TEXAS: SAUDI MUSLIM detained at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for crashing through gate with explosives reportedly found in his vehicle

An early Monday morning TODAY  show report says no explosives were found, but other reports say there were. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.


CBS  (h/t Reader) Officials at Fort Sam Houston say they’ve taken into custody the driver of a vehicle that military officials say contained explosive materials, and which sparked a lockdown at the San Antonio Army base. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter that the lockdown was being handled by military police, and the sheriff’s department had no units assigned to the case.

Alex Delgado, spokesman for the 502nd Air Base Wing, says in a statement that the lockdown was lifted Sunday night after officials decided it was safe to return to normal operations. It wasn’t clear how long the person taken into custody would be held or if charges would be filed. Nobody else was in the vehicle.

Military officials told KCEN-TV that the man that drove through the gate at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio was a Saudi National and that explosive materials were found in the vehicle. The unidentified man was taken into custody and officials are still trying to determine his motive. Military officials are not yet calling this an attempted terrorist attack.


According to the city of San Antonio’s website, the base was established in 1910 — the ninth-oldest Army installation in the country. Fort Sam Houston now encompasses 3,000 acres and is home of military medicine and part of Joint Base San Antonio




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  1. Once again a muslim attack has been downgraded and suppressed by the media. When the day comes and the traitors are hanging from the lampposts a vast number will have been from the main stream media. Goebbels is often regarded as the king of propaganda by the way he gave every German a free radio and then filled the airwaves with anti-semitism. Goebbels has nothing on the £ucks who are willingly let to enter our houses every evening at 6pm under the pretext of News Broadcasts.

  2. Every action by Muslims and the Obola administration is for the Caliphate. I don’t care if they doing nothing but scratching their a**es and sucking their thumbs, it’s for the Caliphate. The action by this Saud scum was for the Caliphate. It was a terror attack. Watch what will happen to this guy then imagine what would happen if the attacker had been you or I. You know as well as I that Anderson Cooper would have wet himself on national TV, Eric Holder would have gone berserk, the liberal media would have had scores of stories on it and we’d probably have been shot full of holes.

  3. Over the last few months an incredible drama has been playing out in our justice system. A Muslim man who has likely murdered at least 4 people, has admitted to killing his victims as an act of adherence to Islam. That’s right, a string of murders committed in the United States and being prosecuted in Washington State right now by a Muslim man in an effort to revenge his Muslim compatriots in the Middle East… and the media has said NOTHING.

    Hopefully, as the story gains more publicity that will change – but for now, let us tell you about the evil Ali Muhammad Brown, who has murdered at least four innocent men in cold blood.

    Ali Muhammad Brown is currently on trial in Washington for the murders of Leroy Henderson, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young.

    ali-muhammad-brownThe prosecutor in the case has said that three murders plus one more in New Jersey are all part of a “bloody crusade” to punish the U.S. government for its Islamic World policies.

    The fourth murder was of young 19-year old college student, Brendan Tevlin, in northern New Jersey. Tevlin was stopped at a light at an intersection when Brown and two accomplices surrounded his car, shot him eight times, robbed him and then dumped his body and car in a local parking lot.

    When detectives asked Brown why he killed all of these men he answered that it was all done as a part of an effort to get justice for Islam.

    Detectives: “Those four murders that we’re talking about were all done for vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East?”

    Brown: “Yes.”

    Detectives: “Are you taking responsibility for that?”

    Brown: “Just doing my small part.”

    Brown further went on to say that he believes the killing of Tevlin was a “just kill.” Why? Because he targeted an adult man and didn’t put any women, children or elderly people in danger. He also believes that while his actions are not evil, the actions of the US government in the Middle East are.

    Folks, the terrorists are here. An American Muslim has admitted to murdering four others because of Islam. It reminds me of the famous quote from the old Pogo comic strip, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” This is why the War on Terror is so dangerous and the threats to us so insidious. President Obama claims that ISIS doesn’t speak for Islam, and maybe they don’t speak for the majority, but they do speak for a very real and very active portion of Islam.

    brendan tevlinBrendan Tevlin and these other men in Washington are just a few more martyrs in the war on terror – just four among thousands who have been slaughtered by radical Islam. However, these four are significant because they happened here.

    How can we be safe when there are mosques and religious leaders all over our nation who do not condemn the evil being committed by radicals the world over? Their leaders are men like Anjem Choudary, who is one of the most influential Muslim leaders in the UK and the USA, and he cannot bring himself to condemn terrorism… in fact at times he comes right to the precipice of endorsing it!

    If “mainstream” Islamic thinkers and leaders will not condemn terrorism and violence, how much hope do you have that the faithful Islamic followers will simply decide that they should be peaceful?

    There are two main voices in the world of Islam today – one is calling Muslims to extreme and horrible violence. The other is not condemning the first, but telling the non-Islamic world to stop inciting the violent Muslims to anger!

    Read more at http://eaglerising.com/8656/muslim-terrorist-murders-four-americans-america-media-silent/#27AWqECA6oPocyoE.99

    Read more at http://eaglerising.com/8656/muslim-terrorist-murders-four-americans-america-media-silent/#27AWqECA6oPocyoE.99

  4. A muslim drives through a military gate and has explosives in the vehicle. And, they don’t know IF any charges would be filed. Sounds like an Abbott and Costello routine. No wonder this country has such big problems.


    • If I am not mislead, the FBI is involved and interviewing this guy. The worst we may expect is “Nothing to see here folks, keep moving, nothing to be seen here.”

  5. God forbid it from happening again but under obama’s watch it is almost a given history will repeat itself …In memory of the 241 American servicemen – 220 marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers – killed in the October 23, 1983 Beirut barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon

  6. Sorry, I inadvertently swept the send key.
    I think about these things everday because of the principle of Sun Yat Sen, “If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. —Sun Yat Sen, The Art of War, ca. 6th century BC.”
    Of course both myself and many others here are amazed by your tenacity and dedication.
    We are thankful the Mr. supports you in your activity.
    You are a figure somewhat of the stature of Deborah in the Jewish writings.
    Deborah is alluded to as a “Mother in Israel.”
    You, Bonnie are a mother in the United States. We are proud of you.
    I watched a video of a young lioness the other day who had lost her cub to a crocadile. She paced nervously back and forth after the cub had been taken, calling to it , and when she was not answered, plunged headlong into the same dangerous waters her cub was lost in.
    Not only was she heroic, but extraordinarily brave to go where others may have been too cautious, only for the love of her cub.
    Mr. BNI and those dear to you must be very proud of you.
    I know that those of us here, cannot express our full appreciation.
    You are a warrior!

  7. There’s no such thing anymore as a terrorist attack. The Filthy Islamic POS just wanted to see if any of the soldiers needed anything.

  8. A number of years ago there was a movie called “Wargames.”
    Looking back, it presents an interesting scenario. Mathew Broderick’s character successfully hacks a war department high level security gaming computer, and unwittingly sets off a confrontation between the then two superpowers, the United States and Russia. Obviously, this is to have devastating consequences if the “Wargames” are not successfully defeated.
    Our hero comes through! It is the stuff of movies!
    Today, we have think tanks whose sole purpose is to game where the attacks may come from, and by what means.
    I was speaking to a fellow the other day about a book I was intending to write and gave him a brief look into the premise and as I spoke I could see a real look of concern come upon his face and he said, “I don’t think you should do that, they (The bad guys), don’t need any help!”
    Unfortunately, we have youngsters in intermediate school and Highschool that have quite active imaginations and given time could devise a much similar scenario as that which is the basis for my story.
    It involves an attack on the WhiteHouse in broad daylight without anyone being so much as the least suspect until all hell breaks loose.
    Knowing the success of the fence climbers recently, it actually supports my thoughts it can be done, and without any opportunity to respond favorably to prevent it.
    John Gruber may have spoken ill advisedly, but he spoke assuredly. Americans are ill prepared to to cover all the bases should they be “Stupid,” or otherwise.
    They are asleep! Of that there is no doubt!

  9. No doubt he just wanted to set off some fireworks to celebrate Emperor Obama’s decree giving him AmNASTY for his illegal alien status.
    What the hell, that’s as good as anything the DOD will be ordered to spin by the White House.

  10. We’re reduced to that… they’re hiding the truth. I guess they don’t want to worry the soldiers or just following Obama’s orders on hiding the truth.

    All these U.S. Saudi visas Obama allowed without checks or controls are sure paying off.

  11. Saudi Muslim crashed through the front gate of a military base with a truck loaded with explosives, and they’re trying to figure out his motive. Gee, I can hazard a guess at his motive. Why didn’t they shoot?

      • Ow my…
        Guess that’s why they beefed up perimeter defences and entrance control at one of the American Nato bases (we’ve got three : supply depot, headquarters AFCENT, Awacs Base) close to me. They did it over the last couple of years. You can’t even drive in a straight line into the base anymore, there’s obstacles, a guard shed with a machine gun and more.

      • The average soldiers, at Fort Hood and other bases, cannot be armed, but Base Security at ALL U.S. military bases are ALWAYS armed. The Army and, especially, the Air Force, are somewhat casual with respect to security. If this had happened at a Naval Base, where Marine MPs man the gates and patrol inside, I guarantee that car would have been shot into thousands of little pieces. Marines always guard Navy Bases but even if they were guarded by sailors, that car would have been blown apart in just a few seconds. The Navy and Marines don’t mess around. You are EXPECTED to shoot first and ask questions later. If you don’t shoot, you WILL BE COURT-MARTIALED.