YOU GO GIRL! ‘Britain First’ activist confronts dhimmi conservatives and a herd of Muslims over mega mosque

Britain First candidate for the Rochester by-election, Jayda Fransen, tries to get answers from the corrupt Conservative and the local Muslim community about construction of yet another mega-mosque that the people of Rochester do not want.


Britain First is a legally registered political party. But unlike other parties, they are facing a progressively worsening crescendo of police, local authority and media hostility and sabotage. It is almost as if the Government itself has ordered a severe crackdown on Britain First. BF’s leader, Paul Golding, has been arrested no less than 5 times this year and has also been pulled in for questioning on another occasion. The arrests were for chasing Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary and charging Islamic extremist demonstrations when they shout “UK go to hell!” He has also been arrested for exposing Al Qaeda chiefs and ISIS supporters.

Paul Golding alone has received thousands of serious death threats. Various media outlets have thrown money at BF activists to get them to turncoat. Their annual Conference was forcibly closed down by the police half way through proceedings and local authorities have cancelled bookings illegally just days before the event not leaving enough time to drag them into court. Read More

h/t Susan K