islamists will die for every innocent murdered by you.

      We may have to wait over a year to get a REAL president, one not enthralled with islam, but one WILL come, and the entire umma will tremble.”

      • You’re what’s wrong with America. They want another $3 trillion dollar war and another 7,000 dead American soldiers. That’s exactly what they are hoping for. And you want to give that to them? You can’t seriously be that stupid.

      • To “religion is the devil”:

        Make sure you include atheism in there – militant atheists (“anti-theists”) have murdered 172,000,000 human beings in only 97 years!!! Even Islam needed 1,400 years to do the same with 275,000,000 people…

        In fact, it’s MARXISTS like yourself that are the thing that’s wrong with the USA – and the ENTIRE West to boot!!!! Pity we don’t have the resources and forces needed at this time to round the likes of you (and your families) up, confiscate ALL your wealth and dump you penniless and destitute of ANY papers, money or other possessions into North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Bjélarúsj, Bolivia or Venezuela – then you there could enjoy all that you could possibly want of those “workers’ paradises”!!!!…

    • There were 19 people killed , all victims were muslims, one of them is Peter. God bless his soul. these ISIS are Wahhabi people, a sect in saudi barbaria.

    • A lot of these westerners who were beheaded were PRO ISLAM. They would have attacked BNI as a BIGOT and hater.

      This turkey converted to this faith and when over there like the rest to help the poor oppressed Muslim. Well were did this Muslim loving mentality get them?

      At the moment of their death they found out about the TRUE nature of Islam and the REGION. Let this be a lesson to any other dumb ass who wants to go over there and help these rats.

      The USA has already wasted 3 trillion dollars on these losers and for what? Bringing democracy to them is like trying to teach a Rat table manners.

      Naivety can be very costly.

      • Actually its being reported that Peter only converted in captivity but not sure if this is true? Others said he converted before he went and he is an ex soldier or something? Does anyone know if Peter converted after captivity or not?

      • It would be a good idea if ALL dhimmis in the west convert to islam and move to the ISIS controlled territories where they can enjoy (and GET A TASTE of) their newly found ‘religion of peace’.

  7. How come they don’t fight back? That’s really strange. You’re going to be beheaded and you just sit back and take it? I don’t get that. Also these coward murderers have their faces showing (except for Jihadi John). What’s the story with that? They’re not worried about being identified?

    • I think they’re taken out a few times before they’re actually beheaded so they’d be conditioned not to fight back.

    • I’ve thought that too! It’s easy for us not in that situation to say ‘fight back, fight for your life, try to escape’ but it’s not that simple.. I’m sure it is a mix of things, like mock executions.. who knows how many times they were marched out and then got used to the routine.. I’m sure after the 10th time due to the fear, your mind just shuts down? True fear can disable you! You might not be able to even think about fighting back? Shock/fear can stun you, rabbit in the headlights type thing..

      Still, surely a basic human emotion and attribute is to fight for you life and survive so it is strange to see them so obedient.. I’m sure there is some sort of drug out there which allows you to walk/look normal but not realise what’s going on so maybe they drug them to make it easier for the dirty scum to decapitate them as well..would be so hard to chop someone’s head off if they were going crazy and moving around.. in other videos not by isis.. it takes 3 or 4 men to hold the victim down due to them struggling.. so what if you were in that situation and they said.. you are going to die, nothing you can do! You can take this drug which will make it hurt less and easier/quicker to do? Or we will do it slowly so you feel everything? If that’s your only option, you would take the drug and just hope it’s over soon!

      Or what if they bring in some other prisoner and torture them to death slowly in front of you? and tell you if you struggle or try to escape then they will kill you like that guy instead of the quicker decapitation? These sick twisted scum know how to torture people and enjoy it.. so I’m sure they have many many ways to torture which makes decapitation look like the more humane option..

      but remember, this is real life, not a hollywood film with some hero who can snap out of the handcuffs, grab the knife and kill all the terrorists! this is real people not action hero’s!

      Maybe after this death cult is destroyed, their tactics will be revealed and the leftovers will explain how they managed to make their victims look so calm and accepting of their fate?

  8. This is the true face of the muslim brotherhood FILTHY / evilness / satanism / demonic of them!!

    Peter Kassing was a muslim and muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer, even his parents are muslims!!

    All muslims will BURN in the LAKE of FIRE with satan ( the devil )!! They NEED to REPENT from their evil / satanic / demonic ways to Yeshua – Jesus Christ the SON of OUR GOD ( YAHWEH – HaShem ) who art in HEAVEN!!

  9. Imagine your some Syrian airforce technician. You went to school in Syria grew up in a quasi socialist fascist state but as long as you didn’t rock the boat you were ok. You would have studied to get that job in the airforce, eaten kebabs and smoked the hookah. Now some jihadi nutter from the phillipines or rich kid from the west/gulf has got your hands tied and about to cut your head off. Murdered by some &%$&&( Islamic nutters not even from Syria and on your own soil.

  10. I think NATO and especially USA must send its troops, but only to slaughter all muslims. Look at Yemen. You try to distinguish between good muslims and bad muslims. Good muslims = govt and citizens. Bad ones = AQ. But where the local branch of AQ gets recruits? From Yemeni citizens! Drones must strike not terrorists. Soldiers must kill not only those who make armed resistance. Drones must strike everything that moves and wears hijab/prays on a carpet/does any other shit (by which u can tell if he’s a muslim or not) and soldiers must shoot everything that moves and is muslim on sight. Not only in 1 country – be it Syria. Or Iraq. Everywhere. Every piece of the world. What’s the point in having ground troops in Afghanistan if Taliban fighters can freely pass to neighbouring Pakistan where they can’t reach?

    This is the right behavior pattern: let’s say you see shit in Syria. You invade and CRUSH EVERYONE who is muslim with EVERY shit you can think of. WMD? Mass executions of civilians? Bombs on every city, town or a small village where there’s no armed resistance? Everything is fine. No more local ‘ummah’ as the base for recruitment of terrorists. No guerilla killing your soldiers. Nothing. Islam is effectively done for then. Just kill FSA, Islamic Front, Nusra, Islamic State (rebels) or Hezbollah, Iranian IRGC (pro-Assad fighters). Just kill every last one of them without differentiating if he’s a sunni/shia, moderate/radical, rebel/pro-Assad, fighter/non-armed civilian, man/woman, child/grown-up, good guy/bad guy. Kill everything and only leave non-muslims (Alawites, Christians, Druzes, Jews, Atheists, etc) and Assad himself alive.

    This is the only way to go if you are ought to send your troops. This is how any possible deaths and blood spilled won’t be in vain: full destruction of islam. And this is how you drain and deplete their human resources flow. By killing ALL muslims. Otherwise, it’s pointless shit and not worthy of soldier’s lives.

    • The problem is there are over 1.5 billion Muslims, your solution above is not covering the entire globe! How can we deal with the rest, Muslims are not only in the Middle East! Also, Alawites are Muslims, why wanna spare them and Assad?

      • Alawites are not muslims. They only manage to twist the Quran managing to find and give the most esoteric hidden meanings to its clear instructions. Assad claims to be a muslim, but he’s not. Actually, they don’t’ give a heck about it. They only care for Kitab al-Jammu – their main book. Formally, Quran is book no.2, but in practice…. Read Wikipedia. Alawite religion = mix of Christianity, Arab paganism and a small dose of islam (non-violent pieces of it). They are called muslims for political reasons. Syrian Consitution requires a president to be muslim. So yeah, in Syria state muftis say they’re muslims. But you won’t find ANYONE calling them muslims outside Syria (except Syrian diaspora Alawites abroad, lol)

        Google “Syrian soldiers force man to say no God but Bashar”, “Alawites worship Assad”, “Bashar Assad email mocks religion”. Please educate yourself on basic principles of islam like Tawhid, 5 pillars and sharia. Don’t confuse funny and stupid beliefs of Alawism with islam.

    • These acts of devil butchery are the acts of savages, The Koran under any interpretation does not support these acts of cruelty against innocent people

    • Thanks, I’m looking up more info about Assad worshippers and I will try to educate myself further . Do you have a solution about the 1.5 billion+ Muslims, minus Alawites (Fake Muslims)?

  11. We have to start regarding people who support Islamic immigration/multiculturalism as the enemy. He threatens the streets of Britain implicitly. I wonder how much death and destruction the Brits will tolerate before they turn and cut off the Islamic part of their society. I know what I would do if someone I care about is killed. At this point there would be a massive civil war. The Islamic populations are in clearly defined areas and they can be contained. They should be made to emigrate to Pakistan and Christians from there replace them. I think most of the people who have been responsible for mass immigration from Islamic areas are alive and will be alive when we put them on trial.

    • Islamist are separatist by nature. Where ever they are in strong position, they demand for separate stare/nation. It is historically proved fact. Just look at partition of India in 1947 when Muslims demanded separate nation and where ever they were in strong position, they attacked, killed Non Muslims to compel to divide India. Now they are in Majority in Kashmir valley and with support of Pakistani spy agency ISI and Army, they kicked out Non Muslims from valley in 1990 and running separatist movement. Russia is also facing problem in Chechnya because of Muslim Population. China is facing same problem in Xinjiang province where Muslims are in Majority. They can be big threat to Britain in future as soon as they would be in strong position and why only Britain, there are so many other parts of world , where Mulsims

  12. Bla bla bla! We’re going kill the west Ala fuckbar! Keep it up dickheads and the US and her alies will have boots on the ground. Then you will run and hide in the caves like the cowardly bitches you all are!

  13. Anyone who believes in any type of god really needs their head looking at . You are all mentally ill whether its, christian , muslim , buddha or any religion you care to name , please go to your doctor for help before you destroy this fantastic earth we live on . I have watched the video and it is really bad , but you idiot muzzys think we are going to lose sleep over it [think again dumbo] . When will the rest of the world wake up as to whats happening , No politician will do anything about it because they basically dont give a shit as long as the money keeps rolling in , keeping them in their fancy houses and high maintenance wives wont let them do or say anything incase they spoil the apple cart. Cameron and Obama will do s.f.a unless it contains votes , what planet are these idiots on . Surely by looking at the latest video they can work out where it is and blow it to smithereens , but no, they will do not a sausage again . Imbeciles .

  14. oh ; he didn’t convert?.. they kill muslims daily… he was probably told his conversion was legit if he suicided in isis cause; by being part of a terror flick to world… told he’d go straight to paradise

  15. In the 10th picture (scroll from the top), you can see the insanity in the bastard’s eyes as he enjoys cutting that guys throat.

  16. When we find out where the c___t who cut this person head off..we should kill all hes family. to make up for the lost of this person. And some one would saythat not fair.tuff that not fair .when he cut some body head off,

  17. so apparently to the Brisish jihadi muslim it didn’t matter that Peter Kassig converted? the only thing that mattered was killing an American.
    more and more i want to make them glow in the dark wonder how long it’ll be before th arabs get tired of him and put him to the knife

  18. Kassig, 26, converted to Islam. It’s widely understood that under sharia if a non-muslim converts to Islam, the new convert is not supposed to be put to death.
    Muslim CRAVING for HUMAN BLOOD is so strong that the muslims barbarically beheaded Kassig (and the other innocents) anyway.

    God’s Law never changes for anyone: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER

    • Yes, the REAL God’s law.

      But in their deluded beliefs God will reward them with paradise for murdering the kaffir’s, because God so hates the Kaffir’s, even though he created them, which never seems to cross their tiny minds.

  19. There will be no end to this. I keep hearing of how President Obama is actually Muslim. I shared a video eluding to the possibility that Obama is Muslim , on my facebook. I had one very strongly worded response from an angry
    American friend who said there is just no proof of that and why would I say such a thing. I see President Obama’s part in all this as not open and honest and even scarey. he should be outraged at the continued beheadings. I just don’t get it.

    • toon, all you have to do is tell them that under Islam, the child automatically is the religion of the father who was Muslim. He was also an Indonesian citizen for a period of time or he could not have attended the Muslim school he went to when he was a child in Indonesia. His stepfather was also a muslim. That, plus there are no records anywhere that he converted to Christianity.

      • Though he may have never openly stated he is a muslim I suspect he probably is, and I suspect that is exactly why he is where he is right now.

        His father was muslim, his stepfather was muslim, and if you’ve ever watched any of the videos in which he talks about islam and mouths the words “holy quran” with an almost religious reverance, you can’t help but be convinced that this man is indeed probably muslim. Even the way he pronounces “quran” sounds almost Arabic.

        Whether he is or he isn’t, he certainly seems to sympathise with them and be firmly on their side. At the same time he seems to be utterly anti-Western and anti-Christian.

        The story of how he had the bust of Churchill removed from the Oval Office the minute he took office and sent back to London is VERY telling indeed as to his true allegiances.

        I can no longer bear to see his phony smiling face on the TV anymore. I KNOW this man is a snake, a total conman, who is actively working against Western Christian Civilization.

        • @ Thomas

          “I can no longer bear to see his phony smiling face on the TV anymore. I KNOW this man is a snake, a total conman, who is actively working against Western Christian Civilization.”

          I have the same reaction. I refuse to watch/listen to him. If it’s something important I need to know about, I look for a transcript.

      • I walk out of the room, change the T.V. station, take a breath of fresh air, put on music… anything not to see or hear him. I despise him. I can’t even handle jokes about him. I go into instant anger and distress.

    • They are not jihadists, islamists, extremists, fundamentalists or any other alias you can think of. They are true muslims following the insane pseudoprophet’s example. End of story.

  20. Muslim savages: The degenerate bastard children of Islam, Hussein Obama (an unwiped ass) notwithstanding. There has never been a more dedicated cult from Satan, the Devil.

    If EVERY American watched what Muslim savages do, the resistance to their depravity would be unrelenting. I, for one, agree with Col Peters: “We need to wipe them from the face of the earth. Kill their men, their women, their children, and their pet goats,” [emphasis mine]

    • Fight fire with fire. It is the ONLY thing these savages understand. The moral left will argue that by behaving the same way we are only lowering ourselves to their level. This is true somewhat, but if that’s what it takes then so be it!

      We must declare total war and remove the shackles of the rules of engagement – especially the one of only shooting back when fired upon! We need to hit them hard, fast and with such devastating force they won’t dare retaliate. Only by teaching the scum a harsh, violent lesson will they understand that we are not pussy-footing around any more, and that international law does not apply to their terrorist activities.

      The USA and Europe should be doing more to work with Russia on this but no, Obama, Cameron et al are more concerned with blaming Putin for ‘aggression’ in Ukraine (that was started by the West I might add), instead of uniting against Islamic aggression and terrorism worldwide.

      I trust Putin more than Obama, Cameron and the other soft EU leaders in confronting Islam especially when Cameron recently announced in another of his ass-licking speeches that the British should do more to integrate with foreigners and Islam rather than expecting the immigrants to live according to British laws and traditions.

      With leaders like them the West is truly lost. ISIS effectively has allies running Western countries. We can see it so why can’t our leaders?????

    • Yes, exactly! We must be unrelenting in getting their horrors out and then finishing them off!!
      I am astounded that the ENTIRE WORLD can’t wipe these fuzzy-faced, insane muppets off the face of the earth. Can it really be that difficult ? (rhetorical) Collateral damage is necessary and if I was under these jerk’s ‘rule’ I’d welcome a bomb for the greater good of mankind as that is how this is playing out now.

  21. Its amazing how many people have been beheaded by ISIS under Obama.s term I guarantee that Islamists would have been wiped out under Reagans term..after only one incident!

    • I agree. All the progressives at elected that fool are guilty of the deaths of all these people. They didn’t DARE when Reagan was around. Obama makes the feckless Jimmy Carter look tough. Jimmy Carter would show up in a sweater on t.v. looking confused.

  22. gruesome lesson ! join Russia destroy Islam make right 1400 years of wrong it will be the only answer on every western mind who wonders how this can be stopped , look beyond a terrorist beheader look where it came from .

  23. A British and American were on a hiking holiday in the Himalayas when one of them stumbles upon a lamp wedged under some rocks. After several minutes digging it out the British guy wipes it clean. As he does so a genie pops out.

    “Thank you for my freedom” he said. “I grant you each one wish, but use it wisely.”

    The two hikers thought for a moment before the American said “Well, with all the murder, rape, torture, terrorism, honour killing and God-only knows what other atrocities being carried out in the name of Islam I wish that all Muslims were sent back to the Middle East from all over the globe, and that a huge wall at least 500-feet high was built around the entire region keeping them all in one place.”

    The Genie closed his eyes and with a snap of his fingers said “It is done! All 1.8 billion Muslims are wandering the deserts of Arabia as we speak.”

    He then turned to the British guy, “And what is your wish?”

    “Does this wall have any gaps in it? You know, doors, windows etc?” He asked.

    “No” repiled the genie, “It is completely sealed.”

    “Good” snapped the Brit. “Now fill it to the brim with water.”

    If only it was that simple. We can all dream right??

  24. This would not be happening if our bogus president would have listened to our Generals. I’m sure he will take great pleasure by sending our troops to their deaths. We will be seeing our soldiers like this soon thanks to the evil man running our country.

    • Frank,

      The President is not about to listen, has no intention of listening, and is setting the scenario for events not unlike those portrayed here, to occur in the United States.
      Look what rolls off his lips immediately before being corrected by George Stephanopoulos:
      Couple that with every declaration this man has made regarding Islam and Muslims along with his blasphemous disregard for Jewish Scripture, and Christian Orthodoxy, and the conclusion is without debate.
      Bonnie will be posting on events in Cheyanne, Wyoming I am sure. It is important we recognize what is happening under our very noses.
      Jihad John as he is famously called said the acts so portrayed in this latest video, are to be played out on our streets.
      John is not going to bring our antagonists here! He may encourage them to engage in Jihad, but that is the end of it for John.
      It is your own ignorantly corrupt government that is bringing your antagonists here!
      And, the Congress facilitates the man that shall purposely do it!
      The word of God informs us that “No man goes to warfare of their own charges.”
      Its simple meaning is, the warring man has got to be placed at the site the engagement is to take place, he must be armoured, and he must be provisioned to sustain him during the war itself, both with arms and food, clothing, and shelter to sustain him.
      Exactly what is it that folks believe any engagement on our shores is to produce, a Kenyan Mall incident, or Mumbai?
      Will there be airstrikes here, decimating large populous areas as we see routinely playing out in those arid regions this destroyer was birthed in?
      Israel has had for the most part, incidental attacks, most often from outside their borders. But Israel has in place controls, far more efficient and up to task than anything we possess.
      And, at the same time, our own forces are being decimated at the stroke of a pen!
      This thing is going to run its course until brought to its ultimate conclusion of which we have all been informed in one measure or another.
      Having said that, “It is not how you die, or where you die, but in whom you die when death approaches you.”
      For Christians that is settled.
      You have assurance! It is plainly stated in the Word of God, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” And elsewhere, “Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces , and there be none to deliver .”
      It well may be the attacks that shall occur here which shall be the hook in our lips to bring us down to Jerusalem.
      “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.”
      The United States just happens to satisfy each of those proclamations, and assuredly, we will be called to the valley of Jehoshaphat along with those others.
      Were that not to happen, then the blasphemers of God might have some leg to stand on, but it shall happen because the Word is given by the True God.
      Something to think about, eh?
      I will close with why the United States must prepare for the trouble to come upon them:
      ” Arise , O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down : deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword:”
      The only confidence we may have is in the Book of Jeremiah, and as we are encouraged to know in the Gospels.

    • Hardly, Frank.
      You see a Marine, Commando, SAS or any other Western military or SF member submitting like these Syrian troops?
      Of course not.
      What bugs me though, is that after nearly four years of war, why are these seasoned Syrian soldiers simply just putting their hands up and accepting the fate they must surely know awaits?
      Why are they not going down fighting?
      I think it’s time we started helping Assad.

      • I totally agree with you. We should have taken care of this mess when it first started now it’s so big it’s going to be almost impossible. I do not want to put boots on the ground I do not want to see our American soldiers with their heads cut off.Obama and the Turkish President have a plan and its not a good one and it doesn’t have a happy ending.What surprises me is how weak the Syrian military is.And yes we should be helping them anyway we can.I would also let the Iranians in and let them put their boots on the ground.

  25. BNI – That was fast !
    Just looked at the video. You have great sources, I’m speechless.

    I don’t care about Kassig.
    My heart goes out to the Syrian soldiers. Decent looking guys, clean-cut, honorable in death.

    Assad must be furious and Erdogan is rejoicing.

    The video also makes it easy to understand that airstrikes will not work and ground troops neither, a fact that most of us knew early on. All that is being accomplished is the destruction of buildings and the killing of a few hundred of their army. They also have a foothold in many countries and the movement is spreading like wildfire.

    One entire town, Lebanon – I think, just went ISIS. There’s just too many of them scattered everywhere to fight in a conventional war.

    • Susan, I have never been against sending our troops into battle in the Middle East. But now I am. I don’t want to sacrifice American and other Western lives to save Muslims. How many times are we going to do this before we realize they will never stop hating us and never stop fighting with each other? Let them have at it. Protect OUR borders from them or just bomb them to smithereens with Neutron bombs, full out.

      • While Neutron bombs are exceedingly effective at killing every living thing to a depth of 6ft of earth. They’re nowhere near as spectacular as a MOAB. The lesson shouldn’t just be taught, but also learned.

      • I call it the escape New York Solution. Just contain them and let them kill each other. You don’t even have to do anything. If they can’t expand, they explode like suicide bombers. You don’t even have to waste a bomb, just turn muslimland into a maximum security prison, nobody leaves.

      • MOAB – Massive Ordnance Air-blast Bomb.

        Most powerful non-nuclear weapon.

        They used them as part of their “Shock and Awe” strategy during the 2003 Iraq Invasion due to their devastating psychological effect. Basically those who aren’t killed outright are left quivering frightened wrecks of men.

        And I agree, they should be dropping them all over Raqqa, Dabiq, and every other IS stronghold.

        But of course they won’t as long as the muslim-in-chief is in power.

      • They only used MOAB a couple of occasions in GW3 – more have been dropped on practice runs here at home than in combat.
        Fuel Air Explosives (FAE) have never been used in combat, though Russie is rumoured to have used them in Chechnya.
        FAE simply releases a fine mist of highly flammable compounds then sets it off by the bomb detonating, creating a massive fireball hundreds of meters across with super high temperatures and crushing overpressure within the blast zone – very much like a tactical nuke.
        Benefits are many; you can hit the same target over and over again, you can overlap your target areas, you need not worry about radiation and you will have very little to clean up after – very little will remain, dead or alive.
        I’ve said it many times on this forum – target each and every camp, stronghold, military base, village, town, refinery or other piece of infrastructure that has been captured by ISIS band is presently occupied by them and rain down MOAB, FAE and heavy conventional bombs down upon them, that they may be literally tired to dust.
        Then locate and intercept the retreating columns and repeat as often as required.
        it is all too simple – sadly no such political will exists.
        Hope Putin reads BNI.

      • I’m against the use of any major bomb. It will kill everything, including the wildlife, trees, vegetation and even contaminate the water for a long time.

        I agree with JOLLY ROGER.

        Just let them go for now until they conquer almost everything. Then, cut off their food supply by shutting down maritime passage ways for incoming food shipments (seaports and airports) and basic necessities and impose no-fly zones. Bomb any boat that approaches any of the coasts of the countries they conquered. Quarantine everything.

        This is a low-cost and effective approach. Within five months, most will have either died or be too weak (hunger and lack of medical care). We can then bring in boots on the ground. The countries will then be ours to take.

      • You’re right. This business of not embracing that the root cause is islams nazi nature. It’s a damned if we do damned if we don’t. It was completely pathetic recently seeing on all our mainstream news people racing towards our airlifts when absolute terror on their faces, trying to throw themselves onto the craft, so desperate were they to flee that which they are.
        I thought the main reason they weren’t using ground forces, is the idiots will be all bent out of shape because kaffir stepped on their holy ground.
        Then we bring them here, & they’re all bent out of shape because they have to share airspace w/ kaffir.
        I’ve sensed that’s what mosques are for – like when we’ve had the worst mates of Osamas here. The way they were acting is using Gallipoli mosque as a piece of the Middle East here. This is probably the biggest reason not to have mosques. Before the terrorists do any training in them, the terrorist have to have a haven for their holier than thou selves.
        Gives a sinister tone to the “built it & they will come.” Which is usu positive.
        Not one more western forces live should be given to this.
        We missed a great opportunity to utilise the dynamic by 9/11 in our favour.
        It should’ve been -OK, enough is enough. You go your way, we’ll go our way, & never the twain shall meet.
        We had them by the balls – we should’ve acted all hurt that the would treat US, that way esp after Bosnia. Bloody ingrates.
        If you want to flee, you drop Islam for asylum.

      • Russia’s FOAB claims four times the ‘effect’, equivalent to 44 tons of TNT vs MOAB’s 11 tons, giving a kill radius of 300 meters vs 150, from a slightly lighter ‘odd’ looking weapon:

      • WOW! 356,758 hits in one day.

        Most people are squeamish and don’t want to look at brutality. But curiosity is part of human nature and they click anyway thinking they’ll look at one or two photos… and then they can’t stop.

        Happy to have helped out with those photos. You did a good job. Busy lady. Cheers.

  26. I am getting pulled apart about cases such as this.
    On the one side – I am as outraged as most compassionate people are, about the executions. And I want the various governments to restrict travel of these Aid Workers, and church evangelists, because they just give the terrorists fresh targets.
    And on the other (darker) side, these incidents are getting the notice of the apathetic public, and MAY work toward “the greater good”, by shining a spotlight on Islam, “the religion of peace”.

  27. OBOMA, ENUF OF YOUR SHIT, hand over this war to the milatiry.this shit must stop you have NO idea what the hell you are doing,let those that do ,do what they do is you only chance of finishing the job that(thanks to you ) has to be done. you sir are a idiot when it comes to war

      • Bonnie,

        Somalis are being sent to Cheyenne, Wyo to get Title 8 allotments. The reason they are being sent to Cheyenne, is because there is no waiting period to exercise the use of them and they are portable. They may get the benefit, and then leave to go to any other state if I understand correctly.
        Our borders though a serious concern, are not our only concern.
        We need to stop this flooding of our country with these people who ultimately falling from the tree that produced them, will bring forth the same fruits of the tree of violence we have not otherwise known!

      • For one thing Bon’, there are warriors who are plain tired of this! They have a unique character which requires they thrust themselves in the fight.
        Unlike the savages shown here, warriors such as I am speaking of have a strong sense of duty, as well as empathy.
        Whereas an American soldier has often demonstrated failure to be aware for his personal safety, or dismissing those concerns when approaching someone who very well may kill him, they yet respond to the need to make safe that which is entrusted to them.
        Looking at the men butchering those poor unfortunates above, it is difficult to comprehend such mechanical killing as displayed here.
        It is important it be understood it is done at the direction of spiritual forces denied by many Americans, destructive spiritual forces which may only kill and destroy and take pleasure in it.
        I think it even more disturbing the young ages of both those slaying, and those having their throats cut and heads removed.
        We shall be fighting that same foe here, so we may as well be prepared!

  28. Poor guy he would have regretted the moment the blade cut his throat, for having believed this religion of peace.Like wanting to see the sun rise after you are blind

  29. Any Syrian or Kurdish soldier should be aware that if taken prisoner there is probably a 100% chance they will be executed. I wonder how many such soldiers who are fighting ISIS save a bullet for themselves for suicide to avoid capture.

    Beheadings, crucifixions, slave markets, rape, torture… countless refugees, sharia law implemented… where is the “horror” from the leftist groups and media?

    They had no problem demonizing Israel and condemning the Jewish state though it did EVERYTHING ABOVE AND BEYOND to reduce civilian casualties.

    ISIS on the other hand… well, I don’t think crucifixions or slave markets selling little girls to pedophiles… or executing large numbers of people to dump them in pits is “reducing” casualties…. and the media?


    • Absolutely 100% correct Arjay……We hear sweet FA from the Left or their media whores when this stuff happens, yet Israel tries to do the right thing and they’re all over it like flies on shit whining about how “barbaric” Israel is……Our political elites are no better…They enable this scum and what they do by saying and doing NOTHING…..

    • Leftists have the uncanny ability to ignore everything that falls outside their narrow ideological world view. Plus magical thinking.

  30. I would guess it was to gain favour in the eyes of his captors, although I’ve read in numerous places his conversion was “genuine”.

    Whatever, it made no difference to those savages, and they made this poor guy wait 6 weeks wondering every day if this was to be the day of his beheading.

    So sad. I don’t wish such a horror on anyone (except the scum doing it, as they deserve such a fate).

    Still find it astonishing that they actually believe God (if there is one) is going to reward them with paradise for these sadistic acts. What a profound delusion.

    The Buddha…

    “When the fool commits evil deeds, he does not realize (their evil nature). Soon that witless man is tormented by his own deeds, like one burnt by fire”.

    “He who inflicts violence on those who are unarmed, and offends those who are inoffensive, will soon come upon one of these ten states –

    In Life – Sharp pain, or disaster, bodily injury, serious illness, or derangement of mind, trouble from the government, or grave charges, loss of relatives, or loss of wealth, or houses destroyed by ravaging fire.

    In death – Upon dissolution of the body that ignorant man is born in hell”

  31. Could someone send all the Islamist apologists to meet with ISIS : starting with Medea Benjamin, Ben Affleck, John Kerry, Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, David Cameron and all the western useful idiots that keep telling us that islam is a religion of peace.

  32. Folks this is why you stay away from Islamic countries.. and never… ever… try to give them “aid”.. unless its AIDS.

  33. See, even if he was already converted (foolishly) to become a Muslim, still those ISIS savages continued on beheading him! Hah, his action of conversion ended in vain. But he and the rest of the world should’ve known that that’s really the truth of how Religion of Peace ISLAM is all about!

    Ironically, US President (mullah) Obama while he was in Myanmar (Burma), he pleaded to the government there to stop the mass killing of Muslim Rohingya tribe! Hah, he cares more about the asian tribe just because they’re muslims but he didn’t give a d@mn care about his own people who was about to get persecuted/beheaded. I can’t wait for him to be impeached like very, very soon!

    • Obama’s lucky they didn’t do to him what they are doing to all the other muslims in Myanmar. I’m sure the officials nodded in his face, then laughed themselves silly after he left.

    • Fortunately the Burmese have all the old British Empire records in London to prove the Rohingyas are an early 20th century migration from Bangladesh.

  34. To America and All Western Countries: “We are at War with ISLAM” and anything else said to this subject is a boatload of crap. This man was led down the yellow brick road, and below explains his sad death…

    Knowledge Needed for Americans

    The Qur’an denotes conflicting passages where the latest
    passage is always the correct one over the oldest passage, as
    in peaceful tolerant passages where 1st, thus are void by
    later more violent passages. Thus there is no non violent
    passages implemented or very little, and none can Hi-Jack
    Islam as it is written for a direct interpretation. Muslins
    know they can not alter or misinterpret but instead can
    deceive or lie.

    ISLAM is an Utility Ideology more than its a religion. If you
    took Christian faith, combined it with federal law and state
    law and corrections law and actions of a jury, made it
    Political and mandatory over anything else, would a Pastor
    then consider that as a religion…. NO ! So Sharia Law is
    what is implemented and is mandatory except for Muslims whom
    then would be refereed to as non Muslims because they do not
    practice it. It is a Society Behavior, period, just like
    a constitution defines its rules. It contains, punishments,
    morals, beliefs, contracts and is actually a Trojan Horse for
    a being State like. Democracies of man whom defy and use free
    speech to criticize the Qur’an must be eliminated by all Muslims.
    Sharia is implemented in non Muslim countries by a methodology
    called creeping sharia because it is a slow methodology
    advanced slowly until a point of no return. There
    courts can operate outside the bounds of whatever the current
    government laws where located. Sharia eventually is incorporated
    into that government over time. All drinkers and gamblers
    must be whipped. Husbands can hit their wives. Legal revenge
    is literal as an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand and
    thieves loose hands. Homo-Sexuals are to be executed.
    Fornicators are whipped & Adulterers are stoned. Critics
    of Muhammad, Qur’an and Sharia are ordered to death. No free
    speech on Qur’an criticisms. Apostates or those whom disbelieve
    are killed commands aggressive and unjust jihad. Sharia is law
    of Allah and anything else is a sin. ALL Muslins are mandated
    to keep striving until all governments are converted to sharia

    Muslims are mandated to deceive in any way, non-muslins when it
    helps ISLAM, using Taqiyya. You lie to non-Muslims to spread
    ISLAM is mandated. That is why you hear Muslims say things that
    are odd to Westerners and sometime identify that are lies, else
    say nothing which looks dis-functional. This is the same for
    ISLAM in war. Non-Islamic war is in effect until Sharia Law
    is the Whole World, just like ISIS says. Non Muslims are always

    Islam is religion of peace, is spouted from early passages in
    Qur’an which are null & void, while Muslims use Taqiyya against
    non Muslims and peace only comes when Islam and Sharia rein in
    every country.

    So when you hear people say
    religion of peace
    Correct the Muslim lying or slap the infidel for Not Knowing death

  35. Meanwhile back in the good old U.S. of A. the stealth jihad continues!

    Naming Names: Midterm Recipient Candidates of Islamist Donations

    Written on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 by Susan Horton

    No big difference in how Politics are played currently in America. The old relevant adage says and still holds true today, follow the money. We see contributions from Lawyers, Brokers and Chiropractors; what about Islamists? What about those Muslims who seek to replace our Constitution with the Quran and apply Sharia law in its entirety and severity? In other words, someone who seeks to not just sway a candidate to tweak the tax code but to ultimately renovate the whole Constitution of the United States for their version of Islamic law.

    Until now Islamists campaign contributions have been (unknown). A new initiative of the Middle East Forum’s Islamic Watch provides a first look at the dimensions of this lobby, using a sortable database. The Islamic money in Politics (IMIP) project ( finds out that over the past 15 years, prominent figures associated with 6 leading American Islamist organizations have donated almost $700,000 to federal U.S. candidates.

    Those 6 are:
    1.Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),
    2.Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA),
    3.Islamic Society of North America (ISNA),
    4.Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA),
    5.Muslim American Society (MAS),
    6.Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

    Associates of CAIR lead the way in dollar terms, making over $430,000 in campaign contributions to candidates for federal office. That’s a chunk of change from a group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in America’s largest terror-financing case, in which the federal judge found evidence of CAIR’s association to Hamas a proclaimed terrorists group by our government.

    Data compiled by the Islamist Money in Politics project (IMIP), based on data for this election cycle, lists 11 candidates who received various amounts of donation money from Islamists. Midterm congressional elections resulted in losses for numerous candidates who have supported American Islamists.

    The biggest defeat came in Michigan for re-election of Governor Rick Snyder. He spoke at the annual conference of (ISNA) a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity whose events are full of radical speakers, reports the Clarion Project. Thinking they were a moderate group he made the mistake of saying, “I’m a strong supporter of Israel and believe in its right to exist.” Muslims blasted him as anti-Muslim and called an issue of action alert for Muslims to contact his office. Despite the backlash against him, Snyder was re-elected.

    A second blow to Islamist influence came with the (defeat) of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Quinn had praised the Chicago chapter of (CAIR) a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity with documented links to Hamas recently endorsing Sharia governance and rebuilding a caliphate. In December 2013 Quinn was a keynote speaker at (ICNA) and (MAS) two groups with radical histories. Quinn was introduced by the speaker who remembered meeting him at the Hamas-linked Mosque Foundation and declared, “This is the kind of governor that we support and like.”

    A third defeat was the stunning loss for Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in his bid to be Maryland’s governor to the surreal upset by the winner Larry Hogan. Brown spoke for a CAIR event in May even though official FBI policy prohibits partaking in CAIR fundraisers due to its affiliation with Hamas.

    Maryland’s current governor, Martin O’Malley, is a presidential possible candidate and CAIR has used O’Malley/Brown officials for fundraising. The O’Malley/ Brown admin also endorsed a $100-Million mega-mosque project in Maryland supported by the Islamist government of Turkey. The project is also backed by ICNA and ISNA leaders, according to Clarion. O’Malley was also the chairman of the Dept. of Homeland Security’s Working group on Violent Extremism that reviewed counter-terrorism training for our police and military. The committee included officials from these same Islamist groups and produced (Islamist friendly) guidelines.

    Scott Brown failed to win his race for Senate in New Hampshire. He was one of the Republican leaders who questioned the integrity of the five members of Congress (who asked for investigations) into the influence on the U.S. govt. of Muslim Brotherhood-linked individuals and activists. At the time Brown said accusations about Huma Abedin a documented Islamist was then Secretary of State Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, were “out-of-line” and have “no place in our public discourse.”

    Charlie Crist failed in a very tight race to win office in Florida. As reported by counter-terrorism export Patrick Poole, an Islamist cleric, Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, was on Governor Crist’ Faith-Based and Communications Advisory Council and on his 2010 Sunshine Consensus Committee. Musri helped fundraise for the Hamas linked Viva Palestine group led by anti-American British activist George Galloway.

    At present a possible defeat of Virginia Senator Mark Warner. In Sept 2011, Senator Mark Warner sent a videotaped message of support to an event in Virginia that honored Islamist Jamal Barzinji, who helped setup the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network. His house was raided in 2003 as part of a terror-financing investigation. Special Agent David Kane in a sworn affidavit said Barzinji is closely linked to Palestine Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The planned prosecution of Barzinji was dropped under the Obama Admin.

    Senate race in Georgia was lost by Michelle Nunn. She was put on the defensive after an internal campaign memo was leaked warning about attacks linking her to terrorists. It was an apparent reference to the relationship between “Points of Light charity”, an organization founded by former President Bush but Nunn was the CEO with Islamic Relief USA. Islamic Relief has extensive ties with Muslim Brotherhood and financing Hamas affiliates in Turkey.

    National Review Online broke the story that Points of Light tax filings show that, under Nunn’s helm, its entity named Mission Fish certified Islamic Relief USA for donations through E-Bay. As a result, $33,000 flowed to the Islamist charity. A 2010 audit determined Points of Light auditing isn’t adequate to account for federal funds.

    Candidates who received Islamist donations and were victorious include:

    Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison

    Indiana Rep. Andre Carson

    Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly

    New York Rep. Charles Rangel

    Michigan Rep. Gary Peters (Senate)

    Florida Rep. Gwen Graham

    New Jersey Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

    Maryland Rep Chris Van Hollen

    Michigan Rep Daniel Kildee

    Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle

    Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger

    Kansas Senator Pat Roberts

    Minnesota Senator Al Franken

    New Jersey Senator Cory Booker

    Overall, Islamist money was relatively minor in these latest (midterm elections). Still IMIP data holds politicians accountable for accepting funds from these sources and it tells voters who takes money from individuals linked to enemies of the U.S. and its allies.

    In 2013 and 2014 federal campaigns, Islamists gave Democrats $57,408 and only $3,326 to Republicans. That’s a ratio of 17 to 1 according to IMIP. Islam is the only Religion/government allowed to skip over the divide or separation in America of Church and State and give to candidates.

    Candidates do not need to be Islamists to be influenced by them. In some cases they may not even realize the extremist backgrounds of the Islamists courting them but they should especially with the newly found help from Islamic Money in Politics project.

    Our job as voters must be to show them that if they don’t change their course and do their diligence there is a political price to pay for inattentiveness and greed. Thereby, voters will be forced to expose the ultimate in tainted political contributions from our enemies equally, wherever we find it, either in Democratic or Republican Camps.


  36. No video yet. From Liveleak:

    The 16-minute video “bears the Islamic State’s hallmarks of slick footage and horrible violence,” reports NPR’s Alice Fordham.

    “It differs from previous filmed deaths of American hostages,” Fordham says. “It also features gruesome beheadings of Syrian soldiers, a history of the group and the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and a meditation on the nature of Baghdad as a Sunni city.”

    At the end of the video, masked man with a British accent and a knife is shown standing over what a bloody head, which he claims is Kassig’s, Fordham says.


  37. Why did Kassig convert to Islam? I just don’t get it! It’s as if a Jew on its way to Auschwitz would become a member of the NSDAP…

    • Brainwashed likely. While I admire his service as an army ranger I think that his captors likely got to him and promised that he would be released if he converted. Since Islam is inherently racist I’m not surprised that “American” trumped “Muslim” and they had to hedge their bets and execute him anyway. I want to believe that if he had been black and Muslim then he would have been released but I don’t believe that ISIS will ever release an American or British captive.

    • Probably to slow down his own execution. Some Jewish folk delayed their deaths in Nazi camps by working for them. Islam’s a more extreme form that demands execution, whereas the twisted Nazi’s wouldn’t want conversion, I would think.
      I’m glad the vid isn’t out yet. The evidence must be publicised, to hasten their removal. One only has to know the vid is promoted as the true face of Islam to get rid of it.

    • He didn’t convert . They wouldn’t dare beheading him .
      But why was he there ,in this blood country . Helping people ? They are not helping themselves . Stop this bloody war as we did stop the war in Vietnam .

      • Relieved to hear he didn’t convert. No point unless you just say it because you think you might be able to escape. Convert then execute seems to be the kinky sadist fave.
        It always get me that they destroy their own spoils, & don’t seem to understand that trained pilots, helpers ect are worth more than ransoms that wont grant them infrastructure to run anything. They’re always playing pirates.
        It’s an act of insanity these days to try to help. Stay away & pray.

      • That used to be the case in the “old” Islam. But the new islam the demonic ISIS they get to decide who is muslim enough.

      • We didn’t stop the war in Vietnam.
        We had our ass booted out of there.
        Not a good war for us.