TEXAS parents try to get Islam and Climate Change lies and propaganda out of school textbooks

Why Islam and Climate Change? Both are dangerous, tyrannical, political ideologies designed to destroy America and redistribute wealth.


KVUE  “We want to make sure we have the correct information in the textbooks,” said Roy White with Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition. The organization released hundreds of pages of suggested corrections, including to texts characterizing the U.S. as a democracy rather than a constitutional republic.

The group is pursuing other areas of concern as well, including passages it believes promotes Islam over Christianity. The organization argues “jihad” should be defined as a violent religious war, as opposed to the broader and more innocuous “struggle” used by dishonest Muslims. One alleged example of Islamic bias cited in the executive summary references a passage from Worldview Software American History II: Post Civil War America to the Present. The text reads:


“On the other hand, the U.S. forced Israel to withdraw from the area around the Suez Canal in 1956, putting an end to an Israeli invasion of Egypt meant to assure its access to that canal. Most importantly, over the course of many years, the U.S. has prodded Israel (sometimes quite energetically) to seek a comprehensive peace settlement in the Middle East, particularly with the Palestinian people.

The organization’s response states, “The language of invasion is very misleading and casts Israel in the role of aggressor, which is contrary to fact. Also, when it says the U.S. is prodding Israel to make peace with the Palestinians, it looks as though Israel is resisting peace and the Palestinians want it while the reverse is the case.”

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“We had a variety of different issues, and we kind of ranked our top ten,” said White. “Some of those areas were pro-Islamic, anti-Christian issues, but there were also many others related to just how Israel is depicted in the Middle East. How our government, free-market system seems to be belittled and not emphasized versus communistic-type governments.”

Yet reviewers for the Texas Freedom Network found passages they felt treated Islam too harshly. In its own summary of concerns, the organization points to a portion of Social Studies School Service Active Classroom: World History which states, “Much of the violence you read or hear about in the Middle East is related to a jihad.”


“This broad charge effectively blames Islam for a very complex cycle of violence and counter-violence,” the Texas Freedom Network summary argues, “A cycle driven by a host of factors (e.g., natural resources, population pressures) besides radical Islam.”

“But the scholars that reviewed those textbooks found that the portrayal of Islam was mostly done pretty fairly and accurately,” said president Kathy Miller.