OKLAHOMA CITY: Good samaritan slashed with a knife and threatened with beheading by Muslim

MUSLIM man is in jail accused of attacking another man over religion differences. “We were watching the news,” said the victim. “The Muslim said he felt like more Muslims need to step up to the plate and do certain things like beheading people.”


KOCO  (h/t Jeanne) Upon arrival, police officers learned the victim, Jerome Bullockand and 54-year-old Jimmy Stepney had been arguing about the Bible vs the Quran. According to the arrest affidavit, Stepney is a Muslim and the Bullock is a Christian. The report went on to say Stepney had been making comments about beheading people. (As a Muslim actually did to a Christian woman at work in Oklahoma just a few weeks ago)

Because of the statement, Bullock says he asked Stepney, who’d been staying with the family, to leave. Stepney complied but eventually came back and started arguing with Bullock. According to the arrest affidavit, the pair began fighting in the yard after Stepney allegedly punched the victim. Witnesses told officers that Stepney had a knife and was attempting to stab the victim. That’s when Bullock’s mother, Diane Range, came out with a baseball bat and started swinging at Stepney.

“He was trying to kill my son,” said Range. Bullock suffered minor cuts from the fight and Stepney was able to walk away.  “I was just trying to pay it forward by helping him out,” said Bullock. “Instead I got a lot of cuts and hurt feelings.” Stepney is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

 Jimmy Stepney, the Muslim arrested for slashing and  threatening to behead a man
Jimmy Stepney, the Muslim arrested for slashing and threatening to behead a man