HOUSTON Teacher fights back against CAIR witch hunt that is trying to get her fired for her anti-Islam remarks

The war of words between community activist Quanell X, CAIR, and an elementary school teacher is escalating after he accused of her of making racist and anti-Muslim remarks on a political internet show, “Tommy’s Garage.” Angela Box, third-grade teacher at Daily Elementary School, fired back.

Click2Houston  She displayed a press release sent out by the activist accusing her of using an expletive and racist remark to describe President Obama. Box said she never used the term.  “This is a lie. I demand that Quanell X apologize to me for his lies,” said Box. “This false and malicious quote has damaged my reputation and caused significant harm to me on a personal and a professional level.”

Quanell X told Local 2 that he never said that she used the term instead he tells Local 2 that he quoted Box as saying “f****** president.” Tom Adkins, the host of “Tommy’s Garage,” offered $1,000 to Quanell X to prove that Box made the statement.  “If he does not accept this challenge, I reserve the right to call Quanell X a liar forever.  In fact, I’ll call him ‘Quanell Liar’ every time I refer to him for the rest of his life,” said Adkins.