HOUSTON ‘Halal’ Slaughter House sued for multiple health violations


Harris County and the state of Texas are suing an area slaughterhouse that has allegedly allowed blood to drain into a nearby drainage ditch.

ABC (h/t bnirocks)  County officials and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality filed a request for an injunction Friday in state district court against Irfan Sheikh doing business as Texas Farm Fresh Halal Meat, 13221 Old Richmond Road. The far west Houston slaughterhouse is accused of multiple violations, including the discharge of about 500 gallons of blood into a roadside ditch.


The defendant is Irfan Sheikh, registered agent and president of Usman Sheikh Enterprises, which owns the slaughterhouse where chickens and goats are processed, records state. 

According to court documents, authorities were first alerted to the situation by a tip on December 31, 2012 claiming “there is bloody water emanating from a nearby slaughterhouse and (it) is pooling in the parking lot … and … has also flowed onto the street.” 

getslaktA Harris County Pollution Control Services Department investigator responded and allegedly found “500 gallons” of blood in the roadside ditch in front of the business. She also apparently saw a several pools of blood flowing from the site to a neighboring property at a lower elevation. According still to the lawsuit, that investigator measured the rate at which the blood was flowing to be a quarter gallon per minute. 

muslim slaughteringOver the next two years, investigators say they visited the facility seven times, repeatedly finding what they say were issues with storage and disposal of processed animals. In September 2013, an investigator observed a liquid that appeared to be “animal juices” leaking from a container used for cold storage of animal parts. The temperature inside was reportedly 72 degrees and the investigator described the order existing as “nauseating.”

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14077776461961_700 Texas Farm Fresh Halal Meat was issued several violations as a result of the ongoing investigation.

Mohammed Sheikh, who identifies himself as brother of the owner, says they have done nothing wrong. He says they were never cited and claims investigators cannot prove where the blood was coming from. 

Irfan Sheikh did not directly respond to our request for comment.