You’ve got hate mail: Otherwise known as how so-called ‘Islamophobia’ takes root online.


I won’t bore BNI readers with the large volume of crap in this article but you can read the whole thing HERE if you feel so compelled. I am posting a small section where BNI is listed as one of two online groups singled out as a leading promoter of hate online. All I can say is, I’m just the messenger. It’s the Muslims who are the real haters which results in their being hated by the rest of the world.

The internet is a powerful tool by which people can be influenced to act in a certain way and manner. This is particularly strong when considering hate speech that aims to threaten and incite violence.

This also links into the convergence of emotional distress caused by hate online, the nature of intimidation and harassment and the prejudice that seeks to defame groups through speech intending to injure and intimidate. Some sites who have been relatively successful here include BareNakedIslam and IslamExposed which has a daily forum and chatroom about issues to do with Muslims and Islam and has a strong anti-Muslim tone which begins with initial discussion about a particular issue – such as banning Halal meat – and then turns into strong and provocative language.

Most of this anti-Muslim hate speech hides behind a fake banner of English patriotism, but is instead used to demonise and dehumanise Muslim communities.