Inexpensive but extremely valuable Christmas/Chanukah gift

Wondering what presents to buy for Christmas? Well how about spreading around a little Counter Jihad cheer. If you have been wondering how to convince your friends and relatives of the dangers of militant Islam, this is an easy way to solve that problem. 

book cover jpeg for kindle

The Story of Mohammed is a short book with a big punch. By explaining the horrors and the dangers of Islam through Mohammed’s awful deeds, it turns the subject from a dull text book into an action packed adventure story. 

By using this tactic, it also avoids showing hatred towards Muslims, instead showing them as victims of an evil cult. Because of this, it circumvents the usual accusations of hatred and bias. This makes it a book which is safe to give to your boss, or to your daughters head teacher.

Despite this, once they have finished the book, it is glaringly obvious that Islam poses a huge threat to our way of life and liberty. Written in clear and simple language and an easy style, this book keeps people engrossed right to the final chapter. 

You can read this book yourself for free HERE or check out some Amazon reviews HERE.

In the USA, Amazon sells this book for just USD $6.55 and in the UK is only GBP3.92. With free shipping if you buy a few copies, this is a timely and cheap present which is guaranteed to get the word out this Christmas. 


To order your copies now, CLICK HERE and make this the Christmas when we really turned the tide.