MINNESOTASTAN: BOYCOTT HARDWARE HANK for caving to designated terrorist group CAIR’s anti-first amendment harassment

HARDWARE HANK fires Minnesotata Republican County Chairman for telling the truth about Islam.

COMPLAIN TO HARDWARE HANK HEADQUARTERS: HERE Each store is a franchise and independently owned, so complain directly to the Ortonville Hardware Hank in this story HERE

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Hardware Hank

FOX News  Ortonville (KMSP) – According to the Minnesota Republican Party’s website, Jack Whitley remains the Big Stone County chairman despite widely decried anti-Muslim posts he recently published on his Facebook page.





But while the party hasn’t cut ties with him, his employer has. In a Facebook post of their own, the Ortonville Hardware Hank announced that Whitley has been fired.

“While we support every American’s right to free speech (obviously, you DON’T), we certainly cannot condone the inflammatory remarks against Muslims and others,” store owners Bob and Sue Kulbeik wrote. “[I]t is clear that this person has brought shame to us personally, to our business, our community, our county and the Republican Party… We will not tolerate this type of bigotry within our business family.” (Truth is not bigotry, unless you are a muslim apologist)

It is with regret and shock that we feel we must address the comments that one of our employees made last week. While we support every American’s right to free speech, we certainly cannot condone the inflammatory remarks against Muslims and others. This is NOT a view we share and we are saddened to know that this has become such a horrible reflection on Big Stone County, our community, and our business.

We have already felt the ramifications of this individuals actions and it’s been suggested both locally and statewide on the MPR website that our business should be boycotted as long as he works there. (Wait’ll you see how big the boycott is going to be because of this firing!)

Peace to all,

Bob and Sue Kulbeik (water carriers for Hamas-linked CAIR)



All names and photos of execs, topped by Steve Draeger:


Retail Identities: Hardware Hank, Trustworthy, Ranch & Pet, United Garden, Golden Rule, Independent.

1,200 dealers in eighteen states: Colorado, Missouri, Idaho, Montana, Illinois, Nebraska, Indiana, North Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Utah, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming.

This appears to be the HQ, home (?) of Steve Draeger:
United Hardware Distributing Co.
5005 Nathan Lane North
Plymouth, Minnesota 55442
United States
(763) 559-1800
(763) 559-5031 (Fax)

United Hardware Distributing Board of Directors: Craig Buckalew Chairman, Lyle Patzer Vice Chairman, Cash Hogan Secretary, TJ Comstock Director, Dave Konrath Director, Jim Seeger Director, Meg Thoreson Director.