SAY WHAT? Barack Hussein Obama: “Islamic State beheadings represent no faith, least of all the Islamic faith” (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Returning from his trip to Asia, Obama issued a statement reacting to the beheading of U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.


Breitbart  Kassig, a convert to Islam, took the name Abdul-Rahman and was captured and held hostage by members of ISIS a year ago.

“ISIL/ISIS’s actions represent no faith, least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own,” Obama wrote. “Today we grieve together, yet we also recall that the indomitable spirit of goodness and perseverance that burned so brightly in Abdul-Rahman Kassig, and which binds humanity together, ultimately is the light that will prevail over the darkness of ISIS/ISIL.” 

Obama called the action “an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity.” 

So, I guess it’s just a coincidence that all the below beheadings were done by Muslims in the name of Islam?











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  1. ISLAM IS AS DANGEROUS IN A MAN AS RABBIES IN A DOG !! There is no place for a dog with rabbies and must be put down. Like these dogs, ISLAM must be put down once and for all. This is what happens when you have inbreeding and why it is illegal in civilized societies around the world. Nuke the whole country and put an end to this evil.

  2. Let’s play a game, grab a Muslim off the street and do just that to him, and let’s see how outraged the media and politians get over that! There would be howls of outrage and welfare would have no idea where to send next £2,000 week’s housing allowance check. I’d happily play their game, off to grind my blunt knife now ;). I hate Islam.

  3. This religion is a cancer that must be destroyed. I want ever ISIS member rounded up and ordered to die the most painful deaths ever imagined and then sent on their way for a pn eternity in the deepest part of hell. If I was a world leader and had great power you can bet I would ensure that happens

  4. First of all, I want to tip my hat to the person who has the stomach to maintain a blog this heartbreaking. I, also, believe that it’s sad that Islam is being overrun with criminals who steal the spotlight from real Islamic practitioners with wanton acts of murder and shocking sensationalism. Islam, like many of the world’s oldest religions, truly extols the virtues of peace and tolerance. Sadly, like many of the world’s religions (especially the other 2: Judaism and Christianity), it’s teachings have been hijacked and twisted by evil human beings who are looking for a “legitimate” avenue to justify their wickedly-ulterior motives. I’ll be the first to say that no religion is a perfect one, but there has to be something put in place to assist humankind along the lines of spiritual guidance, human decorum and personal accountability. Just because a bunch of morally wayward assholes looking to make lots of money and have all the women they can handle claim to be “Muslim,” that doesn’t mean they represent and/or truly stand for the noblest ideals of Islam. *smh*

  5. “It must be true the president told me so?!” Are these political types so arrogant(no need to comments on that!)that we have to be told black is white? No matter how many times you say islam=peace, the more ISIS videos are the more people are going to say “Not a particularly peaceful act cutting off a head”. And how anyone can say they are fake videos and they are special effects is ridiculous. Have they ever seen Friday 13th with the rubber heads? Unless Tom Savini has joined ISIS I would say that a paki film director wouldn’t have the resources and special effects department to produce thousands of rubber heads?(sarcasm)

    • Me again. I can understand the mozlems I’ve read claiming the beheadings are rubber heads, when its painfully obvious that they are the real Mc Coy. Who’d want to admit that they’re connected to that.
      So I was absolutely floored when I stumbled across vids of western people insisting the recent spate of altruists being murdered were fake.
      Crazy town here it comes.

  6. Ignorance is bliss, i guess
    No no no, islam is a religion of peace, you know that right???

    advisor instructs media to not show the murder of 60 christians in nigeria,

    foot note : don’t show the new beheadings in syria, and forget about the rohingya, remove the footage of the Kenya mall massacre and also forget that libya and nigeria are shitholes. No there are no chechens fighting with isil and forget the troubles on the philipines where islamic gangs kill christians as well.

    Oh and don’t mention that 91% of all the women in egypt (you know the great ally in the middle east) have had their genitalia mutilated…

    Did i forget something? Oh yeah… islam is a religion of peace…

  7. Mr. Hussein, you are directly responsible for every head that has been cut off. It has EVERYTHING to do with islam and your religious muslim faith. Thanks to you the earth is more dangerous now than at any point in my life. You are a complete fraud and on the wrong side of history. You are out to destroy Israel. You are the tool the terrorist need to accomplish this.

  8. Just watched 1/2 a you tube vid called
    Explained why the ISIS beheadings were faked.
    The a western bloke come & gives a big rave about why would ISIS do these beheadings, & attract US to attack them when they are winning.
    Same w/ Assard? Chemical attack – why would he do that when he’s winning.
    Of course Ameria faked all the beheadings – wait for it, this is the only reason I’m bothering you all w/ this muck – because Obama apparently just wants to go to war!
    Maybe he changes tack, I couldn’t be bothered, but I hope he’s not American

    • KAC, EVERY beheading video I have ever posted here has been called FAKE by various muslims and leftists. I just don’t want to annoy you with their stupid comments so I delete them.

      • I expected it to be so. But I didn’t expect it, as usual. Just can’t believe anybody could think they were fake. Even the latest poor victim is real, just not the way they’re saying.
        Funny ol’ world. You must be used to the weirdo’s galore.
        Thanks for reply.

  9. 8.12 & 47.4 command decapitation. 9.29 commands perpetal war. 8.39 commands pepetual war. Obamination is a God damn liar and an accursed Muslim. Let him go to Hell and take them with him.

  10. Obama: “ISIL/ISIS’s actions represent no faith, least of all the Muslim faith.

    DECEIVER Barack Hussein Obama emulates the founder of Obama’s murderous Blood Cult: Barbaric mass murder of infidel innocents and huge sex-slaver of infidel women and girls, Mohammad declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    The mass murderer and mass sex-slaver is regarded as the perfect man and role model by muslims.

  11. It is not islamophobia. we should not call it a phobia PERIOD. At least not here.
    It is our war against terrorism…Islamic terrorism ..We have a right to protect ourselves and our women and children. Listen to what HIEDI (the brave german woman) said. PLEASE Please please…do not call it a phobia . by calling it a phobia you invalidate the entire cause here.

    • There’s no need to bicker over terminologies – dead is dead and islam is a certain cause for being dead.

      For the record: (there are many levels of “phobias)

      “The word phobia comes from the Greek: φόβος (phóbos), meaning “aversion”, “fear”, or “morbid fear”. In popular culture, it is common for specific phobias to be given a name based on a Greek word for the object of the fear, plus the suffix -phobia. Creating these terms is something of a word game. Few of these terms are found in medical literature.

    • Not sure about this but would mozlems have islamophillia & infidelophobia (don’t think kafir is right its too nasty)
      We should be making our names stick. I remembered from yrs ago when I was reminded by a v good post how much they detest being called mozlem.
      I’ll stick to that now, I can’t stand their own description, its just to stroke their ego’s. It’s another deception.
      Mozlems are the ones acting out of order. They are the ones w/ the phillia’s & phobia’s. Bear in mind mozlems deserve their own ‘special’ chapter in the DSM, not w/ people that have reg. mental illnesses, but sadists, & the criminally insane.
      You’re nuts if you still think today that mo had anything decent to say.

    • We all have one person to thank for these inbreed idiots…. Barack Osama bin laden or whatever his name is. He’s using our very hard earned tax payer dollars to fund this scum! Shame on you!!!!

    • I’ve been disgusted with statements he made years ago when he first became president. I am now immune to any disgust his idiotic statements may incur. Obama is the supreme tool used by both his Leftist masters AND his Islamic masters. Why bother smelling the garbage that comes out his mouth when you can just hold your nose and worry about other things?

  12. Here is the true meaning of all the beheadings that are going on with Islam but first here is the Catholic perspective. During the Eucharist there is offering of the bread & wine which is a representation of the body & blood of christ which is offered as a sacrament at the alter. Satanic ceremonies are always inverted versions of Christian ones. When these Islamic Satanists are performing the beheadings they offer the victims body as the sacrificial offering instead of bread. The victims blood rather than wine is the blood of Satan and the head is the wafer being symbolically being consumed by the Islamic Satanists to take upon the demonic spirits within them rather than the holy spirit. Therefore these public displays of beheadings are really nothing more than blood sacrifices to Satan.

  13. Notice how phony Obama is?!


    I still remember a few months ago when that Muslim from Canada died on an escalator because her hijab got caught in it. Muslims were – as always – only interested in Islam being tarnished. FUCK THE WOMAN WHO DIED!

    Isn’t it ironic how in that case, infidels didn’t give a shit about the woman – and neither did the Muslims?! It seems strangely ironic, doesn’t it?!

    • Never heard about the escalator hijab death. At first thought it was a joke, but a quick look up and holy… Give mohammed a slap it’s true. From what I read they were unsure about how her head bag got caught. My guess is a call to prayer is a call to prayer and by islam’s strict rules yah gotta do it when the hamhead sais, no matter what your common sense tells you.

      Islam the religion of common sense…… Created In 700 AD…by the pedoprofit…..

  14. Islam is a horror show. Muslims are ghouls and zombies. My guess is that the meme of Islam can be traced back to the days when hominids were living in caves and cannibalizing each other.

  15. The apes who do this sort of shit are psychopaths . The left , their champions , how funny it would be this these inmates of the madhouse were to cut their heads off .

  16. That is just plain nonsense!!!

    I am certain he is concerned about Islamophobia!

    The allegation of Islamophobia is a misnomer! It is born out of a carefully nuanced and purposeful neglect of how the quran is dated compromising the understanding of the uninformed. As a result, uninformed persons do not know they are dealing with two dispensations, the Meccan and Medina periods. Post Meccan, or the Medina period is that of the era of warfare and significant battles took place during this period.
    To make allegation of Islamophobia disregards the fact of the existence of a fiat, allowing elements of the quran to be superceeded which should be of concern to everyone examining it.
    That is called abrogation.
    Abrogation allows denying contextual application, because something “Better,” has replaced that which is abrogated. Abrogation’s existence is often purposely used to confuse and cause uninformed persons to believe an error of understanding exists.
    Persons opposed to the practice of Islam or those questioning the quran, are therefore encouraged to believe that the quran is not in error of itself, but that what is controversial, was changed by necessity or dealt with other circumstances. That necessity of course was, being nice was not going to ensure followers, and being nice only would leave Mohammed open to derision, contempt, and ridicule.
    Therefore, warfare was a necessity, and continues to this day.
    Persons who ridiculed Mohammed had short lives.
    That is Jihad!

    The sharpest distinction to be made between the two periods, is the pronounced usage of “ayyuhallathiina aa’manuu,” “O, ye who believe,” in the English transliteration.

    It must not be dismissed, that a sharp chronological order does not exist. The books themselves not following a chronological format. In fact, there are 25 quranic categories to be discerned, of which I will not list here.

    Also not to be neglected, is context:

    “On that account We ordained for the Children of Isra`il that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear (guidance), yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land. (5:32)”

    This passage does not address the believer, rather the unbeliever and the infidel.

    To fully understand the above passage you need to read through the whole of surah 5.

    I have included a breakdown to aid in following surah 5.

    Citations following are for the respective surahs in the quran.
    5:1- 5:3 speaks to Muslims; Islam approved for the Muslim as religion
    5:4- 5:5 speaks to the Muslim. Food of the Jew is lawful for the Muslim, Muslim food lawful for the Jew
    5:6 speaks to Muslims; ritual bathing
    5:7- 5:9 speaks to Muslims
    5:10 penalty to unbelievers
    5:11 speaks to Muslims
    5:12 remarks concerning the Jews
    5:13 Jews cursed; deceit would be seen among Jews; misdeeds were to be overlooked (curious remark)
    5:14 speaks to animosity and hatred among Christians until the resurrection
    5:15 speaks to people of the Scripture, Jews and Christians;
    5:16 quran
    5:17 Calls Christians disbelievers/unbelievers-see 5.10
    5:18 Jews and Christians mocked
    5:19 Mohammed revealed
    5:20 Mohammed commanded to refer to Moses in establishing himself as a prophet
    5:21 Muslims commanded not to turn back from fighting in the Muslim allah’s way
    5:22 Moses and the fear of the Israelites in entering the land, a recounting.
    5:23 The confidence of two men to enter the land others were afraid of, also a storied history of the Jews.
    5:24- 5.26 brief analogy of the 13th and 14th chapters of Numbers of the Jewish record.
    5:27- 5.31 spurious recounting of Cain and Able
    5:32 Muslims informed of Decree against Israel
    5:33 Penalties against the unbeliever striving against or waging war against the Muslim allah and his messenger (Mohammed), or to strive to cause corruption on the earth (Resist Islam). They are to be killed or crucified or that hands and feet be cutoff from opposite sides.
    5:34 speaks to Muslims that a person returning and repenting, accepting Islam before they are apprehended, are to be free of the above penalty (If apprehended first, they yet suffer the penalty).
    A recent example is Peter Kassig who converted after he was captured. He was still beheaded by ISIS.
    5.35- 5.120 speaks to Muslims regarding believers and unbelievers, penalties, and friendships. Confirms the Muslim Isa (jesus) as opposed to the Christ of the Gospels.
    In Islam, allah may not be a father, indeed, would not be should he be able. 19:81- 19:93, 72:2-3
    Persons who believe in God as father are polytheists, especially Christians because in the same breath they claim Christ as the son of God.
    Muslims also believe that Christians worship Mary, the mother of Jesus as a god. 5.116
    This is the erroneous Muslim concept of the Christian view of the triune nature of Jehovah.
    It is thought allah is caused to have associates (Which is called shirk), Christ Jesus being God, and Mary his mother, a third god in the perverted Muslim understanding.
    Polytheism is a serious sin in Islam. 3:151
    Polytheism and wrongdoers are a topical subject to a significant degree in the quran.
    It is difficult to disabuse less devout Muslims of the hold by the quran because the thought of its being the pure word of allah.
    Muslims, other than under the most exceptional circumstances, will not peruse a Bible. Bibles are thought to be corrupted and untrustworthy.
    Muslims believe Arabic is the only language capable of informing seekers of truth.
    Non Arabic qurans are therefore not considered holy qurans!

    Having said that, surahs 6,7,8,9,10, and numerous others clearly state the conditions of polytheism and distinction of unbelievers, and the truly abhorrent view of unbelievers by the Muslim allah and consequently the Muslim believer.
    Be convinced! To the muslim, all surahs are the pure words of allah in the Muslim mind. To the word, each is the “Pure word of allah,” but only of in Arabic.
    Surah 40 is clear example of the disparity between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It gives clear example between the “Believer,” and the unbeliever which is to be hated!
    In fact, it is stated that the hatred of allah is greater than the hatred of the unbeliever of himself for entering hell because of refusing the words of allah.
    Surah 40 makes fast that the hatred of allah is great.
    Surah 40 also makes clear the hatred of the Muslim believer, is equal to allah’s hatred.
    This must not be dismissed!
    It explains the categorical violence directed against Christians and Jews, wherever they may be found, and the threat to unbelievers everywhere!
    The United States better wake up!!

    • READER:
      HUSSEIN was the name of Mohammad’s elder grandson So B. Hussein (OBAMA) is a direct descendant of Mohammad. So then i guess nothing more has to be said. There is no such thing as islamopobia. Phobia of any sort is a mental illness or psychological disorder that is not based on reality. HERE, everything is based on reality. do you mean to say all these pictures and videos of beheadings are not real?

  17. From 0’s lips to your ears 1:

    “The United States has been ENRICHED by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim-majority country – I know, because I am one of them.”

    “I’m a Christian, [PROVE it] but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims. As a boy, I spent several years in Indonesia and heard the call of the azaan at the break of dawn and at the fall of dusk.” [And I responded.]

    “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is [jihadist], not what it isn’t.” [peaceful]

    “As the holy Quran tells US, [us moslems!] “Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.” [Except for taqiyya] That is what I will try to do today – to speak the truth as best I can, humbled [NEVER!] by the task before us, and firm in my belief that the interests we share as human beings [FGM, rape, stoning, pedophilia, beheading…] are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart.”

    “Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, RECITING them with A FIRST-RATE ACCENT. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the PRETTIEST sounds on Earth at sunset.”” [Tell that to those awaiting jihadi knives!]

    “Indeed, none of us should tolerate these extremists. They have killed in many countries. They have killed people of different faiths – but more than any other, they have killed Muslims. Their actions are IRRECONCILABLE with the rights of human beings, the progress of nations, and WITH ISLAM. [Citations?] The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an ‘innocent’ is as – it is as if he has killed all mankind. And the Holy Koran also says whoever saves a [innocent] person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.”

    Well, we all know what ‘innocent’ means in that context!

    • From 0’s lips to your ears 2:

      “The ‘holy’ Quran tells US [us moslems!], “O mankind! We [Why WE? mo + allah sock-puppet?] have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know [fight] one another.”

      The Talmud tells us: “The whole of the Torah is for the purpose of promoting peace.”

      The holy Bible tells us, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.””

      “We will convey OUR [obuMBoy + MB + dhimmicrats] deep appreciation for the Islamic ‘faith’, which has done so much over the centuries to shape [ruin] the world.”

      “In particular, I would like to speak directly to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nowruz is just one part of your great and celebrated culture. [Not islamic!] Over many centuries your art, your music, literature and innovation have made the world a better and more beautiful place. [It would have been MUCH better if it stayed Persian and Zoroastrian!] Here in the United States our own communities have been enhanced [?] by the contributions of Iranian Americans. We know that you are a great civilization, and your accomplishments [Nuclear weapons] have earned the respect [!] of the United States and the world.”

      “For instance, in the United States, rules on charitable giving have made it harder for Muslims to fulfill their religious obligation. [World domination] That’s why I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat. … It is important for Western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit.” [For examples: see IS and jihadist murderers everywhere.]

      • From 0’s lips to your ears 3:

        “And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

        Really? If those appear in Iran or Syria, about ‘the other’ flavor of the cult?
        So if mohammedans are stereotyped as antisemitic through their BoH, or Hamas through its Charter, you will defend them through Holder?

        “Obama (in Turkey): The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans.” [Tell that to the victims, particularly of 9/11!]

        “Obama (In Cairo): Since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States. … [Citations?] Islam has always been a part of America’s story. … [ALWAYS? 9/11?] There is a mosque in every state in our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.” [Thanks to treasonous dhimmis!]

        “Obama: One of the points I want to make is, if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” [Well, not just yet, but I’M WORKING ON IT – WATCH ME!]

        “Let me speak as clearly and as plainly as I can…In Ankara, I made clear that America is not – and never [NEVER say never!] will be – at war with Islam.” [But ‘islam’ is most assuredly AT WAR with the US and the Free world]

        “In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, [why not say MOSLEMS?] for example, have a more urgent quality, for the ‘stories’ of detentions and FBI questioning and ‘hard stares from neighbors’ [boo hoo, what about the 3,000 MURDERED?] have shaken their sense of security and belonging…I will stand with THEM [the savages, not the 98% civilized REAL Americans] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    • Precisely, Huck!
      If you are not Muslim, you are not innocent! If you engage in acts of unbelief, you are not innocent !
      The last also refers to kufr, and may be applied to Muslims. That is why Muslims may kill other Muslims because someone has determined that the offending Muslims have committed kufr acts, acts of unbelief resulting in that which is blasphemous.
      It may be something as innocent to an unbiased observer, of seeking to make peace that is not authorized to be made.
      An excellent example is the assassination of Sadat.
      Wahabi-salafis believe that the Sunnis have been wrong for over a thousand years, Sunnis being in a state of iggnorance or jahilliyya. The foundations of Sunnis are thought by Wahabis to exist on innovation and balasphemy.
      Wahabis desire Islam to be returned to the pure state.
      Interestingly, ISIS which is predominately if not wholly Sunni, is engaged in a similar effort, the restoration of Islam to the “Pure” state.
      One way to do that is to kill everyone not Sunni and part and parcel of the ISIS insurgency!!
      It is a principal reason Muslims so efficiently shed the blood of fellow Muslims, albeit those who are quilty of kufr. It is indeed, a blood frenzy, the cause of which may be something as apparently innocent of either celebrating or not celebrating Muhammad’s birthday.
      We have seen the ISIS Sunni mujahideen destroy the tombs of prophets, and places of antiquity.
      It all stems from the same source.
      The destroyer!

  18. It is shameful when western leaders go on TV and tell the people after each terrorist attack carried out by Muslims and lecture us that this has nothing to do with Islam , the time they know nothing about Islam and about the Quran , even some Muslim leaders know nothing about the evil of Islam . Let some genuine Arabs or Arab Muslims to tell you so as not to loose your credibility .
    Terror and beheading are the essence of Islam and that is mentioned word by word in the Quran and Hadith . When Muslims condemn these terrorist attacks , this is only political and only politicians condemn but you will never find any religious leader who condemns that . It is in their ideology (religion) and in their blood .

  19. Oh, yes! I took note of the “least of all the Islamic faith” declaration of Obama the other day when he first made that pronouncement. If we take him literally, he means that brutal beheadings are representative of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Atheism, Wiccanism, Paganism, etc…. MORE than Islam. That’s right: “The Islamic State” represents *Islam* LEAST OF ALL, according to his majesty BHO.

    Gawd, 2017 can’t come fast enough for me.

  20. There was a french army officer (I don’t remember his name), somewhere in north africa, in the 18th or 19th century (sorry i lost the information on this story, but it’s a true story) that was faced with muslim terrorism that was getting out of hand and was completly uncontrollable. He put an end to that by annoncing that anyone caught in terrorism activities, would be instantly shot in front of a firing squad, with bullets dipped in pig’s blood !

    Muslims are gullible, stupid, mostly ignorant and very supersticious people. We should do as the french officer, go in that hell hole they call the Islamist State, with guillotines. I’m sure the french government has plenty of those in their warehouses, and say to the jihadist and all their foreign jihadist wanabees, the following :

    Any person caught and involved in jihad, with no possibility of guatanemo, trial, human rights, political correctness or anything else, will be instantly decapitated, using a guillotine, whose mecanism and blade have been oiled and lubricated with pig fat and blood.

    The body will be cooked in pig blood and served to dogs.

    The head will be roasted and burried with the remains of the pigs.

    And to spice things up, all these procedures will be conducted by peshmerga women fighters.

    The result would be no more first class ticket to heaven because they where killed by women, their bodies rendered impure by contact with pig flesh, no more 72 willing and impatient virgins, no more rivers of wine, lust, bliss and so on……..

    And for their families, no more last minute ticket to heaven either.

    I’m sure that if all these stupid, ignorant, inbred fools found out if they where gotten rid of in this way, would say to themselves “why should I blow myself up, or die for something I don’t really care about, if my fate is to end up in a hole, that no one will remember and get nothing out of heaven as it was promised to me”

    To get rid of your enemy, you have to use against him what he fears the most.

    • I have heard that story too, and that it was supposed to be a true account. I like the way you think. I know liberals who would rather lick the boots of a woman-hating, pedophile Muslim suicide bombing murder than to defend a peaceful patriotic Christian who merely wants to live his or her life without having to put up with an invasion of Muslims and their barracks (mosques) into our peaceful country. If the liberals cause this country to collapse and become Islamic, I hope they have to live with EVERY dastardly part of Sharia. If this happens liberals will go into hiding, but they should be found and forced to live under Sharia since they brought it upon us. The liberals ‘escape hatch’ is that they want to impose things (taxes, laws, i.e., Obamacare, etc.) onto ‘other’ people, but they themselves are exempt. It happens every time. It is their modus operandi.

  21. The Sunni muslim Barack Hussein Obama is NOT and AMERICA, he was born in KENYA and he is anti-Christian / anti-Israel-Yisrael / anti-Zionism / Very Antisemitism / anti-United States of America EVERYTHING!!

    Obama the Sunni muslim is a muslim brotherhood member, SYMPATHIZER and SUPPORTER!!

    “Pray to Yahweh – Hashem ( GOD ) for our Judeo-Christian NATION USA”!!

  22. Obama is either deceiving us or he is in denial! The Ptyoman empire was formed by such beheadings as these to establish an ISLAMIC Caliphate.

  23. Let’s face it. American’s are STUPID. They elected the Muslim twice because he LIES so well. (There was some cheating but all in all almost half of America voted for him). He is one of the ones who is a moderate Muslim and he wants the radical Muslim to kill the infidel. He spent his elementary school years in an Imam school learning the art of lying to further the cause of Islam. Most of us spent our elementary years learning manners and social skills, patriotism and pledging the flag. He is artfully leading us to the cliff to drive us to death. His anti-colonial teaching (see his book Dreams of My Father) wants to see America punished for all her sins against the world and the poor. How deceived he is. How deceived America is.

    Too bad the American press will not show the beheadings. Not that we should expect them to. When the press reported Colleen Hufford’s beheading in Oklahoma not one major news affiliate told her name. They did not run a story on her family. Why? – They did not want anger to be turned at Muslim’s and they did not want to put a face on her. They ran family stories on the families of illegal children coming in to America (thanks King Putt for that surge – it was successful) to gain sympathy. How many rouge killings by Muslim’s have we had on American soil now? At least half a dozen now. God help us we need a Patriot but what we have is a communist Muslim. 🙁

    • Yeah.
      “Yes We Can” turned into “No you didn’t” very quickly.
      Yet we re-elected the fool.
      Lesson not learned.
      At least he has lost the House and Senate.

  24. “Least of all the islamic faith?” What a rotten lying bastard!

    So the koran is wrong and obama is the authority? Beheadings by the so-called ‘islamic state’ are straight out of the koran! (or quran, or whatever)

    • He is depending on the fact that most folks are too damned ignorant and or lazy to read for themselves. Sadly, he’s probably quite correct.

      However, this was in the making since our education system went to shit, long ago with “sight reading”, and even more so with Common Core.

      It is the goal of islam to keep their subjects ignorant and dependent upon their imam’s “word of the day” club. Their pattern is quite clear and so is the direction this country is headed under this administration.

  25. No true American truly gives a shit what this muslim moron says! He is digging himself into a corner he will be unable to back out of! We Americans are not stupid mr president! We have had enough of your fast and furious Ferguson gun grabbing flipping off of our religion Benghazi, war on women ASS! You need to crawl back into hell from which you came! That means go back to your own country moron!

  26. I gotta admit, I scrolled past the pics as fast as I could, but of course I need no convincing about who those savages are and why they do what they do: they are muslims who do it for islam, just as they’ve been doing ever since a demon possessed madman named mo convinced stupid people to follow him.
    That beheaded American dupe/convert seriously took that name? Isn’t that the name of the guy behind the first WTC attack?
    I have a real hard time finding sympathy for a guy who joins the side if our self declared enemies and then names himself after a terrorist.
    Thank goodness no BNIer is going to try to lecture me about “tolerance”.
    Final thought: does ANYBODY believe barky’s bullshit? Do you think he even believes the crap he says? Fucking sicko psycho mohammadeen tool – that’s what stupid and corrupt people installed in our White House.

  27. “ISIL actions represent no faith, least of all the muslim faith…”.
    How were we so blind? damn those murderous, Quran readers, Mohammed followers, NON MUSLIMS! They fooled us!

    -There should be a “golden stupid award” handed out to those who believe this nonsense.

  28. As soon as this clown took office, the shit hit the fan. Ushered in by Valerie Jarrett the Iranian, nitwits leftards in a total panic over GWB, trad Democratic-voting Jews, and social media – the favorite command and control center of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Even Chris Rock said this in 2008 – Obama could have been a giraffe. But he was not a giraffe or a zebra, he was a horse. A Trojan horse

    Chris Rock Quotes From Kill The Messenger (2008)
    George Bush has fucked up so bad, he made it hard for a white man to run for president! People are like “give me a black man, a white woman, a giraffe, a zebra…anything but another white man! That last one fucked up my roof!”

    The future is not around the corner, it is in our hands.

    Let’s change the conversation before it’s too late.

  29. how can these beheadings represent other faiths more than the islamic faith when it is the quran that is there holy book.
    I’m not surprised some readers on here can’t bear to hear this compulsive liar for the rotten death cult

  30. Again; He thinks us foolish – as subhumans. He is grossly mistaken; at least, of those, here.
    Islam is islam and mozlems are follower of islam. How tough can THAT be?

    We’ve got his number and it’s “one of five”…. (left or right – perhaps both)

  31. So they’ll decapitate you even if you convert. Well fuck that then spit on Islam,spit on their paedophile prophet and spit in their fucking eye!
    What are they going to do, behead you twice?